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Parisyan suspended nine months; UFC 94 win overturned

John Morgan of was in Las Vegas to report on UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan’s appeal hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding a suspension for testing positive for prescription pain killers following his UFC 94 decision victory over Dong Hyun Kim in January.

According to Morgan, NSAC has formally suspended Parisyan for nine months and has issued a 40 percent fine of his purse coming out of UFC 94. The long-time UFC veteran received a total of $80,000 for his win over Kim with $40,000 coming in the form of a guarantee and the other $40,000 being paid as a win bonus. Based on the percentage assessed to Parisyan’s disclosed payout, his fine will total $32,000.

Additionally, the NSAC board of commissioners has overturned Parisyan’s split decision victory over Kim and declared the official result of the bout a no contest. As a result, Parisyan’s record has been reduced from 19-5 to 18-5. Meanwhile, Kim’s undefeated record will be restored as he is now 11-0-1.

It was first reported on Feb. 10 that Parisyan had tested positive for the presence of hydrocodone, hydromorphone and oxymorphone in his system. Initially, Parisyan claimed he disclosed to NSAC before his fight that he had taken the prescribed medications prior to his fight but NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer contradicted that statement and claimed that Parisyan only disclosed his use of the medications until after his fight and only once he was instructed he had to undergo a random post-fight drug screening.

According to Morgan’s report, NSAC representative felts that the high level of pain killers in Parisyan’s system — 3,551 ng/mL of oxymorphone and 4,654 ng/mL of hydrocodone — possibly gave him an unfair advantage in his fight vs. Kim by increasing his tolerance to pain.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I’ll defer to any fighters out there, but I don’t see how pain killers would help Parisyan fight. They depress the central nervous system and it seems they’d make him lethargic or woozy. I wonder if they helped calm his nerves.

  • KTru says:

    Makes him feel less pain…..

    Good to see they overturned the fight, Kim did win it.

  • GetItOn says:

    This is total BS. I’m not a very big Parysan fan but NSAC will overturn a win based on pain killers and not steroids? I know they were looking to change the rules on this and hopefully all fights from here on out will be overturned if any drugs are used. Seriously though, pain killers? Whatever I guess.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    shits weak. NSAC has shit-for-brains to overturn the victory. even their doctors will tell you it does more harm than good for a fighter, and this substance was approved before the fight.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    “and this substance was approved before the fight.”

    Did you even read the article? Karo didn’t divulge anything until after the fight in a “Oh, by the way, IF my piss comes back blah blah blah” manner.

    And what does it matter if it’s changed to No Contest?

  • Goomba says:

    They seem to randomly pick which fights to overturn. They need a consistent base saying if a fighter wins with an illegal substance, the fight will (or will not) be overturned.

    Although, in this case I can’t complain because I felt Kim won the fight anyway. Seems justice is (almost) served for Kim.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Karo is an arrogant person and maybe he needs to be humble. Did anyone check out his after fight interview on MMA Live recently? He is still a jerk to everyone and continues to believe he is one of the top fighters in the world. He used these pills because he believes he can do anything he wants because “Karo is the king of the planet”. My day has just gotton much better!

  • Cathedron says:

    Wow. I guess they are looking to make an example of him or something. I can’t help but agree with their ruling. After all, I wanted to see him suspended and fined just for being that boring. He basically just stalled his way to victory. It was the judo version of lay-n-pray. Hug-n-pray?

  • redgreen3b1 says:

    I have a bone disease and I take MS Contin. It’s like Oxycontin. I certainly would not gain any advantage in a fight. I really don’t think a professional could gain any advantage either.

  • redgreen3b1 says:

    I like Karo, but that DONG dude is an exciting fighter. His first fight in the UFC was fucking Awsome.

  • BigDave says:

    Good for the NSAC they overturned the decision due to pain killers which are banned substance bottom line it the right call.

    Besides in my opinion Kim easily won that fight anyway and got screwed on the decision so all is right now.

  • mu_shin says:

    There was discussion at the time of the fight that Parisyan had been recovering from a hamstring tear. I thought I remembered reading that the commentators thought he still showed hematomas on one of his legs where he’d been injured.

    I believe in this case Parisyan was using pain killers just to allow him to enter the octagon and fight. If you’ve ever torn a hamstring, it is a whole new experience of pain. Agree with the comments above, opiate derivatives offer no performance enhancing qualities, but for a fighter hobbled with a torn biceps femoris, it could allow him to at least perform at some minimal level, as Karo did that evening. I thought at the time that Kim had done enough to win, but it was not a clear cut decisive victory.

    As a pro fighter, I just have to assume Parisyan needed the payday, and did what he thought he had to do to make it into the ring. Now he forfeits a good part of his purse, has the victory stripped from his record, and cannot fight for a further nine months. Good logic there, Karo…

  • PlagueAngel says:

    To what I said before, I believe Karo thinks he is the “king of the UFC”. He believes he can say and do whatever he pleases. Look at MMA Live and Ultimate Fighter and the way he made a fool of himself on TV. His arrogance bleeds all over everyone on a professional level of the sport. It makes me crazy angry that people put him in their top 10 welterweights when he clearly is not in shape and barely wins against newer fighters. His arrogance comes into the ring and he believes because he is “Karo the veteran” that he will win. The pills is just the beginning, we will see a meltdown on camera in no time. He almost had a meltdown on ESPNs MMA Live for christ sakes…and he won the fight!


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