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TUF 9 Blog: Team U.K.’s Nick Osipczak makes his 5 Oz. of Pain Debut

Nick Osipczak is undefeated as a professional fighter with a 3-0 record. A native of the U.K., Osipczak is representing his home country during the current ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. versus the U.K. His TUF 9 recap blog will appear on on a weekly basis every Wednesday immediately following the show’s 10 p.m. ET airing on Spike TV.

In episode two I thought the U.S. team looked a lot less prepared than us and didn’t seem to be as ready for the competition as Team U.K. appeared to be in episode one. The U.K. guys all turned up for that first day ready to do anything to get on the show and live their dream. We would have fought anyone to get through. The U.S. guys didn’t seem as keen, though. You had guys not making weight and then other people not wanting to fight their friend. It all seemed a little more half-hearted from them.

It was really encouraging to hear that Dana was using Team UK’s quality and determination to motivate the US guys. That told me we must have been doing something right in episode one. It was nice to know that Dana thought we all impressed in the elimination process and that he used our desire and determination to try and spur on the U.S. guys.

Watching the U.S. elimination process back, DaMarques Johnson probably looked the best of the bunch. He possessed some nasty elbows and really made a mess of his opponent with his ground-and-pound. He definitely looked the most well-rounded and aggressive out of the American team.

Santino DeFranco’s fight was amazing to watch, too, but, to be honest, I think it should have been stopped in the first round. He was taking an absolute battering for five minutes and barely knew where he was at the end of the round. Then he comes out for the second round, catches Waylon Lowe with a knee and chokes him out. It was a really crazy turnaround. That was the kind of thing that makes MMA such a special sport, I guess. You don’t get turnarounds like that in many other sports.

Despite some of their boasts, I didn’t fear of any of the Americans going into the house. I don’t ever judge a book by its cover and I basically just took all the U.S. team on face value. None of them had me wary or worried. To be honest, I knew very little about any of them. I don’t really follow the American scene too much and wasn’t aware of any reputations they may have had.

The only stuff we knew about the final eight were the boasts that came from their jaws. You can never judge anyone on what they say about themselves, though, because it’s usually just a load of rubbish that comes out.

All in all, I thought Team U.K. looked a lot better than the Americans in the elimination process. I read a lot of negative reviews of our elimination process on MMA websites, but I think they’ll see the light now that they’ve watched the Americans in action. We were much, much better than the Americans in the first episode.

I think people will now start to realize just how good the team was that we brought over to Las Vegas. We weren’t going over there to just muck around and come off second best. We all went over there with the intention of winning the competition and showing just how good we all were. We were never afraid of the Americans or too respectful of them. I was always confident that I’d be able to not only compete with them but also beat them.

I don’t think Team U.S. realized just how hungry us Brits were to begin with.


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