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Jackson, Jardine, and Hamill all walk with 60K “Fight Night” bonuses at UFC 96

The Ultimate Fighting Championship handed out three “Fight Night” bonuses of $60,000 to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Keith Jardine, and Matt Hamill following the completion of its UFC 96 event held at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Jackson and Jardine both shared the award for “Fight of the Night” in recognition of their action-packed three round battle that featured several momentum changes and near-finishes. In the end, Jackson was declared the winner of the bout thanks in large part to two knockdowns of Jardine that he was responsible for.

Hamill received the award for “Knockout of the Night” in response to his devastating first round KO over former NCAA wrestling champion Mark Munoz at 3:53 of round 1.

Utilizing a quick sprawl that prevented Munoz from taking the fight to the floor, the more experienced Hamill was able to keep the fight standing where he was able to utilize his more polishedstandup. The end came when Hamill connected with a right head kick that immediately knocked Munoz unconscious.

The UFC also typically designates a “Submission of the Night” bonus but without a single submission finish on the 10-bout card, no fighters were eligible to receive the award.

  • Madmax says:

    Au Contraire, I’m sure one of the fights ended with a tap out from strikes. That’s not a submission?Not a classic sub, but a sub nonetheless. Maybe Dana playing semantics to save 60K?

  • Austin says:

    Madmax, its one big conspiracy.

    Anyway, they should have given a second KO bonus to Carwin, I’m pretty sure gonzaga shat himself.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I was fired up when Carwin rocked Gonzaga. I had some serious cash riding on the fight. I knew the fight would end in the first. I was surprised to see Carwin rocked, but was amazed how easy he got up with Gonzaga on top of him. Maybe Gonzaga should have used his “blackbelt skills” to hold him down.

  • JOe K. says:

    More an more there are less submission victories because fighters are becoming more afraid to take it to the ground and being a “boring (unmarketable)” fighter.

    Case and point: Koschek. Also, Anthony Johnson and Cain Valesquez apologizing for not being exciting enough after dominating their opponents

  • GetItOn says:

    JOe, I agree with you on the “More an more there are less submission victories” but I believe that boxing is really finally finding it’s way into MMA. You actually see more and more punches to the body lately which is a tell tale sign that people are really brushing up on their boxing. The great thing about this sport is that the guys that do have a ground game can clinch and take their opponent down. I know it’s obvious that this is not allowed in straight boxing events but you can clearly see the sport is still continuing to evolve into full MMA. I am always excited to see a new facet to the MMA game.

    Boxing has been around since the beginning but guys that can truly “box” are just now coming out of the woodworks. Case in point, look at Gray Maynard last night. Dude had some wicked combinations body and head. You don’t need heavy hands to beat someone. Just smarts and great technique. I’m excited to see other Wrestlers like Koscheck improve their standup skills. Jits practitioners as well. God I love this shit!

  • GetItOn says:

    Also I believe the apologies from such fighters as Koscheck and Johnson is a polite way of telling the fans “Hey, we’re busting our asses in here regardless of what you think you see!” Sometimes people need to hear an apology before they start to understand how unintelligent they really are. Also I believe that it really helps gain fans for that particular fighter. It really brings the fans down a notch and helps them understand that these guys are humans trying to put on a show and at the same time, not get their head knocked off.

    My thoughts when I hear an apology “Wow, this guy has really humbled himself just now after he put on an excellent show. I like this guy even more now than I did previous to this fight.”

  • AtlanticMMA says:

    Maynard’s boxing has drastically improved…I was in shock to see how well he was landing combinations and then moving back out of range controlling the pace of the fight. What are they doing over at Xtreme Couture???

    But yea i’m on board with fighter apologies…they know they’re supposed to be exciting but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. And it always makes me more of a fan of someone who acknowledges they have things to work on.


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