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UFC Possibly Heading to Australia in February 2010

The UFC is looking to continue its global expansion by going to Australia as early as February of 2010.

Fighters Only magazine has a report up on its website that goes into detail about the UFC’s intentions for the land down under.

Dana White has been very vocal about expanding into other markets and according to Australian sources the UFC is looking at the Acer Arena and has already contacted them about booking a show there in early 2010.

The former Sydney Superdome holds up to 21,000 people and is a popular attraction for concerts and has even played host to the Australian MTV Music Awards.

The UFC normally likes to load cards up with local talent but at this time there is only one fighter of Australian descent on their roster and that is George Sotiropoulos. Elvis Sinosic and Brad Morris are two other fighters who hail from Australia who have fought for the UFC.

  • paddiosf says:

    Oh yeah Elvis Sinosic has another TUF fighter matchup for sure in this one..Griffin,Bisping who’s next..

  • Ronnie Liddle says:

    not sure elvis will get a go this time around. he hasn’t fought in a while.

    Brad Morris and George (whatever his surname is) should be a walk up start for this card.
    Kyle Noke and Hector Lombard… will get interesting with their fight contracts status – hugely popular fighters but they might have signed with other companies – Hector with Bellator and Noke with …. i’m not sure.

    can’t wait for them to bring it to the land downunder.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I live in Australia and there is one thing that I do not want in the main event…AUSTRALIANS!. In fact unless there happens to be a decent Ausie appear on the scene between now and 2010 I would rather have no Australians be on the card. Mark Hunt (NZ) vs someone like Crocop maybe, if it could be arranged.
    Please just pretend it is in the US and have a good fight card.
    And please don’t fill it with TUF fighters like most of the non US shows (actually most of the shows these days).

  • ozbrawler says:

    there wont be any aussies on the main event as our skills aint up to par jsut yet. there will be a few on the undercard and they are already contacted and set up to fight on undercards at fight nites and wec events to test our skills so it will be an awesum event once clearance from the national government is sealed.


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