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5 Oz. of Pain of FOX Fight Game: Is Affliction going head-to-head with the UFC suicide? President and Founding Publisher Sam Caplan was a guest on this week’s edition of’s FOX Fight Game with host Mike Straka.

Caplan was a part of a panel that included Danielle Schatz, Marcus Mera of, and John Moody of

Below is video of the panel dissecting Five Ounces of Pain’s recent report that Affliction is considering going head-to-head with UFC 100 on July.

  • Angry Mike says:

    The answer to the question is “yes.”

  • Cathedron says:

    I agree with the panel in calling this a kamikaze move.

    I can’t believe anyone at Affliction is that dumb.

    Or are they?

    What if all this talk about going head to head with UFC 100 is just to gain attention? Everyone gets talking about Affliction and then they announce a show a week or two after the UFC. Hmm. I wavered a little on this, but I’m going back to my original stance that this ain’t gonna happen.

  • notdanawhite says:

    the reason affliction does this is for the nearly free ( or perhaps “priceless”) publicity it generates. they don’t even have to put on a show, and the Affliction name is one of the hottest topics in MMA news. they get their brand out there in a rouge maverick way, that serves their product and customers well. everytime an MMA commentators lips move, a few more Affliction shirts are sold.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I’m not buying the “free publicity” angle because most people are saying that such a move is idiotic. Not all free publicity is helpful. For example, if Tom Atencio walked down the Vegas strip in nothing but a thong and high heels, he’d get lots of publicity, but it wouldn’t help Affliction. It’s equally unhelpful to suggest you’re going head to head with UFC so people call you dumb. The “throng stroll” would be better because people would think he’s nuts, but it would cost less money.


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