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Amir Sadollah reveals he’s set to compete at UFC 101

Amir Sadollah, the middleweight winner from the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter, has revealed that he’s slated to compete for the first time since winning the Spike TV reality series on Aug. 8 at UFC 101 in Philadelphia.

Sadollah made the revelation during a commercial insert that aired during last night’s premiere for the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter. During the “Late Night News Presented by Burger King” segment, Sadollah interviewed TUF 1 light heavyweight winner Forrest Griffin.

At the end of the segment, Sadollah gave an update on his own status, confirming that he was forced to withdraw from a UFC Fight Night 17 bout in Feb. vs. Nick Catone after breaking his clavicle. He had previously been scheduled to fight Catone at UFC 91 this past November, but was also scratched from the card due to injury. Sadollah also reaffirmed during the segment that he will be dropping to welterweight but did not indicate who his opponent would be.

UFC 101 will be an opportune time for Sadollah to make his return. Born in New York, Sadollah spent his teens growing up in Virginia, where he trained at the Combat Sports Center under Brian Crenshaw. Sadollah’s East Coast roots could make him a substantial ticket seller for the Philadelphia show, which is expected to emanate from the Wachovia Center.

In addition to Sadollah’s appearance on the show, UFC 101 is expected to be headlined by UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn defending his title vs. number one contender Kenny Florian.

  • rhoadspga says:

    Sam — been curious about this for a while… Why do you insist on using the word “emanate” so dadgum much?? Is it an inside joke or something? You seem to work it into almost every article you write, yet that word is very rarely used in daily conversations. I’ll even help you out and give you some more common substitutions — “taking place in” or “being held in” or, heck, your readers would still understand if you just used the word “in.” UFC 101″in” the Wachovia Center. See, it’s easy!!

  • platypus says:

    me like “emanate”. also, i like the use of the word “exude” …please use more of these words…ignore the haters !!!!

  • s00nertp says:

    lol. Sam, I love the site. It is a must read every day.

    I could never do what you do though. Remembering all the details and getting it all straight for every article? Please. Not for me. I didnt really think about it ever until I read the comment about “emanate”.

    I dont think I knew how it was even spelled before. Nor have I even noticed that you used it. And I’ve spent countless hours on the site for over 8 months.


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