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House filled for TUF 9….well, almost

Following the conclusion of the second episode of the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter, fourteen of the sixteen cast members have been selected during a survival of the fittest elimination round of fights conducted in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. Why only fourteen of the sixteen? Well it’s kind of a long story but I’m going to break it down as simply as I can.

In the opening moments of last nights show, while Dana White lines all of fighters up to give the routine instructions and pep talk, welterweight Jason Pierce pulled a Phillipe Nover and passed out in front of everyone. Fortunately for him, Pierce managed to pull it together and much like Nover, went on to win a spot in the house.

Lightweight John-David Shackelford came on the show with a nasty looking lesion across his forehead. It was discovered that he had a herpes legion on his forehead that was contagious. Before having the chance to show what he could due in the octagon, it was curtain call time for Shackelford. So that’s the reason for one of the currently unfilled spots in the house.

The other vacancy was made available due to welterweight Christian Fulgium‘s inability to get his weight under the 170 pound limit. After a long, exhaustive process that involved collapsing on the treadmill and puking in a bucket, it was like dejavu all over again.

Understandably, White was livid with his disappointment in the current crop of Americans. After a brief pep talk to the American hopefuls, it was off to the races, and six of the eight spots were filled during combat.

As a solution for the dilemma, two other fighters were brought in on late notice to face the two men that had been left without opponents. The two final elimination bouts will take place on next weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

Brought in to face welterweight Kiel Reid was Frank Lester, and the late substitute for lightweight Jason Dent will be Rob Browning.

Of course, the name Browning seems strangely familiar and it’s for good reason, Rob Browning is the younger brother of last season’s hellraiser, Junie. Dana White mentions that you can’t blame Rob for the sins of his brother, but it seems as though Rob will be committing sins of his own during the duration of this season. A clip at the end of the show from a future episode showed Rob smashing an egg on a house member’s chest, which seems to imply that we will be seeing a lot more of the younger Browning in the weeks to come.

Junie Browning had a few things to say about his brother’s upcoming appearance on The Ultimate Fighter in a recent exclusive interview with

“I told him to be himself and have an outgoing personality, big time. I told him not to be the guy that nobody remembers next season. Just for him to go in there and train hard and do his thing. I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed by that”

“It’s not just us though, everybody in Kentucky where I’m from is wild like this. It’s a Kentucky thing.”

Team U.S.A Welterweights

Mark Miller
Jason Pierce
Damarques Johnson
Final spot will be decided with a bout between Kiel Reid and Frank Lester

Team U.K. Welterweights

James Wilks
Nick Osipczak
Dean Amasinger
David Faulkner

Team U.S.A. Lightweights

Richie Whitson
Santino Defranco
Cameron Dollar

Final spot will be decided with a bout between Jason Dent and Rob Browning

Team U.K. Lightweights

Andre Winner
Jeff Lawson
Martin Stapleton
Ross Pearson

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Richie Witson is the red-haired (‘ginger’ re: UK speak) and he is very, very tough. An early favorite.

    But he totally looks like Baby New Year from the old claymation Christmas show – Rudolph’s Happy New Year or something.

  • Bullylover says:

    Wonder what the younger Browning brother is like. I hope he is nothing like Juning. i was a fan of his physical tools but it was obvious that he was lacking in the mental department I believe that with the tutelage of thompkins that over time he will be a force in the lW division. Well we’ll see what this brother of his is like next time. Go team America. I was impressed by the grappling of i of the UK’s lightweights & one WW. I was also impressed by the blond LW Brit’s power & tenacity. That guy Dean from team U>K> really needs to step his gamme up & learn not to shoot all the time when he’s winning the stand-up. He also needs to leran some damn Triangle defence or he’ll be the first UK WW home.

  • platypus says:

    yeah it was an odd episode

  • Angry Mike says:

    The “come from behind” wins by the Team U.S. members were dramatic, but U.K. has some good strikers and the Yanks may not be able to come back against them. Henderson looked a little subdued and concerned, imo.

  • mmastation says:

    Lester is definitely a decent prospect I have seen him fight here in san diego. He has some nice knees.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I thought, like everyone else, that US were going to smash UK in this season. But the first two episodes have left me a little less convinced of that. Although, you have to remember, that whilst some US fighters took a beating and then came back to win (showing holes in their game) – this might have been because they were fighting tougher fighters. In other words, I think some of the UK fighters only looked so good because they were fighting poorer opposition. For example, that overweight ginger kid that lost in the UK trials; are you serious?! It looked like he walked right in off the street, he couldn’t even throw a jab. My point being not to write off team US on the showing of the last episode. I still think they’ll win the season comfortably. I live in the UK and train MMA – to say it’s no where near as big as it is in the US would be an understatement.


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