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Kim Couture to Fight on May Strikeforce Card

Kim Couture, the wife of former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Randy Couture, has been booked to fight on the May 16 Strikeforce card is scheduled to take place in the Seattle area.

AOL’s MMA Fanhouse reported the news based upon statements made by Couture herself on HDNet’s Inside MMA. No opponent has been announced thus far.

Couture is 1-1 in her short career and is more known for helping run the Xtreme Couture empire rather than being a fighter. Her last fight took place during a November Strikeforce event against Lina Kvokov. It was clear from the start that Kvokov wanted nothing to do with Couture, as Couture won easily via first round TKO.

Couture lost her debut in June of 2008 on a Banner Promotions event in Las Vegas that featured both MMA and boxing on the same card. She was battered and bloodied by Kim Rose but was able to continue fighting despite having suffered a broken jaw.

Also scheduled for the Strikeforce event in May is a main event pitting two former EliteXC champions against each, as former middleweight champion Robbie Lawler takes on former welterweight champion Jake Shields.

  • AlwaysRelaxing24 says:

    She should not be on the main card.

  • wardog says:

    She will be on the main card because of her name.

  • mmaking says:

    Your both wrong! She shouldn’t be fighting at all!

    I’m cheering for the opponent.

  • KTru says:

    Why does it matter if she is on or off or even fighting?
    If she has her fight aired, turn the channel.

  • Jackyl says:

    If they need a female fight for the main card then why wouldn’t they put her on? Some of you seem to forget that MMA is a business. The name recognition will help draw interest, and if she loses then that can give some name recognition to the winner. Crush can’t carry it forever.

  • Jackyl says:

    Who are any of you to say she shouldn’t be fighting? She obviously trains with Randy and does a lot of work in the gym. If she wants to get in the cage and try her skills then so be it.

  • Orwell says:

    I’ve got no problem with her fighting, she showed a lot of guts against Kim Rose, but the Lina fight was embarrassing for fans and fighters alike. Its not like there’s a lack of women at 135. Put her up against Sarah Kaufman or Kat Alendal and lets see how she goes.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Turn the channel…that is brutal. Cheers to that!

  • king mah mah says:

    @KTru- uh, “who cares?” Well obviously there are a lot of people that care and have expressed that in their posts. Just because “you” and “your” opinion disagree, doesn’t mean everybody else is wrong.

  • king mah mah says:

    Kim’s fight will air for the ratings. It’s that simple.

  • KTru says:

    Hey king…….

    Where did “who cares” come across my post?

    What the hell are you reading? You say the subliminal message in the Liddell article has him retiring and now you claim I say “who cares”?

    You have some sort of issue with me and make shit up to state your case. Relax there pal……

  • king mah mah says:

    @KTru- LMAO- hahaha, I knew i’d reel you in with that. Your statement did basically say who cares if she fights though.

    Your statement read “what does it matter if she is on or off or even fighting”, that basically says who cares. Don’t try to dance around your statement smart guy.

  • king mah mah says:

    @KTru- Your the one who needs to relax with your wanna be clever ways to call someone an ass that was in no way argumentative towards you. You relax PAL!

  • king mah mah says:


  • KTru says:

    “Basically”, “implying”, and all your other dumb remarks absolutely make no sense.

    My first response was in reply to the 3 posts before me, you moron. Why does everything have to be about you?
    With your idiotic statement in “reeling me in”, shows that your post was not intended for reason, instead for me to have a response. In which I complied, however, as I stated before. You really need to stop worrying on what I say.

    As for calling you an ass, you are spot on.
    And I am not your PAL, Friend!

  • KTru says:

    Thanks for telling me exactly what I mean in my own posts.
    Smart guy

  • GetItOn says:

    LOL I’m not your buddy guy…….

    As for the original reason for me being here in this post. I don’t believe Couture will be on the main card but who knows. I actually would like to see her fight regardless. Why not? She’s the wife of Randy Couture for god’s sake. Her last fight was a little one-sided but I was impressed with how she handled herself. She smelled blood and went for it. That Lina wanted nothing to do with Couture and kept turning her back to her. Clearly a case of inexperience. How many fights are starring females that night? I am going to guess two. Who would you rather see on the main card that is on the undercard anyway? Think about that one.


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