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Following overnight drama, Cyborg vs. Akano back on for tonight

At yesterdays weigh-ins for tonight’s Strikeforce event, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos came in ridiculously overweight for her scheduled 145 pound fight with Hiutomi Akano.

Cyborg originally hit the scales at 152 pounds which placed her seven pounds over the bouts agreed weight, and six pounds above the weight classes normal absolute limit.

The California State Athletic Commission gave Santos until 11 pm ET to get her weight down to 149.5 pounds. Akano had weighed in at 143.5 for the bout and the CSAC would not all of for the fight to go forward until the gap in weight was no greater than six pounds.

Just past 11 pm ET Santos hit the scales at 150 pounds even, and even though she missed the mark by a half pound, the commission agreed to let the bout take place. was the first to report that Akano was originally declining on the bout following the second weigh in, but it seems as though there have seem some late night back and forth negotiations between Strikeforce and Akano and her camp that have managed to salvage the fight.

The bout will take place as planned, outside of the huge weight differential in Cyborg’s favor, this evening at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

  • tyler says:

    This is good news.
    Looking forward to seeing this fight.
    Akano’s only real chance is to catch Cyborg in a submission. If she gets her on her back she could get her in trouble.

  • kenonbass says:

    That is seriously ridiculous. Even if you’re over like a pound or 2 it’s disrespectful let alone 7. There’s no competition for these women and they know they’ll still get to fight so there’s absolutely no incentive for them to try and make weight putting their opponents at a severe disadvantage.

    And they wonder why Dana White wants nothing to do w/ a women’s division.

    I partially wanted to see this fight before but now I could care less.

  • Cathedron says:

    Seven pounds is just ridiculous. But I kinda feel like the women should be given a certain amount of consideration. I really think this mostly comes down to women’s MMA having growing pains. Not enough weight classes so some fighters have to squeeze into divisions they shouldn’t while others get stuck fighting opponents who greatly outsize them. Plus, there’s the issue of highly mismatched competition. The few women at the top of the division should be fighting five min rounds, but most of their competition can’t hang at that level. Hopefully, it’ll all work itself out in a few years.


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