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5 Oz. of Pain of FOX Fight Game: The End of “Greasegate” President and Founding Publisher Sam Caplan was a guest on this week’s edition of’s FOX Fight Game with host Mike Straka.

Caplan was a part of a panel that included Danielle Schatz, Marcus Mera of, and John Moody of

Below is Round 1 of this week’s episode, in which the panel discusses the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision to take no further action against Georges St. Pierre and his corner in regards to alleged infractions that took place at UFC 94.

  • s00nertp says:

    GSP could have been greased up like a pig. I dont see how that would make a difference. Grease doesnt affect punches hitting you in the head. That was BJ Penn’s real problem in the ring.

    If the greasing happened before, how come it wasnt recorded before?

  • skwisgaar says:

    I’m glad they decided to take no further action. However, I’m also glad this was brought to light. Though I think GSP would have won the fight anyway (and I’m a Penn fan), the publicity around “greasegate” will hopefully ensure that future fights will be that much more fair and rule abiding.

  • Shinning Light says:

    I just thought I would leave a post saying that nobody knows if GSP would have won without the greasing, no one knows if certain fighters would win with or or without steroids, but the point is that it gives an unfair advantage to one fighter and that is cheating! so don’t try and say that it was OK just because you THINK (or guess!) GSP would have won anyway.


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