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Brandon Vera vs. Matt Hamill at UFC 101

Brandon Vera looks to make it two wins in a row and to extract some revenge as he will take on Matt Hamill at UFC 101 in Philadelphia August 8th. MMAMadness is reporting that both fighters have agreed to the match-up.

Hamill recently defeated Mark Munoz at UFC 96 via head kick in round 1 of their fight. Munoz shares a Filipino heritage with Vera and the two are close friends. The win was the second in a row for Hamill after he was defeated by Rich Franklin via third round TKO at UFC 88 last September. Hamill was a contestant on season three of The Ultimate Fighter and has superior wrestling skills, although he has more or less relied on an improved striking game over the course of his past few fights. He will be at a decided disadvantage when it comes to striking against Vera who is known for his vicious Muay Thai striking skills.

Vera has been up and down since dropping to the light heavyweight division in July of 2008. He is 2-1 thus far and until his last fight has not looked impressive at all. He recently defeated Mike Patt at UFC 96, utilizing leg kicks and causing the fight to be stopped early in the second round. Vera looked better than he had in all of his fights as a light heavyweight and a win over Hamill could put him back in the mix as a legitimate contender.

UFC 101 has not been officially given a location although it is believed that the event will be held at the Wachovia center in Philadelphia. The main event is scheduled to be for the lightweight title as champion BJ Penn takes on number one contender Kenny Florian. This will be the first time the title has been defended since UFC 84 in May of 2008. Other bouts rumored for the card include former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin taking on Thiago Silva, a lightweight match-up featuring Kurt Pellegrino and josh Neer as well as WEC import Danillo Villefort taking on Miletich fighter Jesse Lennox.

  • KTru says:

    Saw this fight pan out after UFC 96. Interesting as it may be, both are still far from any contention, regardless of the outcome.
    In my opinion………..

  • Rich S. says:

    If Brandon can fight this one like he did his last one, it might end up like Franklin/Hamill did.. otherwise, he’s going to get layed on for 3 rounds..

  • Angry Mike says:

    Hamill has tremendous advantages in strength and wrestling. If he’s smart he takes Vera down and beats him senseless, which Vera isn’t strong enough to prevent. If Hamill isn’t smart, he tries to outstrike the superior striker and ends up face down on the mat. My bet is that Hamill overestimates his striking and winds up ko’d.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I hope Brandon Vera kicks his head clean off his shoulders.

  • RU486 says:

    Everyone is completely overlooking the fact that Brandon Vera was a Div. I wrestler at Old Dominion, and then for Air Force. In comparison, Hamill was a two time National Champion for Rochester Tech., but you must keep in mind that was for Div. III. I’m not discrediting Hamills wrestling by any means, but being an average Div. I wrestler impresses me more than a Div. III Champion.

    Point in fact, Vera broke his hand in the first round with Tim Sylvia, but using his wrestling was able to “hang on” to a 6′ 8″ 265 lb. giant for 25 minutes and keep from absorbing any real damage. I somehow don’t see Hamill doing that. But the truth is, his Muay Thai is so impressive that he rarely has to rely on his wrestling.

    I don’t see Hamill having the standup to stand a minute with Vera, and if he does shoot, he’s likely to catch a couple of knees to the grill before being stuffed. If Hamill is able to complete the transaction, he will be on the ground with a legitimate BJJ brown belt. I see it being a long night for Hamill.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Could be interesting. I pick Vera to stuff and stand to victory.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t care where either of them wrestled in college. Hamill is thicker and more muscular and is much stronger. Vera is tall and rangy, which gives him a reach advantage, but that won’t help if Hamill takes him down and has top position.


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