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Did Anderson Silva really apologize for performance?

While many fans in Montreal were not happy with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s performance during his five-round unanimous decision victory over Thales Leites this past Saturday, there are questions whether a post-fight apology was really made.

During a translation of Silva’s answers during his post-fight victory speech, manager/translator Ed Soares issued an apology to the soldout crowd at the Bell Centre.

However, according to a new article by Ariel Shnerer of The Fight Network, Soares’ translation was not an accurate portrayal of Silva’s true feelings.

“I did well in the fight,” Silva is quoted as saying in The Fight Network’s Portuguese translation. “I can’t always make you happy.”

According to Shnerer, Silva’s response to the fans in Montreal continued.

“Not everyone understands what they are watching,” The Fight Network claims Silva stated. “But hey, you guys can boo if you want. You are paying my salary.”

  • Austin says:

    I smell bullshit.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Shouldn’t be hard to figure out as I’m sure there’s audio of the press conference and anyone who speaks fluent Portuguese can translate it. I, however, am not that individual.

  • cere says:

    Why should he have apologized? Unlike Leites, Anderson actually showed up at the fight. Did Leites really think he could win if he just continued to lay on his back the whole night? Did he really think Silva would eventually climb between his legs?

    If you are going to try to take a fight to the ground, take the other fighter to the ground. This isn’t prom night…laying down on your back and opening your legs isn’t going to get you any action.

  • Dayzah says:

    Laying on his back won him 2 rounds on some cards… So I guess laying on your back is more exciting then what Anderson was doing …. Isnt Silva black belt in bjj under the Nog brothers ? Cant tell.

  • Dayzah says:

    Cere — Dont tell a Woman that ” Laying on your back and opening your legs isnt going too get you any action ” … Cause im sure they could prove you wrong!

  • cere says:

    Dayzah: That’s why I said it isn’t prom. In another situation, specifically for women, that is a good way to get some action for sure. In the cage, it is going to get you boos.

  • cere says:

    Dayzah: No, the one time he was able to take Silva down won him a round. And he actually tried to strike in one of the first two rounds, that might might have gotten him another.

    Silva is a black belt under the nogs. That doesn’t mean he is going to volunteer to lay between Leites. He knows Leites is a better BBJ fighter. If Leites wants to fight on the ground, then take Silva down and fight on the ground. Laying down is probably not the best way to get a striker to the ground. Just as Leites would have been a fool to think he could stand and trade the entire fight with Silva, Silva would be a fool to risk grappling with Leites. So, Silva kept the fight standing, when he could. Leites did NOTHING for most of the fight to get the action on the ground. Silva showed with Lutter, that he is not willing to just jump into a BJJ fighter’s guard unless he is pulled into it. Silva is capable when he is in someone guard, but that doesn’t mean he is dumb enough to jump in there himself, especially with a world class BJJ fighter.

    You don’t see Maia laying down hoping his opponents will jump into his guard.

  • jj says:

    if anderson silva is supposedly the best fighter in the world he would have taken the fight wherever it needed to go to finish it.

    the ufc has a nasty problems on their hands. not only is their middleweight champion unmarketable to the primary american audience, he’s not even exciting to watch anymore.

    it’s amazing how many people are jumping to anderson silva’s defense on this. do people not know a boring fight when they see one?

  • cere says:

    jj: I would disagree. being the best means being able to go with the fight, regardless of where it ends up. It does not mean walking into your opponents strong areas intentionally. When the fight did do to the ground, Silva handled himself well.

    This was a boring fight. And Silva should have done more to attack. But, if you opponent runs away the whole fight or flops to the ground when not backing away, it is difficult to take the action to him. I am not defending Silva. He should have done more. But, he has nothing to apologize for if his opponent doesn’t show up for the fight. Leites performance was as bad as some of the most inexperienced fights on TUF.

    Like I said, Maia is also a BJJ world champion and he doesn’t just lay down on his back, asking his opponent to jump in. If you want the fight on the ground, take the fight to the ground (laying on your back doesn’t count. If you want it standing, keep it standing. Guess which fighter kept the fight in their area of dominance?

  • southpaw1974 says:

    In the beginning of the fight they showed the stats in regards to Silva’s accuracy rate when striking opponents. They forgot to display Leites’ accuracy rate when taking himself down :)

  • Kowe says:

    People know how boring the fight was. It was boring for sure. But Silva is not the only person to blame here. It was a terrible matchup to begin with. So the matchmakers are partially to blame. This is a title fight. All Silva needed to do was defend his title. What Leites had to do was take it. He took Silva down, once. He tried again and Silva defended. After that, all he did was lay on his back, like that would surely get Silva to the ground. The failure of the match was a group effort in my opinion.

  • Sharona says:

    I hate to bring it up due to the craziness of “greasegate” but did anyone else notice after the cutman applied vaseline to Silva’s face before the fight began he (Silva) wiped it off and smeared it over his chest and arms? It obviously wasn’t a factor but GSP was crucified for it and I find it curious that this hasn’t been mentioned by Leites, Dana White or anyone else for that matter. WTF??

  • cere says:

    Sharona: I noticed that a few people watching with me saw it too. He did it repeatedly. After wiping his face at the start of each round, he then alternated between rubbing his chest, shoulders, arms, etc.

  • budbjames says:

    I don’t disagree with the Boo’s of the crowd.. but I don’t think it was all the Silva either.. Leites ensured that it went the distance by avoiding harm from Silva… Although he dropped to the ground quite a bit, they did get within striking distance many times and Silva did not let his hands go… they both went in there to try to avoid damage at the expense of a boring fight…

    It was disturbing to see Leities drop to the ground and lay waiting for anderson to jump into his gaurd…

    A perfect example would be the Houston Alexander and Eric Schafer fight… Great display of striker vs BJJ.. the difference? Houston was swigning for the fences agressivly.. and Schafer insured that he got the take down at the expense of horrible knees to the head and other damage.. he earned the take down and got the sub..

    Andreson waited to counter Leities about as much as Leities dropped to the ground… Leities wanted nothing to do with the stand up and Silva wanted to avoid the jitz… so we ended up with two fighters more concerend with their record than engaging in the competition to see who was a better fighter..

    Silva will retire this year and I suspect he will grease his way through the rest of his fights to assure he leaves undefeated..

  • RU486 says:

    Nope, Silva will fight the other Silva next. Wanderlei fights in June. If he is able to get by Rich Franklin, which I think he will, we could very well see Silva vs Silva at UFC 103 in early August. I got a twenty riding on Wanderlei in that fight.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    If every fighter avoided the other fighters strengths like in this fight we would never of had these classic fights:
    Fedor’s wins over Nog.
    Randy’s win over Chuck.
    GSP’s win over BJ.
    Fedor’s win over Crocop.

    Can he ground and pound or grapple?. People say well why would he go to the ground with him? well why would anyone stand with a striker? perhaps next time we have striker vs grappler they’ll touch gloves and the one will lie on his back and the other will stand and showboat straight away, and that will be OK cuz they are avoiding the others strengths.

    But should he say sorry? no I don’t think so…should he be booed? hell yes.


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