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CSAC Disputes Allegations Made by Hitomi Akano’s Manager

Dubbed “Weight-Gate” by some, it appears as though the controversy surrounding Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos’ failure to make the contracted limit of 146 pounds against Hitomi Akano for an April 11 Strikeforce bout is not quite over.

Though the two would later go on to face each other at the event per Akano’s willingness to compete, the fight found itself in jeopardy when Santos originally tipped the scale at 152 pounds and was unable to meet the weight requirement within the allotted time frame.

In an interview published today on CNNSI, Akano’s manger, Shu Hirata, stated Mrs. Santos requested to step on the scale without clothing after weighing in a second time at 150 pounds and was granted an opportunity to do so. Hirata goes on to say “Cyborg” and her husband remained alone with the scale while a male CSAC representative left to find a female member of the commission and Akano’s camp left to discuss strategy outside of the room. When the female CSAC representative returned and “Cyborg” had removed her clothing for another weigh-in, the scale read that she was six pounds lighter than what it had listed a few minutes earlier. After voicing his concern about the dramatic drop in weight over such a short period of time, Hirata sought an explanation from Santos’ camp and was told that it was due to her bikini being wet. Unsatisfied with their account of the situation, Hirata said he had the California State Athletic Commission re-calibrate the scale and weigh her again. After the adjustments were made it once again showed Santos weighing 150 pounds.

However, it appears as though there are conflicting stories about what exactly took place in San Jose. When contacted by seeking clarification on the issue of whether or not Santos (or her representatives) had ever been left alone with the scale, CSAC Executive Officer Bill Douglas stated, “The scale malfunction occurred in the presence of CSAC. A weight drop of that magnitude is unheard of which is why the scale was re-calibrated and reflected the correct weight. A female CSAC staff member was present at all times because of the fact that Akanoand Santos were both going to provide steroid samples and a male staff member could not collect the sample.” will continue to monitor this story and update readers as new information becomes available.

  • jj says:

    can anyone else try and coin one of these stupid-gate buzzwords instead of just calling it a scandal like it is.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Imo, the real question is why she’s overweight. She has very low body fat and heavy musculature for a woman and a comparatively low voice. Kinda like an East German swimmer. Hmmm.

  • Bullylover says:

    To bad that swimmer can serve us all a knuckle switch ehh angry mike. Honestly i had to root for Akano just cause a felt really bad for her. Cyborg looked like she could weigh 15-20 pounds heavier than akano. Any way Caraona has had her fair share of weight issues anyway. Still i’d love to see those to go at it like 2 male pitbulls fighting over the last female in heat.


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