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Diaz handles Shamrock; Radach and Smith wage war

After controlling the action all over the cage in the first round, Diaz turned it up in the second, utilizing his superior reach while scoring crisp, precise combinations on Shamrock. The bouts conclusion came when Diaz landed a devastating right hand to the body that caused Shamrock to slump to the canvas. Diaz pounced on the former UFC and Strikeforce champion and landed a hail storm of unanswered blows before John McCarthy called a halt to the contest, declaring Diaz the winner by way of TKO.

As soon as the bout was stopped, Diaz came over to Shamrock, shook his hand and helped him to his feet.

Gilbert Melendez looked impressive as many expected that he would, but there weren’t many that expected a knockout victory like the one he scored Saturday night. After controlling from the top position for a good portion of the first round, Melendez wound up mixing it up with Damm a little more in the second and it paid off. A jaw jarring right hand left Damm sprawled out on the canvas and secured Melendez’ place as the Strikeforce interim lightweight champion.

Josh Thomson suffered a broken leg during training preparing for his championship bout with Melendez and will face off with the newly crowned interim champion in his next bout.

In one of the best fights of the year, Benji Radach and Scott Smith waged war in a three round battle that was spent primarily on the feet. Both men threw bombs with all of their might throughout the bouts duration. Radach built up a sizable lead by landing the more meaningful blows through the second round, only to be caught by a trademark Scott Smith right hand to the chin that left him on the canvas and Smith with another come from behind victory.

The fight between Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and Hitomi Akano was nearly scratched from the card due to Cyborg’s inability to make the 145 pound weight limit, but following some drama that involved last minute weight cuts and negotiations, the bout was salvaged less than a day before it was scheduled to take place.

Cyborg utilized her tremendously superior striking arsenal to pick apart Akano over the course of three rounds. The feared female from Chute Boxe came out on fire in the third and a flurry of vicious strikes dropped Akano to the canvas and pretty much sealed the deal on a much talked about female superfight with Gina Carano sometime very soon.

Brett Rogers had Ron Humphrey in bad shape in a couple of different moments in the first round of their bout, but a break in the action for a point deduction due to Rogers holding Humphrey’s hair seemed to prolong the inevitable which came in the second. A series of powerful knees and punches left Humphrey bloodied and crumpled on the canvas for a second round TKO stoppage in Rogers’ favor.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    really enjoyed the event, all fights were entertaining. cyborg is an animal, granted she was way bigger than Akano but fuck me, she would be a tough match for most guys at featherweight! plus the more destructive she is the cuter she seems.
    Abongo deserves an award for lasting as long as he did. i know there are fighters who can take a lot of punishment but to take all those knees from a 280ish heavyweight and not go down? wow
    Gilbert looked great, hope josh is healing well cos that is gonna be an awesome fight again.
    Franky baby looked old for the first time, havent seen him look that bad before, just didnt seem to have a clue how to fight, very strange. Nick Diaz was entertaining as hell, dude makes me laugh, well chuffed for him. was screaming for him to throw those head kicks with some force tho. props to Nick
    Smith Radich was entertaining but it wasnt anywhere near one of the best fights of the year.

  • Bullylover says:

    Yeah i feel ya Diaz, does need to work on those head kicks. What an awsome night of fights. to bad cyborg was like twice akano’s size though. that 23456 is like a damn pitbull with rabies. I would love to see her fight Mike Brown. I wonder if they’ll ever sanction girl v.s. men fights like boxing has. I’d bet on Cyborg.


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