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Dana White responds to reports of Affliction’s plans to counter-program UFC 100

If Affliction Entertainment is looking to create a sense of panic from the UFC regarding reported plans to counter-program UFC 100 on July 11, it would appear they will need to do a little more to rattle the cage of UFC President Dana White. submitted a request for comment to White via text message Sunday afternoon seeking his response to reports that Affliction is looking to go head-to-head on July 11 with one of the most historic cards in UFC history.

White responded to our request via voicemail and didn’t sound concerned in the least about Affliction’s plans.

“How do I feel about them trying to counter-program UFC 100?,” White began his statement, before continuing, “I love it. I fucking love it. I love it. I don’t like these guys and I want to see them spend more of their t-shirt money. What they should be worrying about is — they’ve already seen first hand that nobody gives a shit about Affliction MMA — what they need to starting worrying about is nobody wants to wear their goofy fucking clothes anymore either. The fad is over and they better start saving as much of that t-shirt money as they can.”

  • paddiosf says:

    Dana is the Man, he isnt fazed by Affliction plans, I can care less about seeing Fedor and Barnett vs seeing 2 title Bouts..Please I hope they do it.It’ll be the end of them throwing events..Plus Fedor isnt fighting Barnett and what are they going to do just keep matching up the same fighters…

  • s00nertp says:

    Affliction has a challenge, that is for sure. I am a fan though, me and a few buddies watched the incredible performance Fedor had vs Arlovski.

    I really enjoyed that night of fights, and that is what I want as an MMA fan. I am looking forward to as many events as Affliction can pull off. I wish them the best success.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The sad thing about this is that Affliction might have succeeded with a business model that made sense. They could have signed their fighters for less money. They could have marketed themselves and their events better. They could schedule their next event at a time that enhances their ppv and their gate. I’m no MMA business insider, but it seems to me that they’ve made one bone-headed mistake after another. Too bad.

  • infosec-cynic says:

    MMA is still a growing market, and is still kinda in the niche area. So its a smaller pie in some sense. The UFC in its own right is realising its not big enough to accommodate all the talent in all the weight classes at the moment.

    Other organisations should try complimenting the UFC, either by having different weight divisions or by being the place where fighters go before / after life in the UFC. Over time, this will allow proliferation and growth of MMA overall. Then, once the audience reaches a critical mass, it will make a lot more sense to go head to head against the UFC with your own MMA offering.

    Just my 2pence (or cents if you’re on the other side of the pond from me)

  • RU486 says:

    Good call Infosec – As long as fledgling companies take shots at UFC, the sport is destined to be fracture into tiny bits the way that boxing is. Smaller organizations should support the UFC and learn from their business model. I commend Coker and Strikeforce for that reason – and Dana has never said a derogatory thing related to Coker and the organization. I believe Strikeforce will prosper for the very reasons you stated, by coexisting with the UFC and being a training ground, and retiring ground for fighters past their time that want to go out respectfully.

    Wamma is a nice idea, but until the UFC is onboard, I’m sorry to say that the alliance means nothing.

  • Aussie_MMA says:

    Dana White may say he’s not worried about affliction But as long as they have Fedor , Barnett, Sylvia and Arlovski (all of which are in the Heavyweight Top 10) they will continue to sell out arenas and make plenty of PPV buys and those fans have to come from somewhere!!

  • JayTrain says:

    I really have no opinion of Affliction as a promoter, I feel like they can do whatever they want. But I like the Affliction apparel. I own several of their t-shirts and I think the their designs are pretty amazing. Dana called them “goofy” and stated that the fad is over and nobody wears it anymore. I actually like the clothes regardless of the promotion!

    How does everyone feel about the clothing? I don’t want to be “out of style”!!!!!!!

  • Shinning Light says:

    Wow! Dana said that? I expected him to say how much he loves their clothes and how the Affliction promotion is awesome and how Fedor is p4p the best fighter in the world.
    Oh no…sorry I was expecting an honest, objective opinion. SILLY ME!.

  • mikejj says:

    Grow up ppl!

    Dana is a business man…if he would admit that Fedor is the best p4p hw in the world he would only put more pressure on him to sign this guy.

    What do u think m1 global would ask for, if he admits it? Last time they wanted him to build a stadium in russia…

    Besides Fedor, Affliction is >>>>(from the UFC’s standpoint)<<< very thin, no matter how excititng those fights may be (Barnett vs Yvel) …what do they have?

    Sylvia? UFC has-been..trying to make it in boxing now, what else?
    Arlovski? UFC has-been, aslo trying to make it in boxing now, else?
    Yeah Barnett, Mr. i-have-never-been-an-UFC-Champ-because-of-Steroids…
    …what do u think will happen after Fedor stomped him?
    Boxing or back to japanese pro wrestling?
    Vitor and Lindland both UFC has-been’s…

    MY VIEW is Fedor vs Josh must be next, Sylvia, boring and finished, good luck with boxing…though NJ doesn’t want the fight, AA still good material only the stage is too small…what can he do after losing to Fedor? Boxing or change the promotion. Belfort looked nice and Lindland the opposite.

    Most ppl are already annoyed with Afflictions clothing line and their promoting is a joke…Too many cooks spoil the broth. Afflicition with two offices contradicting the others statements + Trump + Golden Boy…

    Hope they go against ufc 100…good ridance…

    or they pull shit togehter, get rid of the stupid commentators, broaden their fighter stable while lowering fighter payment, look for even more partners and sponsors, maybe strike a deal with cbs or something…

  • Shinning Light says:

    Mikejj most of the fighters you named there are top 10 according to this site. So you are saying top 10 fighters are has-beens that suck…is that right?. Fine you don’t like the clothing but come on if the clothing sux no one will buy it and I think the sales are doing just fine. Like you said, Dana is saying what he saying because he is the competition not because he believes it. In future if you want to know what Dana thinks of any competition whatsoever ask me and I’ll tell you that he thinks they suck, or at least that is what he’ll say. He’s so predictable it’s boring.


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