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Following lackluster title defense at UFC 97, Roy Jones Jr. ‘can’t wait’ to face Anderson Silva

Talk of a potential boxing match between current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and multiple weight class boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. is nothing new to mixed martial arts fans. The two have been verbally sparring for months about a possible match-up in a boxing ring since Silva first made his desire to face Jones public in 2008.

Any chance of the bout actually coming to fruition anytime very soon was shot down when it was announced that the UFC had no intentions of allowing their champion to take place in such a contest while under contract for the organization.

However, Silva recently made headlines once again when he reaffirmed his intentions to face off with Jones as soon as his current contract with the UFC has expired.

While completely dominant from start to finish in his most recent title defense against Thales Leites at UFC 97, Silva has recently fallen under an enormous amount of criticism for failing to excite against an equally unmotivated Leites during the five round contest.

If anything, the most recent performance by the dominant mixed martial arts champion has served to fuel the experienced boxer’s desire to make Silva sorry that he had ever publicly called him out.

“I can’t wait for Anderson to get done with his [UFC] contract, whenever that is — I’ve heard [September] — then let’s get it on,” Jones was recently quoted as saying to Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times.

Jones also announced in the article that he has made a verbal agreement with Jeff Lacy to headline the second Boxing/MMA hybrid card promoted by Roy Jones Jr. and Square Ring Promotions.

“I love the MMA fighting, and I know we’ve got some good fighters who’ll be part of it,” Jones was quoted as saying about the yet to be announced event.

  • wardog says:

    Well he would want to fight Silva after his last fight, since it resembled a boxing match! Perhaps the UFC is correct in not letting Silva do this because it could really hurt the sport. If Silva were to loose in a boxing match to Jones, boxers will be able to say that MMA is not on boxing’s level. If he were to win, it will not prove anything to the boxing affecianado (believe me I know). But the implications to the casual fans may be huge. They would see a Jones victory as point that boxing is superior in terms of fighting. Perhaps a better way would be to have one fight under boxing rules and then another under MMA. Do it under the Square Ring Productions, it would be a windfall for them. Dana would never do it because he wishes to protect his fighters way too much and the UFC’s image.

  • GetItOn says:

    Silva losing in boxing will prove nothing but that boxing is boxing. Let’s see Roy take it to the ground.

  • coachbarbour says:

    Silva on his wrost day ever, would completely destroy Roy Jones…..but he would certainly have to catch hime first. Roy has made an entire career of running from his opponent and then landing a couple of shots 10 seconds from the end of the round to win points. Not even a close match-up.

  • optimus828 says:

    Did RJJ respond to the challenge from Nick Diaz?

    I think Anderson would destroy RJJ in either boxing or MMA.. I think not having to worry about take downs would keep Anderson on track, and he would take RJJ to school. Anderson has great footwork and head movement and I dont think RJJ could keep up with him.

  • lilbigvince says:

    You guys are fucking retarted. There is no way in hell anyone from another discipline will be able to compete with a world champion of another. No pure boxer will be able to beat any mma champ in mma and vice versa. Anyone who thinks differently has never trained in any sport. Every discipline is incredibly intricate and just putting on the pads and doing well with sparring partners isn’t sufficient experience to take on a world champion on another sport.

    Anderson silva will be embarrassed fighting RJJ in a boxing match just like RJJ would be humiliated inside the octagon with Silva.

    Take Andrei Arlovski for example. Arlovski trains with a boxing trainer and has so for the last few years. He’s about to make his pro debut in boxing and is going to do so against a nobody. And that’s for good reason. He can’t just step in the ring with a Klitchko…. he’d get murdered. And andrei is a far better with his hands than silva.

    You knuckleheads need to stop comparing the two sports. Enjoy each for what they are.

  • Grappo says:

    2 guys above me are smoking the good stuff.

  • wardog says:

    lilbigvince I agree with you to an extent. I think that if Silva were to fight Jones in a boxing match he would be so limited in his attack that the outcome for him would severely stacked against him. In an MMA match Jones would be in the same boat. However, both could land a strike that would hurt or KO the other in either fight. My problem is with the uninformed or bias audiences that don’t realize this.

  • Grappo says:

    woops, lilbigvince’s post didn’t show up when i was posting. 2 guys above him are smoking the good stuff,

  • ultimoshogun says:

    lilbigvince is right. I love both sports equally but Silva will get owned in a boxing match with RJJ. Jones may not be the dominant fighter he once was, but he still has better and quicker hands than anyone in MMA. Silva hasn’t fought anyone with that explosive speed.

  • optimus828 says:

    I never saw RJJ fight in his prime. I saw him fight this i think italian guy a couple months ago on HBO though… it was worse that the delahoya pacqiao fight. I’d only heard hype about delahoya, never watched him fight… same w\ RJJ.

    So, watching those two matches just gave me a great picture of 2 broken down old fighters.

    Go find the video of the RJJ fight I’m talking about, it would probably be the one before his fight at his mma promotion. He was embarrassing. The other guy was showboating half the time, sticking his head way out daring RJJ to swing, and it was obvious that he’s past his prime, whereas anderson silva is still in his prime.

    I got anderson 3 to 1 over rjj.

  • ultimoshogun says:

    @optimus828: I believe you’re talking about the Joe Calzaghe fight. Calzaghe is an undefeated world champion who beat Bernard Hopkins before owning RJJ. Spider as great as he is in MMA is nowhere near that level. Even though he’s been training with Freddie Roach I don’t see him being a threat to RJJ.


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