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Dana White puts Kendall Grove on notice

While speaking to the USA Today on Wednesday, UFC President Dana White had some interesting comments when it came to the topic of Kendall Grove.

Grove who was the middleweight winner of season three of The Ultimate Fighter is 1-2 in his last three fights. He won a split decision over the late Evan Tanner last June and suffered consecutive first round knockouts to Patrick Cote and Jorge Rivera. He will fight Canadian Jason Day this coming Saturday at UFC 96 in Ohio.

White who is never at a loss for words went on record saying, “If Kendall loses this fight, he could be the first ever TUF winner that’s no longer in the UFC.”

White would technically be incorrect, as Travis Lutter, the middleweight winner of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter, became the first TUF winner to be released by the promotion. However, if Grove were to lose and be cut, he’d be the first “homegrown” TUF champion to have been dropped by the organization.

Either way Grove needs to not only win but put on an impressive performance as the UFC continues to try and trim the fat from its roster. Day is coming off a loss to Michael Bisping back in June of 2008 at UFC 85. That loss evened his record at 1-1 in the UFC. He had a successful debut just two months earlier at UFC 83 where he defeated Alan Belcher via first round TKO in front of his hometown Canadian fans.

  • mmaking says:

    I’m not at all suprised by Dana’s comments. Kendall has been a big dissapointment, especially when you compare him to past TUF alums, like Forrest, Diaz, Kos, Florian and Rashad.

    Coming off the Alan Belcher win, I really thought Kendall was finally going to realizing he’s true potential. He showed good kicks/knees, good stand up and showed some really good clinch and ground skills. Than two straight losses to Cote and Rivera. The Cote fight is nothing to feel sorry about, but the Rivera fight was a big step back for Kendall. He was KO’d by a average fighter.

    Kendall has all the tools to be a force at 185, but he is lacking the mindset to become a top contender. If he can develop that facet of the game, I can see him running through a lot of the top contenders at 185. He has the perfect body to give any opponent a tough time. Hes long, quick for a tall fighter, has good stand up, good submissions and a good base.

    Not many fighters can deal with a 6’6″ fighter. In the Cote, Rivera, and somewhat in the Tanner fight, he went away from using hes kicks to set up hes stand up. He needs to go back to that game plan. He really needs to exploit hes God given length advantage.

    Day is no joke, but I can see Kendall winning this one by utilizing his reach advantage both with his stand up and kicks/knees. I would hate to see Kendall released from the UFC. Its truly up to Kendall to decide wether or not that happens.

    Hopefully Kendall works his butt off to prove Dana and he’s critics wrong. I hope he comes out with a chip on his shoulder and finally shows UFC fans he deserves to stay.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Where does he train? For a while I know he trained with Tito/Team Punishment, but I don’t know if he still does. He needs to get with a serious striking coach who can help him to exploit his height and reach advantages.

  • Cathedron says:

    Yeah, I really think Grove’s problem may be his training camp. He has so much talent that I can’t understand why he hasn’t done better. And I really don’t understand why he hasn’t kept getting better. He’s too young to be plateau-ing so early. That could go back on his training camp as well. Good camps are the REASON that MMA keeps evolving so quickly.

  • wardog says:

    Grove got away from BJJ that is his problem. But that may be rectified as he is training with BJ Penn last I heard. He may be a “tall” fighter for 185 but he lacks power to stand and bang. His best wins have been by submission, but like alot of guys he has decided to stand it up. And that skinny little neck whips back easily!

  • cheard says:

    Kendall trains with BJ Penn in Hawaii. So I don’t see where someone can say anything about his BJJ

  • TerribleT says:

    Even if Grove wins this fight it is still going to be inevitable that the UFC is going to cut him sooner or later because he’s just not good enough to continue winning in their organization unless he gets a steady diet of 2nd tier fighters like Jason Day.

  • fightingwords101 says:

    1-2 in his last 3 fights, 5-2 in his previous 7. is this another article like saying Koscheck is on the slide b/c he got caught (by five ounce gloves)?… happens. it’s a fight. I think kendall’s tough, and he’s got what it takes.

    the UFC’s not exactly consistent about who gets cut and who doesn’t. Sakara b/c he’s Italian and they want the Euro audience has lost a bunch of fights (and is entertaining as all hell). Leben hit the skids and stayed on the radar. Pete Sell gets to be on the MAIN CARD this weekend…..Lindland gets cut for wearing a sportsbook t-shirt to the WEIGH-INS, Rampage commits a couple felonies and is up for a title shot if he wins this weekend. balogna.

  • Nate_Fury says:

    I actually hope Grove wins this fight against Jason Day, because I would love to see a future showdown between Kendall Grove and Micheal Bisping at 185.

  • Nate_Fury says:

    I actually hope Grove wins this fight against Jason Day, because I would love to see a future showdown between Kendall Grove and Micheal Bisping at 185.


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