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Kimbo Slice has his sights set on boxing career

According to comments attributed to Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in a new interview with The Nassau Guardian, Slice could be set to embark on a professional boxing career soon rather than later.

Ferguson expressed to reporter Dahalia Smith that he could be ready to make the transition from MMA to boxing as soon as he has fulfilled the remaining two fights on his existing MMA contract, which is currently property of the San Jose-based Strikeforce promotion following a recent acquisition of select assets from ProElite.

“… I have two more MMA fights scheduled before this year is out,” Slice is quoted as saying, without specifying which organization those fights will take place with. “Every fighter and athlete knows that you should not switch camps in the middle of something. Also, I train in Florida. My MMA trainer will also be training me for stand up boxing. Finishing up my contract would allow me to be a free agent.”

It is believed that under the terms of Slice’s old contract with ProElite, that he was precluded from competing in boxing without expressed permission. As such, he would likely need to satisfy his current contractual obligations before transitioning to pro boxing.

As it stands now, Slice is currently not slated to compete for Strikeforce as negotiations between the two sides have reached a stalemate in recent weeks. While Strikeforce cannot legally force Slice to fight for the organization, Slice legally cannot compete for another organization since Strikeforce holds ownership of his promotional rights.

Despite a 3-1 record and becoming one of the most recognizable names in all of MMA, it would appear Slice’s true passion is for the “sweet science” of boxing.

“Boxing is really my first desire,” Slice revealed. “I have a lot of love for it and believe I can do pretty well. [The sport of] MMA is somewhat of a project for me. Boxing is one dimensional while there are a lot of dimensions in MMA. I don’t think it would be a hard transition from MMA to stand-up boxing because of my fighting style.”

In addition to believing that his strengths are better suited for boxing, there are some aspects of MMA that have apparently caused Slice to become disillusioned with the sport.

“… MMA training is extremely hard,” Slice is quoted as telling Smith. “When you consider martial arts training, you have to prepare for kicks to the head and legs, and opponents wanting to grapple and throwing you to the ground, pounding you with their knees and hands, whereas in boxing you just have to be prepared to weave and bob although the training can be just as intense. At this point in my career, I want to take that same drive and focus that I invested in MMA and put that into training for pro-boxing cards.”

It would also appear that Slice’s ill-fated showdown with Ken Shamrock this past October that resulted in Shamrock pulling out the day of the fight due to injury with Slice ending up getting TKO’d by last-minute replacement Seth Petruzelli caused him to sour even further.

“… In some cases, if you are too far advanced in promoting a MMA fight, anything can happen to the fighter. A fighter can get an injury, causing him to pull out of the fight; like Shamrock getting a cut above his eye and backing out at the last minute. That left me having to fight an opponent who I knew nothing about.”

  • KTru says:

    Hope he gets knocked out there too.

    He should just go away or actually try to be a fighter. But he will never train to be anything. It is in his persona, and in his life. EliteXC created a monster……..that scares no one.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    hopefully he does well in his last two mma fights and goes on to boxing, I have watched mma from the begining and nobody has taken as much heat as kimbo, he does not need to prove anything to us, if you dont like him dont watch. changing opponents at the last minute is never easy and everybody forgets seth beat lots of heavyweights even bob sapp so with his experience against a guy with no preperation the odds were all for seth. if kimbo goes to boxing i say good for him.

  • Cathedron says:

    I don’t see how he’d do better at boxing. Simply having powerful punches won’t be enough. I think he’s had too many people blowing sunshine up his skirt for too long. At his age, the only sport he’ll be successful at is beating up homeless people in his backyard. But at least he seems to be accepting that MMA isn’t for him. That’s good for everyone.

  • ihateemo says:

    It’s a shame, because if Kimbo had been built up as a solid undercard fighter instead of being hyped as a world-class fighter then he could have been a solid prospect.

    I think his own greed worked against him. Kimbo wanted big paydays, not to become a serious athlete or competitor and was happy when he was being fed shark bait like Bo Cantrell and James Thompson. He was trading on his Youtube fame and not his real value as a fighter. It’s telling that, now Strikeforce has his contract and they want him to take less money, he is talking about quitting MMA.

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    Kimbo got KO’ed by a very small heavy weight.

    I wonder if he will give Ray Mercer a rematch in Boxing?

  • BigDave says:

    Are we still talking about this bitch? Please stop reporting on this waste of space. He has zero talent and a glass jaw plus he is what 38 years old i think. He got his ass handed to him by a garbage mma fighter that was a wieghtclass lower then him what makes anyone think he is a viable fighter in any arena. Kimbo for your own good go back to beating up crackheads in the ghetto and go the fuck away.

  • jasonah says:

    Kimbo has realized that he is No where near Competeing against top level M.M.A fighters.What would happen if Kimbo Tangeled with a top level wrestler with good boxing?He would get destroyed.All his you tube success was just throwing punches,And knocking pepole out .When he Faced Sean Gannon he got his ass beat ,and his boy’s were crying that this was not a M.M.A match.He’s to old, to spend the years to become a ligit M.M.A fighter.He want’s to capitlize on his ten seconds of fame. Why would you not ? Every body is Famous for ten Seconds.Make the most out of it . Right………….


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