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UFC could look to host UFC 101 in Philadelphia

The UFC is looking east for a change as officials from the organization are thinking about having Philadelphia play host to UFC 101. is reporting that the UFC is looking at the Wachovia Center as a destination for the yet-to-be announced pay-per-view believed to be scheduled for August 8. It appears previous plans to host UFC 101 in Portland, Oregon have fallen through.

UFC 101, which is expected to feature Randy Couture taking on Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in a battle of former UFC heavyweight champions as well as former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin making his return from a hand injury as he goes up against Thiago Silva.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it seems as very likely that UFC 101 take place somewhere on the East Coast, which would mark the first time the UFC has promoted an event in the region since UFC 78 in November of 2007 in Newark, New Jersey.

Pennsylvania recently became the latest state to legalize the sport of MMA when they passed the law into regulation on February 27. The whole process took almost 18 months but it couldn’t have come at a better time for fans of the sport and residents of the state, as the UFC brings in much needed tax revenue into any city it holds an event in.

While nothing has been reported or confirmed another bout that could make its way on to the card would be a lightweight title fight between B.J. Penn and Kenny Florian, who hails from Massachusetts. The two fights already booked are both worthy of main event status and could be augmented by additional stars with ties to the region. The UFC generally looks to book local fighters as often as possible and would look to capitalize on such stars as Josh Koshcheck, Brian Stann and Mac Danzig.

Koscheck wrestled for Edinborough University, Stann grew up in Scranton and is married to a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, while Danzig hails from Pittsburgh. It is also possible that the promotion could look to sign several top local prospects to make their debuts on the undercard.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Has anyone cleared this fight with BJ’s Mom? I know I’ve been told that the Penn v. St Pierre saga is “parachute pants” – way past yesterday’s news, but for the life of me, I can’t understand how a guy can have his Mom make a statement to the NSAC in THIS sport and everybody gives him a pass.
    LaDanian Tomlinson said on the radio about his Mom making statements defending him on the radio: “It’s your Mom, and she’s always going to defend you, like when you’re a little kid and you get pushed down in the street. But when she comes out, you say “Mom – what are you doing out here on the street?” and you make her go back inside.

    So I must know: Will BJ’s Mommy be meeting with the Pennyslvania State Athletic Commissioner to make sure he will be directly responsible for Bubby’s safety while him is fighting with that mean, elbowy Kenneth Florian? Will she insist on having a parent meeting before the fight? Will BJ show up for the presser with a permission slip pinned to his shirt from his Mommy with a special note that “her wuvs her BJ” and that he is “Mommy’s special boy”?

    I just can’t let this slide, people.

  • KTru says:


  • giftofjab says:

    First off, Guy you are one funny SOB! LOL

    Second, I really, really, really hope this is true. I am already THERE if it is. :)

  • Broncos1998 says:

    Guy – Classic comment. Hilarious. I could not agree more. The best thing about the whole ‘Greasegate’ mess is that it appears that the NSAC is not going to do anything substantive about it. Penn and his ‘lawyer’ are in a tizzy. That is the icing on the cake.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Any info about why Portland fell through? Team Quest is there, and they have Sport Fight productions in Portland fairly regularly. Can’t be a hostile enviroment for MMA.

  • slayer6 says:

    ok, enough about BJ. im tired of hearing his ass whine. its funny how he trash talks his way up to the fight, then cries after the fight. he is a very talented fighter, but his attitude makes me hate him.

    but for the idea of the UFC coming to PA, im pumped! ive attended two UFC events, both in Columbus, and i definately would consider paying another 200$ to see this card. im glad the sport is expanding its availibility to its fans, imagine what MMA will be like in 20 years.

  • s00nertp says:

    +1 for being tired of Greasegate.

    +1 for already buying a ticket in Phili. Please make this a better card than UFC “worst card in history” 78.
    (PS: I hate Evans which prob explains a little as well. I was more excited about the undercard than the fights, except maybe Karo)


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