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Cyborg weighs in at 150 pounds, cleared to fight by commision, bout with Akano still unlikely

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos has just re-weighed in at 150 pounds to face Hitomi Akano, which is a half pound above the maximum limit set previously this evening by the CSAC. However, the commission has decided to let the bout continue as planned with Cyborg at 150 pounds.

Photo: Tom Casino/Strikeforce

Photo: Tom Casino/Strikeforce is on the scene in San Jose where we have learned from Akano’s representatives that she is declining on the fight.

No official word as to whether the bout will proceed or not has been made as of yet. Stay tuned to as we continue to provide you with the latest news on this unfolding development.

Santos had originally weighed in at 152 pounds for the scheduled 145 pound match up with Akano. She was given until 11 pm ET to get her weight down to 149.5 pounds. Akano weighed in at 143.5 pounds and the commission would not allow the fight to take place unless the weight differential was no greater than six pounds.

Cyborg will be fined 20% of her purse for the failure to make the contracted weight limit if the bout is to proceed. 10% of the deduction will go to Akano and the other 10% will go to to the CSAC.

  • Rich B says:

    Good. One less chick fight to worry about.

  • tyler says:

    Great insight from Rich B.

  • mo dogg says:

    does the CSAC really deserve 10% of her purse? Am i the only one who thinks a lot of these athletic commission decision’s are a scam? Why not give 20% to Akano who is the one who suffers here? Is the athletic commission a 40-hour a week job? just seems shady

  • fightfan says:

    Good for Akano. She already agreed to come in 10 lbs OVER her weight. She usually fights at 135. SO with the water back in Cyborg’s system she will be close to 155, if NOT HEAVIER….giving her a 20-25 lb advantage. When you only weight 130, that is a hell of a lot of weight.

    I hope Akano HOLDS out and makes apoint to Cyborg and Carano AND the PROMOTIONS that CONTINUALLY let them come in heavy. THey have to
    TRAIN and MAKE WEIGHT, THAT IS IT!!!!!! I hope the fight ios CANCELLED, then maybe Carano and Cyborg will learn to lay of the cheeseburgers. Or for Christ sake, just make sure you make weight…just lay off if for the week or 2 before the fight

  • fightfan says:

    meant 140….Akano’s weight. and she probably had a big breakfast and drank a lot of fluids to come in at that!!!!

  • hindsightufuk says:

    thats a shame, i was looking forward to seeing cristiane fight.
    she and gina just need to agree a weight and fight, get it done.
    could be the only fight either of them have this year!

    one less chick fight? is that a joke? if not – twat

  • PoD135 says:

    do you really think the promotions are gonna enact stricter rules than the commission does, on FeMMA especially?!!! Maybe you should consider that while needlessly expounding further on the missmatch weight design of this fight.

    Carano wasn’t over what Cyborg was; this breaks the rule in place.

  • David Andrest says:

    Fightfan, I couldn’t agree more. Lay off the cheeseburgers Cris, it’s clear from the weigh-in photo that Cyborg clearly didn’t train for this fight and is in terrible shape. How dare she disrespect here opponent and the sport.

    It’s clear she didn’t diet or workout prior to this fight. Anyone with two eyes can see she has to be carrying an extra 20 lbs from last time we watched her, and it’s surly because she is lazy and doesn’t put the time in the gym in. Maybe a few less trips to in and out burger?

    ………………you big dummy.

    If you don’t like the difference in weight, just say so, but don’t accuse someone of not working hard or eating like shit. It’s pretty clear Cyborg is in tip top shape, why did she weigh in 7 over? hell if I know, but it’s clear that their doesn’t appear to be a quick 7lbs to lose there either.

  • CMT says:

    I think the news now is that the fight is on after some concessions were made. Cyborg is pretty ripped in the photo. Maybe she needs to go up a weight class.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    as an afterthought, anyone got more photos of cyborg in the bikini please?

  • JJ Docker says:

    Cyborg’s caught Caranosis. The two biggest female fighters in the sport can’t make weight, that’s really poor.

  • tyler says:

    David Andrest you took the words out of my mouth after reading “fightfans” comments.
    Anyone who actually thinks Cyborg doesn’t train hard or eats unhealthy looking at her is someone who might want to think about what they’re saying before they post an asinine comment.
    Also any amatuer wrestler will tell you that weight cutting is a science and that coming in overweight isn’t simply a case of not training or eating junk food.
    If you want to call Cyborg unproffessional for not making weight that’s one thing but to say she doesn’t train hard is ridiculous.


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