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5 Oz. Video Interview with Frank Shamrock: “Nick’s an easy opponent to pick on”’s Jay Tan was on location in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday for a press conference hosted by Showtime and Strikeforce in anticipation of April 11’s “Shamrock vs. Diaz” event.

Below is video of Tan interviewing Frank Shamrock regarding his game plan for Nick Diaz, thoughts on his adoptive brother Ken Shamrock’s suspension for steroids, how his contract status was affected by Strikeforce’s acquisition of select ProElite assets, and more.

  • screwface says:

    awesome , i never knew frank was such a great actor before. this is oscar worthy material. totally opposite of the frank shamrock weve all come to know over years. sorry but i dont buy it, so all the garbage you talked about your own brother to hype the fight past year or so is ok right? true or not, real classy 😉


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