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Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva expected for UFC 101

Forrest Griffin will still be fighting in Philadelphia on August 8, and he will be fighting a Silva but it will not be Thiago.

According to a report from John Morgan annd Dann Stupp at, Griffin will now face Anderson Silva when the UFC comes east this August at UFC 101. According to the reports, verbal agreements are now in place.

Griffin, who has been out of action since losing his light heavyweight championship to Rashad Evans at UFC 92 in December, is coming off a hand injury that required surgery in which he had pins inserted into his right hand. He was scheduled to take on Thiago Silva who was coming off his first loss at UFC 94 in January to number one contender Lyoto Machida.

Apparently the fight between Griffin is close to being official although Thiago Silva was unaware of the changes made to the card. The source also went on to say that they weren’t sure if Thiago Silva would remain on this card or be moved to another event.

Anderson Silva has been taking a lot of criticism lately for his lackluster performance against Thales Leites at UFC 97 which he won via unanimous decision. He looked disinterested and never tried to finish Leites. Dana White went on record saying he was embarrassed and even went as far to apologize for the poor performance.

Pairing Anderson Silva up with Forrest Griffin may be the UFC’s way of trying to get Silva back on track as he has had two bouts in a row in which he did not look like himself. The first was against Patrick Cote in October of last year at UFC 90. Silva did the same dance and showboat routine as he did against Leites that night against Cote. The fight ended early in the third round when Cote’s knee buckled and he could not continue.

The win over Leites gave Silva two significant records in the UFC as he won his ninth straight fight for the organization and defended the title for a record breaking 5th time. This would mark his second fight as a light heavyweight with the first coming against James Irvin on a UFC Fight Night card last July which was hastily put together so the UFC could counter-program against the inaugural Affliction card. Silva knocked Irvin out just one minute into the first round.

UFC 101 will be held at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is headlined by a lightweight title match between champion B.J. Penn and number one contender Kenny Florian. This will be the first trip east for the UFC since November of 2007 when they held UFC 78 in Newark, New Jersey.

  • Bear says:

    One thing about Forest is he will make Anderson fight that is for sure. Nothing tentative about Forest.

    I know I will be cheering for Forest. Anderson has lost me as a fan by the way he has been fighting. I think he can take this fight but Forest will be tough. Looking forward to this card.

  • JJ Docker says:


  • fintster says:

    Sounds like fun to me!

  • ultimoshogun says:

    I’m sure this will be a pretty action packed fight, but it makes no sense when you have an undefeated contender like Demian Maia waiting for his shot. The UFC needs to quit showing favoritism and treat all contenders fair. They did the same thing when they gave Penn a title shot against GSP. Thiago Alves deserved the title shot against GSP not BJ Penn. The only reason they made this fight is to sell tickets and PPV’s. It would make more sense to have a Shogun-Griffin rematch and have Spider fight Maia on the same card if they want a big draw.

  • fight guru says:

    I’m with you ultimoshogun. I definitely think a Forrest Griffin vs. Shogun rematch and a Silva vs. Maia bout at 101 would make a lot more sense.

    I wouldn’t count Forrest out of this one guys. Let’s not forget that Griffin is no James Irvin. He’s far more well rounded AND Forrest is one of the largest ligh heavies in the weight class. He’s huge. Good wrestler, good jits, good strikes, and really, really big. This one’s going to be a lot closer than many people are going to think.

  • Rich S. says:

    What the hell?
    I know Forest is the kind of guy that would never back down from a fight, and would sign a fight with ANYONE..
    But why the hell would you fight Anderson Freaking Silva right after getting knocked out in a title fight?
    Thiago made sense, for he had just lost too..
    But Anderson? he hasn’t lost a single fight since he’s been in the UFC, and his ONE fight at LHW here in the UFC was his fastest and arguably most brutal to date..

    Honestly, i think Forest can win.. he shocks me everytime..
    But still, this just sounds a bit crazy..

  • optimus828 says:

    Not crazy.

    After UFC 97 this is exactly what I was saying they need to do ( I didn’t think of forrest though )

    I was saying they need to put anderson against one of the top 3-4 guys in the 205 division for his next fight.

    If this is true, the bad thing here is that it makes an anderson silva / gsp match less likely and others too unless he abandons the 185 belt

  • Jstew3785 says:

    What an awesome matchup. It should be on the supposedly “stacked” UFC 100 card. Unless Forrests’ hand isn’t ready yet.

  • screwface says:

    “One thing about Forest is he will make Anderson fight that is for sure. Nothing tentative about Forest. ” orly. im guessing u didnt watch the forrest vs rampage fight or forrest vs hector ramirez. stupid matchup imo. i wanna see silva vs silva.

  • Bear says:

    Yep saw both those fights. Saw Griffin destroy Rampage’s leg and fight with him for 5 rounds. The only the 4th round would you say Griffin was tentative. And as for the Ramirez fight he fought a smart fight with out dropping his head swinging for the fences.

    I still say that Forrest with push forward and make Silva fight. I like this match up.

  • Davey D says:

    OMG!!! This sounds like one hell of a Fight to me. Philly fans should be going bonkers now. I know the ones I met in Columbus are. While Maia deserves to fight Anderson next, he can thank Silva and Leites for nixing that one for the moment. Maybe Demian will fight the winner of Hendo vs. the Count (neither of whom should get a shot the Spider next, IMHO). This senario will tell the true #1 contender for the MW belt. Then again, if Okami beats Miller in grand fashion then he’ll be in the mix too.

    Anyways, Anderson fighting at 205 again is something I said should happen during his bout with Thales. I just knew they were going to do it. I thought it was going to be either Luiz Cane or Shogun, who can now fight each other. With Forrest set to fight Thiago Silva, I didn’t see this coming. I guess now we’ll see Jardine vs. Thiago happen instead, huh?

    Philly, Philly, Philly – just might have to have a Road Trip coming up I believe. Cheers!!!

  • meatloaf says:

    screwface ” i wanna see silva vs. silva.”
    I hope you’re referring to Anderson vs. Thiago Silva because if you’re talking about Wanderlei that fight would be over as fast or faster than Anderson’s fight with Chris Leben.
    Wanderlei would come rushing in throwing wide looping punches and get cracked in the face with a 3 or 4 punch combination and be face down on the canvas.

  • nic_22 says:

    it is going to be one hell of a fight and i think forrest may take it becuase sliva has not faced someone like forrest who will push him for all three rounds

  • Angry Mike says:

    Poor bastard. Silva’s going to be on the war path after the criticism from his last two fights. Could be a tough night for Forrest.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Griffin will win and win easily via gnp. Griffin is bigger, more powerful, a better wrestler, has excellent bjj too and is a lot more game than an overrated Silva. The only way that Silva could win is via stand up in my opinion and that will prove to be very difficult against a fighter that has faced a higher class of opposition than Silva ever has.

  • wardog says:

    I do not think this is a good match up for Forrest. First aside from wrestling his skills are inferior to Silva’s. Furthermore Griffin’s wrestling is not on the level of Dan Henderson’s and he could not really control Silva on the gound. And while Silva did not show his BJJ skills in the last fight, they are far above Griffin’s as is his stand up. Griffin has two things people would say are going for him his size and heart. Size may not be an issue unless he can clinch against the fence and control Silva who is very dangerous in a clinch. And well heart really means one thing normally in these types of fight… it means you can take an a$$ whipping longer than usual.


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