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Shamrock leads the pack with a $369,000 salary from this past Saturday’s Strikeforce event

The UFC hasn’t cornered the market on disparity when it comes to fighter’s salaries as Frank Shamrock led the pack by earning an astounding $369,790 while the man who defeated him Nick Diaz earned a paltry $39,950.

The California State Athletic Commission released the entire list of fighter salaries from this past Saturday’s Strikeforce event which took place at the HP Pavilion Pavilion in San Jose, CA. The event also marked the debut of Strikeforce on the Showtime network.

According to a report by, total fighter salaries came out to $634,415 and the attendance was 15,211 with an approximate gate of $750,000.

It should be noted that the final salary numbers for Frank Shamrock and Hitomi Akano might be significantly higher than was disclosed by the commission.

While not confirmed, it is believed that Shamrock also will receive a portion of the total gate receipts from Saturday night’s event held in his adopted hometown of San Jose, Calif.

Additionally, has heard from sources independent of the California State Athletic Commission that Akano was paid beyond what her documented salary. According to sources, Akano not only received 10% of Cyborg’s purse but received additional compensation from Strikeforce. It is believed that Akano made as much as $20,000 for her fight vs. Cyborg.

The full list of salaries are listed below please keep in mind the usual disclaimers: the published figures do not include undisclosed totals such as signing bonuses, locker room bonuses, sponsorship earnings and any other forms of compensation to the fighters that are not disclosed to the athletic commission as a matter of public record.

1. Frank Shamrock: $369,790 (no mention of a win bonus reported if he had been victorious)
2. Scott Smith: $49, 940 ($24,940 to show and $25,000 to win)
3. Gilbert Melendez: $49,890 (no win bonus offered)
4. Nick Diaz: $39.950 ($29,950 to show and $10,000 to win)
5. Brett Rogers: $39,940 ($19,940 to show and $20,000 to win)
6. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos: $18,000 ($8,000 to show and $10,000 to win)
7. Benji Radach: $16,940 (No win bonus reported)
8. Eric Lawson: $9,950 ($7,950 to show and $2,000 to win)
9. Rodrigo Dam: $9,190 (No win bonus reported if he had won)
10. Raul Castillo: $7,890 ($4,390 to show and $3,500 to win)
11. Luke Rockhold: $6,000 ($3,000 to show and $3,000 to win)
12. James Terry: $3,940 ($1,940 to show and $2,000 to win)
13. Abongo Humphrey: $3,205 (no win bonus reported if he had won)
14. Waylon Kennell: $1,950 (no win bonus reported if he had won)
15. Buck Meredith: $1,540 (no win bonus reported if he had won)
16. Brandon Michaels: $1,500 (no win bonus reported if he had won)
17. Zak Bucia: $1,500 (no win bonus reported if he had won)
18. Hitomi Akano: $1,450 (no win bonus reported if she had won)
19. Shingo Kohara: $940 ($940 to show and was not given a bonus for winning)
20. Jeremy Tavares: $940 (no win bonus reported if he had won)

  • Angry Mike says:

    I wonder if Diaz knew this before the fight. I’ll bet he didn’t. I’ll bet he has a few blunt words for his manager, too.

  • wardog says:

    I know some people who say they would not make the jump into MMA because of what is at the end of the tunnel… no money! I mean seeing these numbers makes me believe that there should be a minimum salary imposed by the various athletic commissions.

  • Hohlraum says:

    RE: Diaz

    He hasn’t fought much in the last couple years. If he can fight 4x a year at that salary he’ll be doing much better than most 9-5’ers could hope to achieve and he’ll be doing something that he loves.

    Its doubtful that after his last performance Frank will ever get that kind of a pay day again until he has several consecutive wins against known opponents.

  • DrummerFFG says:

    Wow…I wish I could get paid $369,000 and a portion of my company’s profits for not even showing up to work. That would be sweet.

  • JJ Docker says:

    1. Frank Shamrock: $369,790

    How he got them to pay him this much is beyond me. I really expect him to have got a portion of the gate as well. If nothing else, Shamrock is a shrewd business man. That’s certainly a large gulf between actual talent and paycheck.
    Diaz needs to go back to the UFC, man. If he keeps his new mass and cuts down to 170, he could be a real force at WW.

  • notdanawhite says:

    Maybe Frank should manage Nick. 369K from a promotion with no PPV revenue is very impressive. I guess the Showtime money helps.

    I was really surprised by Shamrocks sub-par performance. Maybe he had the flu or something. Diaz looked elegant by comparison. I thought It would be much more of a battle.

    Srikeforce/Showtime looks like a good match. Excellent and entertaining production, in my opinion.

  • screwface says:

    trust me the moment ufc makes diaz an offer, hes back in, they just dont want him. hed take the paycut. he said a few times he wants to be back in UFC fighting the best of the best win or lose, but i dont think dana is a fan of his attitude or out of cage habits. i really hope this last win may change his mind tho, id love to see diaz back in UFC. maybe after he puts the beatdown on cung le things will go his way.

  • tyler says:

    Frank getting paid that much isn’t new he made nearly that for his last fight “with no PPV revenue”.

    Also screwface saying Dana’s not a fan of Nick’s attitude that’s why he doesn’t want him in the UFC but it’s ok for his brother Nate as if they are polar opposites. They’re exactly the same and who has a worse attitude than White himself.

  • screwface says:

    nate won tuf and only lost 1 fight since. Lose a few more and its bye bye nate. dont misunderstand my post. i love nick diaz and yes dana white is full of himself. but these are the facts. dana will take nick back when nick has proven himself in HIS eyes. people love to watch nick fight love or hate and same with tito, but if dana doesnt like you its not always about the money.

  • ihateemo says:

    “I wonder if Diaz knew this before the fight. I’ll bet he didn’t.”

    I’ll bet he did, Shamrock has always been a major California draw (arguably more than Diaz) and has a history of being well-paid.

    Remember KJ Noons complaining about the pay disparity between him and Diaz? Pfft. II haven’t heard Diaz whine, though I’m sure he made a lot more in sponsorship dollars.

    And ‘m sure Nick will make more for his next fight.

  • GetItOn says:

    Well with their contracts they sign for a certain amount of fights with a certain amount being paid each fight. For instance if fighters have a contract for four fights and a salary of $100,000 then that means that each fight they make $25,000 not including any bonuses. If Frank Shamrock fights again for Strikeforce then he will make the same base amount that he made in this fight against Diaz, plus any bonuses he earns for whatever.

    Same goes for Diaz, unless they renegotiate his contract before his next fight considering he will draw more spectators to the venue he fights in.

    Trust me Nick Diaz does well. He has a shit ton of sponsors and like someone above me said, if he fights four times a year, he makes six figures easy just for fighting. He’s obviously not doing as well as Shamrock pay wise but certainly not suffering by any means.

    If you want to make money in this sport then you need to beat tough competition and also be marketable.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    $940 to fight in the cage is criminal. Imagine all the training that has to go in, not to mention all other expenses. These fighters really ended up paying to fight and put their bodies at risk. Where is the fighters union.

  • wardog says:

    MMA-Logic I agree 100% It is a shame for a high level show to pay this amount. I cannot see how a fighters union will come about, it is too individual at this moment. But I still believe that there should be a way that a state athletic commission could establish a minimum salary range or something. I know a few guys who may have had a chance but stopped because they had families to support and could not risk or would not risk injury and loss of work for the money that may never come.

  • redness says:

    The hospitial bill is more then the bottom guys even earn wow.


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