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Anderson Silva’s Manager Responds to Bad Press

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares is fed up with allegations of Silva greasing and putting on a lackluster performance Saturday at UFC 97.

Soares expressed his frustrations in a phone interview with The Fight Network on Tuesday.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Soares. “We didn’t put any Vaseline on. Let’s face it. How much Vaseline can come off the eyebrows that’s going to make a difference?”

According to Soares, greasing was a non-factor.

“Where else is he going to rub it? On his shorts?” he asked. “Even if he had a bunch of Vaseline on him… In this fight, it wouldn’t have made a difference.”

Soares, irritated about the bad press surrounding Silva’s performance, thinks “The Spider” has nothing to be ashamed of.

“Everything that people questioned that Anderson could do, he did,” said Soares. “He fought five rounds against a competitor like Thales Leites, hardly even broke a sweat and walked out without a mark on him.”

Soares blames the slow-paced fight on Leites’ unwillingness to stand and trade.

“It’s not [Silva’s] fault his opponent didn’t want to engage,” he said. “He’s the champion. The challenger has to come in and take the belt from the champion.”

Since the fight was uneventful, Soares indicates that it was up to Leites to make it enthralling.
“It’s not the champion’s responsibility to go down there and make the fight exciting and have a grappling match with Leites,” he said. “He has to come in there and take the belt from the champion.”

According to the founder of the “Sinister” clothing brand, there are many positives coming off Silva’s showing, all of which have been disregarded by critics.

“I think people should watch the fight again,” said Soares. “He went to the ground. Leites couldn’t even pass his guard.”

Soares also addressed his inaccurate translation of Silva’s post-fight comments. Soares initially said that Silva apologized for his unstimulating title defense, but “The Spider” did no such thing.

“By no means was it intentional,” said a defensive Soares. “I’m not a professional translator, but I think I do a pretty good job. Sometimes I don’t remember everything that our guys say. It’s a long statement. I’m human. It’s not easy to repeat, let alone translate, a forty-second statement.”

Soares doesn’t think Silva’s comments were meant to be condescending. “I don’t think he said [you guys are paying my salary] in a pretentious way.”

According to Soares, Silva is the victim of such harsh disapproval because of his position at the top of the pound-for-pound heap in mixed martial arts.

“People need to start focusing on the positive things,” he said. “What about Anderson having nine consecutive wins? It’s ridiculous. The guy just broke a record.”

Soares was not impressed by Montreal’s attendees.

“There’s nothing to be booing about man,” he said. “The people who were booing were probably some uneducated fans. It’s unfortunate.”

Soares, who also manages high-profile Brazilian combatants Lyoto Machida, the Nogueira brothers and Paulo Filho, thinks Silva is the epitome of a mixed martial artist.

“What is the true essence of martial arts?” asked Soares.

“It’s to inflict damage without getting any damage done to yourself. It’s pretty obvious he went out there and did that.”

  • ihateemo says:

    I find it hard to disagree with Soares’ comments about the fight. Silva didn’t open up with a barrage like we thought he would but Leites performance was shocking. I’m all in favour of trying to pull guard and bring the fight down, but Leites wasn’t pulling guard, he was just falling on his back! And rather than get up quickly, he laid there for a good 8-10 seconds each time. I think it was the fourth round where Leites flopped to his back again and Silva, clearly frustrated, threw his arms up in a “what the hell are you doing?” kind of motion.

    Translation issues and “greasing” aside, the lowest point really was Leites’ almost total refusal to engage. I don’t expect to him to become an elite striker overnight and stand and trade (that would be suicidal – look how well it worked for James Irvin), but surely his training and game plan should have been to find a way to stand long enough to get close enough to either pull guard properly or to put him on his back?

    The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is that Leites never deserved the shot in the first place. He “won” on points against Marquardt due to that bad call where a point was deducted for a blow to the back of the head that never happened. If he wanted that belt it was his job to take on the champion, and he failed abysmally.

    Ugh, I’m STILL angry about this. I blamed Leites then, I blame Leites now. End of story as far as I’m concerned.

  • jj says:

    The people booing were uneducated fans? Of course, it’s not like someone would be pissed off about paying 1000 bucks to go and watch a fight and be treated to a tea party instead.

    Sure Silva broke a record. Lots of people get lay and pray wins too…does that deserve a reward as well? If you’re only going to win by lowest common denominator it’s not really a record worth having.

    I fully agree that you have to take the belt from the champion, but that does NOT mean the champion should just stand around for 25 minutes if there is no threat. The best pound for pound mixed martial artist in the world should be able to win the fight where ever it requires.

    I’m sick of people blaming Thales for not bringing the fight to Anderson. Anderson doesn’t just have to be a counter-puncher now does he? He had a million opportunities to throw strikes, but didn’t.

  • MMASwami says:

    I’m probably in the minority but I thought Silva fought a great fight. I was really impressed with his guard. He totally neutralized any offense Leites had on the feet and ground. My only qualm was Anderson’s unwillingness to try and end the fight.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The fight sucked. Thales and Anderson “The Spoiler” Silva ruined my day. I hate fighters only doing what is required to win by decision. Fight to finish and you have my respect.
    P.S. I also hate this guy showboating while he does [email protected]#k all as far as fighting goes. Henderson is a far better MW anyway.

  • GetItOn says:

    Wow @ the difference of opinions that so many people have. I think Anderson is not required to anything but defend his belt. He did show up and he did engage whenever possible. He very well could have gone to the ground while Thales welcomed him just as Thales could have stood and traded with Anderson while he welcomed him. Both guys were very respectful of each other from the beginning. I really wanted Anderson to show his skills that we have grown accumstomed to against the likes of Leben, Franklin (twice), Henderson, Marquardt, Lutter and Irvin. Wait, did I just name off five guys that Anderson Silva destroyed in the UFC? And all pretty big names?

    Anderson Silva is allowed to have a boring fight or two don’t ya think? I don’t care really. Dude won and dude got skills. I’ll sport his shirt any day of the week with pride. WAR Anderson Silva.

  • livewire says:

    I was at the event and rewatched the fight later.
    Thales was not running away like a Kaleb Starnes, he consistently walked down Silva and was standing right in front of him. He was gun shy and didn’t want to throw first, Silva wants to counter so he is not throwing either. They are both standing there looking at each other. I think they both have to share the blame. I would say Silva is more to blame, he was right there in front of him the whole time, do something!
    Also the stomp to the knee was “dirty” and an attempt to injure just because he was frustrated. I lost a lot of respect for Silva.
    Of course we are going to boo, and I’m not an uneducated fan. I sat beside lots of great MMA fans, very knowledgeable. We all booed, it was the worst fight I have ever seen, in the context of the skill of the combatants. The Silva jumps on the cage after to celebrate, celebrate what?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “Leben, Franklin (twice), Henderson, Marquardt, Lutter and Irvin. Wait, did I just name off five guys that Anderson Silva destroyed in the UFC? And all pretty big names?”

    Big names?. Leben is sloppy and ave to b grade, Lutter is not that great and he had Anderson mounted at one point and has now been released from the UFC, Irvin is a nobody really and Henderson dominated Silva in the first rd only to be caught in the 2nd, if they fight again my money will be on Henderson for sure.

    This was a terrible performance by Silva. People say he fought a smart fight by not engaging more…I’ll just say this…Fedor Knocked out AA and Sylvia on the feet, he also dominated Crocop and Goodridge standing, he destroyed Noguiera on the ground twice, who at the time was considered the best MMA sub artist in the world by many, he has also out-grappled and subbed world class wrestlers in Coleman, Lindland and Randleman. That is what the best P4P fighter would do, not showboat and punch the guy in the feet. Boo this man.

  • Jak says:

    I don’t see why Anderson Silva doesn’t throw more jabs… he can be an effective counter puncher while throwing jabs at an inactive opponent.

    I think people are angry/disappointed at things like the “football stomp”, or punching Leites in the thigh over and over. If those same strikes were simple jabs at the face, people probably wouldn’t complain… as much :)

    i’m a Silva fan, and i thought both this and the Cote fight were worthy of not buying the next Silva card unless the rest of the card is stacked. for me UFC 97 was stacked so i was happy anyways, but would have been more happy with a better main event.


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