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Greg Jackson responds to comments made by Dana White

Greg Jackson appeared as a guest on HDNET’s Inside MMA last Friday and responded to some comments that UFC President Dana White had made regarding the Vaseline controversy from UFC 94.

White released a statement to the Canadian Press last week saying that St. Pierre’s corner man Phil Nurse knew full well that he was rubbing grease on St. Pierre’s back while performing a breathing ritual in between rounds of the highly anticipated rematch with B.J. Penn. White went on to say that he truly believed St. Pierre had no knowledge and doesn’t think in any way shape or form that St. Pierre was trying to cheat.

Even though White’s comments weren’t specifically directed at him Jackson still defended himself and others who were in the corner that night. Jackson said everyone was entitled to their opinion but he doesn’t have to worry about what White had to say because he believes the truth is on his side. He also went on to say that officials from the Nevada State Athletic Commission rubbed the grease off after being made aware of the infraction on two separate occasions.

Jackson called White a friend and said he has a lot of respect for him but he does not agree with White’s point of view on that happened that night. He explained that Nurse had rubbed grease on St. Pierre’s face and started a breathing ritual that St. Pierre uses. Nurse did not wipe his hands free of the grease before rubbing a focal point in the middle of St. Pierre’s back and then going to his shoulders. According to Jackson, he believes Nurse would never intentionally cheat and that it was an honest mistake.

  • wardog says:

    I actually agree with Dana, especially the fact that you cannot just wipe vasoline off. Most fighters and teenage boys know that.

  • Bad jUjU says:

    I just have one question, who gives a yellow polka dotted flying F#$% any more? That horse is dead! Good God man don’t waste any more airspace with this s#$!

  • cere says:

    I agree with Jackson, that with two guys grappling and vaseline on the face, sweat and body contact will tend to leave both fighters with a film over most of their bodies. As much or more than any residue left over on the tips of Nurse’s fingers. BJ got beat down. He ought to man up and let it go.


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