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Jake Shields wants a fight with Shinya Aoki

With the dearth of welterweights current in Strikeforce, former EliteXC champion Jake Shields has decided to look outside the promotion for his next welterweight opponent. The guy Shields would like to fight after his middleweight battle with Robbie Lawler in Japanese star Shinya Aoki.

“Aoki is a guy I’d like to fight, and Strikeforce has mentioned him as a potential opponent,” Shields said.

Originally, Shields was very close to squaring off with former UFC fighter Joe Riggs. That was not a fight Shields wanted to have.

“Personally, I was never really excited about it,” Shields said. “I said I would do it because I’ll fight anyone they want, but the fight doesn’t get me too excited.”

Strikeforce has also talked about another possibility down the line for Shields.

“Strikeforce has brought up the name of Frank Trigg,” Shields said.

Trigg and Shields have had a war of words through various forums that has gone on for a few years. The two have never faced each other, and each fighter has mentioned the other when asked why the fight has not taken place.

  • Dayzah says:

    This guy is turning into all mouth , he calls out GSP , Fitch and Hughes etc … And always talks about how hes wants/going too join the UFC so he can really test himself against the best 170’s in the world .. But constantly takes shitty fights , all talk imho but then again what do you expect from someone that trains with Nick Diaz…

    Aoki? Please get a grip.

  • AlwaysRelaxing24 says:

    Wow, he is calling out a natural Lightweight. I think we have seen with GSP/Penn 2, and to a lesser extent….. Fitch/Sanchez & Thompson/Alvarez (as examples)….. That there is a reason for weight classes.

    Shields is wasting away his prime in an organization that he really has no business being in.

  • ultmma says:

    I think its good that Shields is thinking out side the box with his up coming fights. Unless he signs with the UFC there is no way he moves up the WW ladder

    Alves, GSP, Fitch are all ahead of him, . Shields is on the same level as Alves and Fitch. the problem is the rest of top 170 pound guys are in the UFC.

    with the Lawler fight you get to see how he would do against a big striker and the Aoki fight would test his grappling ability

  • DumbOut says:

    Shields has another fight left on his contract so he cant go to the UFC now I beleive? I also imagine Strikeforce is courting him pretty heavily to stay with them. Given the circumstances, I think fights like the Lawler and Aoki ones are a good idea. I think Aoki would get beat because of the size and rule differences though.

  • kidneybeans says:

    Is it just me or does this guy look like he just stepped out of an F-16 aboard the U.S.S. Pretty Boy? I guess it’s just that haircut that reminds me of Goose from Top Gun.

    Anyway, I would love to see him fight Aoki and hopefully get choked out. I don’t loike him and I don’t know why, I’m usually a big fan of jiu-jitsu guys.

  • kidneybeans says:


  • Joseph says:

    Jake Shields is great!

    A fight between Aoki and Shields would be a really good WW bout, since they are both Shooto WW champs, and is a fight that Jake has been wanting for a while.

    I love how people hate Shields because he wants to fight the best fighters he can. I guess he should keep his moutch close and duck fighters like others do.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    When I watch Shields fight, I see a man that has not tested himself. I believe that he will have a hard time against a physical gritty Riggs. Shields is confident which is alright, but the proof is in the pudding…and shields has not even picked up a spoon yet.

  • dpk says:

    Shields is just involved in a bad contract right now. I’m sure as soon as he is free from the EliteXC/Strikeforce situation he will find his way to UFC. Shields v Aoki would be be a sick BJJ demonstration, but Jake would be too big for him and wear him down.

  • crantis says:

    Aoki would submit him with something disgusting. I agree that the UFC should sign sheilds, I would like to see him fight Condit. Or, the UFC could collaborate with Strikeforce to unify the titles. GSP V. Sheilds would be a mismatch but, it would be exciting, sell alot of tickets, and be fun to watch. Dana White would never go for it. He has been so crucial in the UFC’s development, he has been brilliant with marketing, management, and defied the odds with his production of the UFC. But, he is so adament about maintaining a monopoly in the MMA industry that the fans end up not seeing some of the possible match-ups.

  • obamasaidknockyouout says:

    A bit off topic:

    I do not understand the Shields-Lawler matchup at all. Why put your best middleweight and welterweight against each other with absolutely zero buildup? The damage to either guy’s rep with a loss is greater than the possible gains. Hopefully, this is not a signal of the type of matchmaking that Strikeforce is going to do in the future. Lawler should be fighting Villasenor.

  • J.P. says:

    Shields has proven that he can take on the big names and big talent. He’s obviously not going to the UFC in the next couple of fights so he’s attempting to line up even more legitimate opponents. Damn, he’s already beaten Daley, Thompson, Okami, Sakurai, and Condit. It’s hard to count him out of any fight.

  • BigDave says:

    Sheilds is a mouth piece all he does is talk. he calls out guys that would clearly beat him like a prison bitch then takes fights that show people nothing in respect to him being a real contender at WW.

    By the way im hoping Lawler ko’s him and Aoki chokes him till he is sleeping.


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