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Frank Shamrock holds tryouts for fight team, standout Victor Cheng awarded Strikeforce contract

Following tryouts that were held at Frank Shamrock‘s most recent training facility in San Jose, California, six up and coming fighters made the cut, and were officially added to Shamrock’s growing fight team.

The tryouts were sponsored by TapouT and were open to professional fighters in a variety of different combat sports. Over forty fighters from all over the world showed up to have a chance to join Shamrock’s fight team, and more importantly, the chance at a Strikeforce contract.

“The tryouts were a great success; I liked the entire group of athletes that tried out and was very impressed with their skills. The skill level of the average fighter has definitely gone up considerably in the past few years, allowing me to add some phenomenal new talent to my team. I’m also very excited to be one of the first MMA coaches to award a Strikeforce contract at fight team tryouts.” said Shamrock.

The eventual winner of the Strikeforce contract was middleweight Victor Cheng, who had traveled all the way from Sweden for a chance on the team. The Swedish standout was able to impress all of the judges with his level of conditioning, striking and ground game.

A full list of the newest members of Team Shamrock are as follows: Victor Cheng, Floyd Nazereno, Nick Gennoe, Allen Stevens, Nicholas Eric Marcus and Christian Barber


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