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Shane Carwin: ‘I have what it takes to win that belt’

From the brink of defeat emerged the most clear cut contender to the heavyweight throne once Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar have had a chance to settle their differences at UFC 100.

6′ 2″, 260 pound powerhouse, Shane Carwin, hopped on a skyrocket and rode it to the top of the UFC’s heavyweight ranks when he dashed Gabriel Gonzaga‘s title aspirations with a bone jarring right hand in their bout at UFC 96.

Going into the bout with ten first round stoppages in ten bouts for a combined total of eleven minutes and thirteen seconds, many expected for the massive Greeley, Colorado native to be pushed harder than he had before in a bout that would very likely make it out of the initial round.

Well, half of the expectations came to fruition in the heavyweight slugfest. Although Carwin was hardly pushed past the one minute mark, let alone the first round, he was most definitely pushed harder in his bout with Gonzaga than he ever had previously during his time in mixed martial arts.

A pulverizing right cross left Carwin rocked worse than ever before in his fighting career. Showing the trademark of a true warrior, Carwin managed to clinch the dangerous Brazilian up in an effort to regather his senses and battle back. Although Gonzaga managed to drag Carwin to the canvas, the former collegiate national wrestling champion used the cage like a long time veteran to get himself back to his feet where he was able to deliver the devastating right hand that sent Gonzaga tumbling to the canvas in a heap.

The biggest win of the top heavyweight prospect’s career didn’t come without it’s share of setbacks. Carwin suffered a deviated septum from the Gonzaga punch that left him reeling. An extremely painful injury that requires surgery and an agonizing recovery.

“The nose was already broke and Gabe re-broke it, so the damage was extensive and I’m still having issues with the recovery,” confessed Carwin in an exclusive interview with “I hope I can get back in the gym soon.”

The undefeated heavyweight would be lying if he said he wasn’t hurt from the powerful right hand courtesy of Gonzaga. Luckily for him, the countless hours spent in the gym leading up to the bout left him with an engraved memory of what he needed to do to get himself out of trouble in his brain.

“I was rocked, next thing I knew I was defending the single leg and he swept me,” said Carwin. “When I hit the mat, it was like my coaches had a mic in my ear, I did exactly what we worked on in training, and that was it. My coaches are the best in the business.”

While many heavyweights would be content with a first round knockout of one of the divisions most highly regarded competitors, Carwin refuses to settle for merely being content. His hunger to constantly improve his skills in the octagon is a healthy one to have. Especially when you’re goal is to become the undisputed best big man in the sport.

“I am my worst critic,” admitted the former All-American linebacker. “I am anxious to get to work on improving my skills. I have a lot to learn, a lot to improve, a lot to prove to the fans, Zuffa, and myself.”

“The more time I get in the ring and gym, the more confident I feel. I have a lot to learn and I am eager to become the best.”

Finding an opponent that can push Carwin out of the first round is starting to become a serious problem for the heavyweight. However, if you were to ask him, it’s not a problem at all. The faster he can bring an end to his fights, the better.

“I am 34 years old, the less punishment I take, the longer I will be able to fight,” said Carwin. “If I can finish my opponents with little or no damage I will do so every time. I’m trying to build a legacy in this sport.”

Don’t let the suddenness of Carwin’s bouts fool you into thinking he wouldn’t be prepared to go five hard rounds if need be. It’s not his fault that those standing across from him have continuously withered under the pressure he presents. When the UFC finds him someone that can last longer than a minute or two with him, rest assured that Carwin will be ready.

“We train five rounds at just above a mile above sea level,” explained Carwin. “I am in the best shape in my life.”

“So far in 11 opponents none have been able to last with me. I think it is a little silly to question me or my gas tank when I have not been given an opponent that can make it out of the 1st.”

“Fact is, our coaches prepare us for battle at the championship level. I get better, meaner and hungrier as the rounds progress. I cant wait for an opportunity to show my fans what I am all about.”

From covers of magazines, countless interviews and endless media appearances, Carwin will admit freely that the recent wave of attention has been somewhat of a culture shock for him. While the attention in undoubtedly flattering, it’s one part of his recent success in the octagon that the mild mannered gentle giant may never become fully adjusted to.

“It is very humbling to have people seek your autograph or handshake,” said Carwin. “I doubt I will ever really get used to it, I’m just a guy chasing his dream and its surreal to have people I don’t know take note.”

Even before the bout with Gonzaga many were speculating that the winner would likely end up with the next shot at the UFC’s heavyweight championship. According to Carwin, the possibility that his next bout will be for the championship gold is out of his hands, but a possibility he would absolutely consider.

“I would leave that up to my coaches and the UFC,” explained Carwin. “If they think I am ready, I trust that they can and will put together the right game plan for me.”

If his next bout does end up being for all the marbles in UFC’s heavyweight division, it will most likely be against one of two men. Two men that the up and coming powerhouse has the utmost respect for.

“Brock is a super athlete who is training hard like the rest of us,” said the proud father when asked about how he would expect to match up with either UFC champion.”I would expect a total war and a reinforced Octagon.”

“Nothing but respect for Mir,” Carwin continued. “Mir is dangerous. He is a great Champion who beat a great warrior to earn the belt. I hope he gets healthy soon and I look forward to seeing him and Brock go at it.”

Whether or not his next bout is for the title or not, according to Carwin, championship glory is an inevitability. He wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t positive that he would one day rest at the top of the heavyweight mountain in the UFC.

“I would not be training as hard as I am, or making the sacrifices, if I did not believe in my heart I have what it takes to win that belt,” concluded the contender to the throne.

“I would like to thank T’s KO, Team Jackson, my family, training partners and my manager for all of their support. Big thanks to my sponsors Muscle Pharm, Max Muscle, MTX Audio, CarnalDammage, Xyience, Full Tilt, and Vandal.”

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Shane Carwin is probably my favorite UFC heavyweight right now. He’s not the most skilled, but in my opinion, I think he could beat any UFC heavyweight out there. To me he’s shown he has the complete package and I think this time next year he’ll have championship gold around his waist. Now…. let the backlash against me begin.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He’s dreaming. If he hits somone they stay hit but the same could be said for Tank and Kimbo. Before you say it I’m not comparing him to those guys I’m just saying he hasn’t proven much to me until he wins say…a decision against a high class opponent or a dominant victory against a class fighter. And before you say it yeah he beat Gonzaga but Gonzaga had him hurt went in for the kill and got sloppy and if Houston can tell us anything it’s that knockouts like that mean little.

  • RU486 says:

    All I can say is that I can’t wait to see a Carwin / Lesnar fight. I want Frank Mir to win his belt back, but I’m really intrigues by the prospect of seeing Carwin and Lesnar duke it out. I’m anxious to see 280 lb National Champion wrestler vs 285 lb. National Champion wrestler.

    Also, I want to see how either of those guys stands against someone that can hit as hard as they each do. Whoever wins, my bet is that no one else in the UFC heavyweight division will be able to challenge them for a long time. Unless we see that Emelianenko guy stick his teddy bear head in the picture.

  • ZP580 says:

    Still not impressed with Carwin. Seems to be another Houston Alexander.He needs a real test. If Congo wins his next fight, then I wanna see Congo v Carwin. Do It!!

  • mikejj says:

    RU486…let Mir win the belt and have Brock and Carwin fight later for a contender status.

    If he thinks he’s ready to take the belt, Carwin takes his mouth a little too full.
    His knockout was great but let’s have him fight a hard 3 round decision to see where he stands…

  • RU486 says:

    Something tells me it might be a while before we see this guy fight a full three round fight. He hits that hard. The punch that KO’d Gonzaga was more like a half-hearted jab than any power punch. I would like to see more of him as well, but so far, there hasn’t been any need to. Eleven finishes in eleven minutes and thirteen seconds. That’s impressive to say the least.

    I second the notion of him fighting Kongo. But I think Carwin would throw him to the ground and pound him out.

  • Cathedron says:

    “hopped on a skyrocket and rode it to the top of the UFC’s heavyweight ranks”

    Wow. That burned a small hole in my brain. Now I can smell the color purple. (Surprisingly minty.) Good show, Mr Brady. Good show.

    I think Carwin’s getting a little overhyped, but comparing him to Alexander is a bit unfair. We know Carwin can wrestle. He’s a more complete package than Alexander will ever be. Not to mention that Carwin’s been a more impressive KO artist.

    If Carwin were ten years younger I’d say he could be one of the biggest prospects in the UFC’s HW division. Right now, he’s a short term star and he’s being “fast-tracked” by the UFC to take advantage of that. Valesquez is the best prospect the UFC has right now.

  • Davey D says:

    I agree with those who say Shane Carwin will fight for the UFC HW title someday. I hope that Fedor would “somehow” end up fighting the winner of Lensar/Mir but if he doesnt, which is what will probably happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing Shane Carwin next in line.

    Carwin vs. Kongo also sounds like a good fight too but, isn’t Kongo set to fight in a month or two? Cheick will have to pass that test if so. If he wins, then we could very well see Carwin vs. Kongo happen. Whatever way it happens is cool with me. I’m just glad we can finally discuss some possibilites in the UFC’s HW class again.

    If Fedor Emelianenko did join the fray, he would surley contest for the title in his first bout if he wanted to. Dana White has gone on the record saying as so. In that case, I think Carwin vs. Kongo or another fighter would be more possible. Cheers!!!

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Calling Carwin Houston Alexander is plain ignorant. It makes my head hurt to believe someone thinks this. Anyways, I still think Congo is up there with Carwin. If Mir doesn’t get healthy, give Lesnar a quick fight. Its going to be difficult for someone to beat Lesnar again in my opinion.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Come on PlagueAngel people are comparing the KO victory over Gonzaga like that of Houston’s over Jardine, not the actual fighters.They are nothing like each other.
    So I’m sorry we didn’t mean to offend Houston by comparing him to that Carwin loser. I mean did Carwin have his eyes closed when he threw that punch?.

    P.S. Just joking not really attacking Carwin or his very, very lucky victory over a much better fighter than he is.

    P.S.S. Just kidding. Honestly it is just a joke.

  • mu_shin says:

    Carwin will be out of action for some time to allow his surgically repaired nose to heal, so there won’t be any championship fights involving this emerging threat any time soon. I do think it’s pretty obvious Shane has the tools to challenge Frank Mir or Brock Lesnar for the UFC title, and after those two settle their rematch, Carwin would be a good choice for an exciting title defense against the victor.

    While 34 is not youthful in athletic terms, I think we’ve seen a great example in Randy Couture of what can be possible for an aging MMA fighter. Considering a five year look into Carwin’s future, I’d have to say it seems well within the realm of possibility that he can continue to improve, gain the experience he himself says he needs, and take a strong run at becoming the UFC heavyweight champ. I just read the other day that no UFC heavyweight champ has defended the belt more than twice in succession, so there is precedent for a lot of turnover in this division. The Gonzaga fight places Carwin in the mix, and it will be of definite interest to see how this explosive fighter progresses.

  • jasonah says:

    If carwins win was luck, than randy’s win was luck to.I think Randy’s win was more lucky than Carwins was.To break a guy’s nose admidst a takedown is luck.Carwin almost got a whoopin,And then got out of it and Dropped a Bomb.I guess that can be a punchers chance.But they used to say this about Chuck .But He does it consistently.When does that not become a chance,It’s reality Chuck became a very rich man.And for the record Chuck hits harder than Huston Alxeander.Chuck hits @ well over 1000 lbs of Force.Houston hit’[email protected] 1000 Chuck was of the chart…….. How hard does carwin hit ??????????.That called Bone shattering power By a Doctor!!!


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