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TUF 9 Blog: Nick Osipczak recaps Episode Three

Throughout episode three, I just kept thinking how glad I was that they portrayed Rob Browning exactly how he was in the house. He was every bit as annoying as he came across on television. I stand by my comments made on the show and I was glad to see him lose and take a beating.

The first I knew of Rob being in the house was when he launched an egg at me. Thankfully it bounced straight off and didn’t explode. Before long everyone else knew who he was and what his game was all about. He was pretty small, but he made up for it in stupidity. I felt sorry for the Americans and all the guys that Rob targeted with his antics.

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt to begin with. But when your first introduction to someone is them throwing an egg at you, what can you do? He was probably even more annoying than his brother (Junie) was in the previous series. Rob knew he wasn’t sticking around and he just wanted as much attention as possible.

I got on with all the American lads, aside from Rob. We were all pretty much united by our hatred towards Rob, as bad as that sounds. He just didn’t get along with anyone at all. I didn’t get to know the Americans too well at the beginning, simply because we just seemed to be training and sleeping all the time. We didn’t have much time to just chill out and chat. They all seemed like good guys, though.

I was really pleased with the house, too. It looked great. It was proper massive with loads of rooms. Because we had to share rooms with three or four other guys, I was expecting the house to be a lot smaller. It wasn’t, though. It was more than big enough for the two teams. It also had a wicked swimming pool, basketball court, pool table and football goals. It was brilliant.

Funnily enough, the way they decorated the house was causing a lot of people to have weird dreams and nightmares to begin with. We had lots of skeletons and coffins on the walls and it was messing with our heads a little bit. The way the place was lit was also a little bit creepy. We also then had the cameramen following us around all the time and that took some getting used to and disrupted us a bit. After a week or so, though, we all just got used to it.

The living arrangements weren’t half as bad as I thought they would be, either. I was very worried about sharing a house with a load of idiots, but everyone was really level-headed and fine to get along with. I think the two teams were a lot more serious this season because they knew what was at stake for their countries. There was a lot more dedication and discipline involved this series.

None of the British guys drunk alcohol while they were still in the competition. We were all taking it very seriously. The Americans went ahead and did their thing and we didn’t hold it against them. If they can go away and get drunk and then still have the cardio the next day, good luck to them. I wish I functioned that way.

We weren’t even tempted to start acting up through boredom, either. Due to the sheer amount of training, you don’t really have time to be bored. There’s always something to do.

In order to keep myself entertained in the house, I basically just did a lot of gambling. I love to gamble. Dean “The Queen” Amasinger and James Wilks were my two main gambling buddies. We just made up lots of games to keep us entertained in there.

I loved the experience so much that I pretty much forgot to miss anything back home. The weather was nice, the surroundings were great and I just enjoyed every second of it. I was actually surprised at how little I missed things like television. It didn’t even dawn on me that we didn’t have a television until a few weeks in.

Basically, I was there for a reason and I had a massive incentive to make all the sacrifices I did. I had my eye on the prize throughout.

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  • Grappo says:

    Good job Nick, wasn’t expecting a knockout from you in that fight. Look low, kick high! haha

    I’m rooting for the Brits. Our USA boys (the ones TUF has focused on) are acting a little too douchey for me. Next time the WW’s fight, I hope you guys pick Frank Lester and smash him.


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