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Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith to be added to June 6 Strikeforce event

Fresh off their dramatic victories during Strikeforce’s Shamrock vs. Diaz” event on April 11 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., Nick Diaz and Scott Smith will both be press into action again with less than two months recovery time in order to compete during the promotion’s next big event on Saturday, June  6 in St. Louis, MO.

As far as their opponents are concerned, Diaz and Smith will be fighting each other at what is believed to be a catchweight of 179 pounds. has confirmed the news with sources close to the camps of both fighters. The story has also been reported by The Carmichael Dave Show via his website on 1140 AM KHTK.

Diaz won his fourth consecutive bout and improved to 19-7 following his dominant second round TKO over Shamrock, Strikeforce’s one-time middleweight champion. Once a title contender in EliteXC‘s 160 pound lightweight division, Diaz is now fighting at a heavier weight in light of the promotion ceasing its operations and his move to Strikeforce.

A native of Stockton, Calif., Diaz is the older brother of UFC lightweight Nate Diaz. Diaz himself also formerly competed in the UFC, compiling an impressive recored of 6-4 inside the Octagon with notable wins over Drew Fickett, Robbie Lawler, and Josh Neer.

The Cesar Gracie black belt made major headlines with his win over Shamrock, it was Smith who possibly earned unofficial “Fight of the Night” honors thanks to his dramatic comeback victory on Aprill 11 against former IFL standout Benji “Razor” Radach.

The former Steel Mill worker seemed on the verge of certain defeat until he turned the tide with a power shot that landed flush in the face of Radach and knocked him out at 3:24 of round 3. In addition to almost certainly being on the verge of losing via decision, it appeared at several points that Radach was on the verge of finishing Smith.

But true to form, Smith proved next to impossible to finish and continued to fight back. The win improved Smith’s record to 15-5 and served as his second consecutive victory since joining the Strikeforce prompotion. His first win under the Strikeforce banner took place on Nov. 21, 2008 during the promotion’s “Destruction” event. Facing former UFC veteran Terry Martin, Smith knocked out the one-time professional boxer with a punch just 24 seconds into their contest.

Diaz vs. Smith joins a strong lineup of fights scheduled for June 6 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, with former EliteXC middleweight champion Robbie Lawler set to headline against former EliteXC welterweight champion Jake Shields. Two other reported bouts include a welterweight matchup between Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs and a light heavyweight matchup between Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante and Jared Hamman.

  • ekc says:

    what? that is just a weird fight that no one was asking for.

  • madiq says:

    I REALLY dislike this fight. Diaz needs to be fighting at 170, against someone like Paul Daley or Nick Thompson, and Scott Smith should be slugging it out with Joey Villasenor.

  • Hohlraum says:

    Speak for yourself. I’m gunna be at this show and these are two of my favorite fighters. CAN NOT WAIT. So awesome.

  • meatloaf says:

    How the hell can anyone say they REALLY dislike this match up? And then to suggest a Nick Diaz vs. Nick Thompson fight is better is just asinine.

    If you REALLY feel that this fight sucks you might want to ask yourself do I really like this sport?

  • madiq says:

    Nick Diaz is an entertaining fighter, as well as an engaging personality, but I would like to see fights that impact a weight division’s hierarchy. This problem is particularly acute in Strikeforce, where their Middleweight Champion is pursuing other interests, and there’s no Welterweight Champion to speak of. Scott Smith, by virtue of the clear loss to Lawler, isn’t in the Middleweight title picture, and Diaz has more than enough potential opponents at 170, if he chooses to fight there…despite the fact that his teammate Jake Shields has nearly cleaned out the division.

    Last month, Nick made himself a star, and Scott Smith, despite being part of an entertaining scrap, proved himself to be a limited fighter with a helluva knockout punch. His ceiling isn’t what Nick’s is, and as such, risking their new star getting knocked out fighting up in weight, but getting no closer to any potential title opportunities, doesn’t seem to be the best use of their assets.

    Nick Diaz vs. Nick Thompson helps us figure out where Diaz fits at 170, and he probably wins that fight. Scott Smith vs. another middleweight banger lets them use the Action Fighter in an entertaining slugfest, and helps to build the winner’s resume. Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith has limited upside potential, with a large amount of downside risk.

    Tell me, does knocking out Nick Diaz do more for Scott Smith than knocking out Benji Radach did? And does beating Scott Smith mean that Nick is a near Top 10 welterweight or middleweight?

    In a vacuum, sure the fight can be entertaining and relatively harmless. But Strikeforce should be trying to multiply its stars, not diminish them, and this fight doesn’t, in my opinion, capitalize on the momentum of either fighter’s win.


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