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5 Oz. Video Interview with Scott Coker: Strikeforce CEO talks DREAM matchups’s Jay Tan was on location in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday for a press conference hosted by Showtime and Strikeforce in anticipation of April 11’s “Shamrock vs. Diaz” event.

Tan and Strikeforce founding CEO Scott Coker discussed a variety of topics, including which fighter has been tapped to fill the fifth and final TV slot for Strikeforce’s upcoming April 11 debut on Showtime; possible matchups involving DREAM stars such as Hayato Sakurai and Shinya Aoki, and much more.

  • zeke123 says:

    I’m happy that Coker looks like he will be able to do what I hoped Afflction would with the talent in Japan.

    Fans everywhere win and the athletes win as well. Sure, its unfortunate when you let a fighter go to Japan and he gets hurt there but that’s the name of the game. It might hurt your company a bit but this flexibility and opportunity is very beneficial to the fighters, who very often get screwed.

    Coker knows his stuff enough to have floated his small organization through hard times. And now he has a CBS/Showtime TV deal and a few of EliteXC bigger names, a willingness to work to bring japanese stars here and allow his fighters to go make a buck if they can there, what’s not to like?


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