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Floyd Mayweather could also look to take on UFC 100

A new published report indicates that Floyd Mayweather Jr., who retired in December of 2007 as the undefeated pound-for-pound king of boxing, has possible designs on coming out of retirement.

And according to’s Dan Rafael, a potential date being discussed for Mayweather’s return is Saturday, July 11, which just happens to be the same date that the UFC has scheduled for its historic UFC 100 event.

Rafael states in his report that HBO has earmarked July 11 as a scheduled date for that month’s edition of “World Championship Boxing” and that Mayweather’s camp has inquired about the possibility of fighting on the show.

Talks of Mayweather’s return are still considered to be in the preliminary stages and a potential opponent remains uncertain. However, Rafael’s article indicates that Mayweather could be willing to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, or the winner of an upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. broke the news yesterday that Affliction Entertainment is now engaged in exploratory talks to go head-to-head with UFC 100. If Affliction was able to finalize a deal to air its third event on network or basic cable television coupled with Mayweather’s return to boxing also being finalized for July 11 on HBO, UFC 100 would face some stiff competition in trying to attract male PPV buyers between the ages of 18-34.

  • RU486 says:

    I don’t understand why all of these fight promotions feel they need to compete for viewers on specific dates. It would be much more economically sound to hold their events on different dates. I for one don’t want to have to choose between Affliction and UFC 100. I would normally purchase both, if they were on different dates, but running them simultaneously would force me to choose 1. Therefore one organization would be losing out. I somehow don’t think Affliction can compete with UFC 100. They should set a date a week later or something.

  • boone179 says:

    let them try,mma is my #1,IMO,so a ppv boxing is out for me.UFC or Affliction?I would want to watch the main event live if fedor was fighting.If not then no ? i would be watching the whole ufc event and just catch the others later.I think it would take both events to put a dent in the ufc ppv buys.

  • Angry Mike says:

    A couple of points. First, the fact that everybody in a combat sport wants to compete with UFC establishes that UFC is the king of the hill. If they’re trying to feed Dana White’s ego, they’re succeeding. Second, assuming that Mayweather knows of the UFC date and wants to compete with UFC, he appears to concede that MMA is ascendant and that boxing is on the schnide. You don’t have to compete unless the other guy is competitive. Finally, if a big name like Mayweather performs badly as compared to UFC, the entire sport of boxing looks weak. Why spend money to establish that you’re second or third best?

    This is a bad idea for Mayweather, especially if he’s making business decisions with his pride and ego rather than his common sense.

  • XEROKOOLv1 says:

    Great point Mike! Also it has been rumored that the potential 3rd event for Affliction would be on cable tv for free and not a PPV so there would be no need to pick which to buy. IMO, UFC is going to OWN the night if they all go head to head. Floyd Mayweather needs to cut the Brett Farve act and just STAY RETIRED! He will probably, if the fight goes h2h with UFC, end up talking about boxing being superior to MMA knowin damn well he is TOO SCARED to step foot in an MMA ring, or octagon for that matter, because he would get his head kicked off.


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