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After successful surgery, Joe Lauzon’s recovery timetable could be shortened

Joe Lauzon posted a blog Friday afternoon on his personal website in which he revealed that his recent knee surgery was a success and that he may be back in as little as six months as opposed to the original 12-14 month timetable that was originally reported.

Apparently the doctors were able to repair the meniscus instead of removing it. Lauzon also claimed that he had his ACL replaced and was given a “nerve block” for his entire leg.

Lauzon explained that he was given medication to make him comfortable and then given a shot to numb his entire leg, apparently 11 hours later his leg was still numb. He was prescribed percocets for the pain and was uncomfortable taking them as they made him tired and really messed him up. He has no intentions of taking them more than a few days.

As far as beginning his rehab the doctor told him to get moving as soon as possible and to try and put weight on his leg but to not go past a 90 degree angle while doing so. He start doing leg lifts as soon as he is able to and hopes to begin within the next day or so.

Lauzon said the past three weeks have been pretty rough not knowing what was going to happen. Now that the surgery is over he said it is like training for a fight and he has goals in mind and he will start working towards them.

The season five veteran of The Ultimate Fighter last fought in February at UFC Fight Night 17, recording an impressive second round submission victory over Jeremy Stephens. The win improved Lauzon’s overall MMA record to 18-4 overall and 5-1 in the UFC.

The Massachusetts native first rose to national prominence following his stunning upset first round knock out of former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver back in September of 2006. Lauzon’s only loss in the UFC was to current number one lightweight title contender Kenny Florian.

  • Dayzah says:

    Hey Joe , send me your left over percs… get well

  • mmaking says:

    I use to love Joe, now I can’t stand the kid. Over night he became this cocky, smack talking punk! Maybe it’s from hanging out with BJ. I hope he comes back 100% so doesn’t have any excuses. He is at best a gate keeper of the divison, the sooner he realizes that, the better. Florain out classed him and BJ will do the same.

  • 3OAM says:

    Lol @ the picture you guys chose for him.

    That’s fucking great!


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