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Catching up with King Mo

Disappointed would be an understatement to describe Mo Lawal‘s feelings when the doctor told the fast rising prospect that he had completely blown his ACL. After a wild and successful six months in the sport, Mo had every intention to stay busier than ever heading into 2009.

Sometimes fate has different plans, and King Mo’s fate will be sitting on the sidelines while he rehabs his injured knee and salivates at the opportunity to get back in the ring to erase any doubts that his most recent win over the dangerous Ryo Kawamura at Sengoku 7, may have raised in the eyes of his critics and detractors.

I’ve asked the question before, but I’m going to ask it again. Who makes their MMA debut after less than a month of formal training against a veteran of over sixty battles that is currently riding a nine fight win streak? Only one name pops into my mind. recently had the opportunity to catch up with the flamboyant Sengoku superstar where he revealed that, sure, he knew about the injury before the fight. Was he going to back out of the bout at the last minute? Well you can guess the answer to that question?

“Oh hell no!,” exclaimed Lawal. “Hell No! I wanted to know the extent of the injury after the bout. That’s why I didn’t have the MRI done until after the fight”

The injury came during a routine work out with UFC veteran Dean Lister. What may have not seemed so serious initially, quickly took a turn for the worse and led to a week of inactivity leading up to the bout for King Mo.

“I realized that I was having trouble with my knee a week before my fight,” confessed Lawal. “I was working with Dean Lister and he went for a takedown and I sprawled. When I sprawled, I landed on my toe and my knee popped. After that happened, I finished training and I wasn’t able to do anything for the next five or six days. I didn’t work out at all since a week before the fight.”

Needless to say, some serious strategic adjustments to the gameplan had to be made at the last second for Lawal.

“The injury ended up changing my game plan a lot,” said King Mo. “I don’t think my coach really knew the extent of my injury. He wanted me to press forward and move forward but I couldn’t move forward because of my knee. I couldn’t throw a hook, and I remember one time I went to throw a cross and I felt my knee start to give out. I felt off balance every time I started moving forward, so I made him chase me, and that made my takedowns come a little easier.”

The doctor had some good news and some bad news for Lawal after he had a chance to closely examine the extent of the knee injury. The good news: Mo will make a full recovery. The bad news: Mo will be forced to the sidelines for some time while he rehabilitates the injury.

“Man, the doc took one look at my knee and he told me my shit was gone,” said Lawal. “My ACL was blown, but the good thing is that he was surprised that there wasn’t that much swelling and I still have a full range of motion. He said that with good rest and rehab, I’ll be back.”

“You know how the doctors are, they say six months, but you know me, I heal faster than the average man. I don’t think it’s going to take longer than three months. I’m not an average man.”

“I have the surgery this week and then I’m going to go on how I feel. If I still have my full range of motion and the swelling’s down, I’ll take it easy but I’ll do light mitts or something like that.”

Without a doubt the injury is not what Lawal had planned for his future, but everything happens for a reason in this life, and you can be sure that the limitless up and comer will be back and better than ever in no time.

“I just feel like this is a setback for me,” explained King Mo. “I’m going to be behind on my fifth fight. I wanted to fight on every single Sengoku event.”

“I want to thank CageFighter, Fortune Gym,, and Mayhem Miller. Everyone needs to watch that Bully Beatdown.”


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