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Lashley vs. Shamrock to co-headline March PPV featuring Roy Jones Jr.

A March 21 boxing and MMA hybrid pay-per-view event set to feature what is believed to be Roy Jones Jr.’s final match will also see former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley square off against former UFC Superfight Champion Ken Shamrock.

Luke Thomas of was the first to break the news earlier today and has since confirmed the news with the matchmaker for Jones Jr.’s Square Ring Promotions, Eric Bottjer.

“We have signed today Bob Lashley to fight Ken Shamrock on our March 21 pay-per-view card and are thrilled to have MMA’s newest sensation fighting one of the sport’s true legends,” Bottjer stated in an e-mail response to Five Ounces of Pain.

The event, which is titled “March Badness,” will headlined by Jones taking on Omar Sheika and will emanate from the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida.

Shamrock will look to win his second straight fight after having just recently defeated 300-plus pound super heavyweight Ross Clifton during a Feb. 13 co-promotion between Shamrock’s promotional company and the Wargods fight promotion.

Meanwhile, Lashley, a former standout wrestler on the NAIA collegiate level, will look to improve to 2-0 as a professional mixed martial artist after recording a first round TKO over Joshua Franklin during a Mixed Fight Alliance event this past December.

In addition to Lashley vs. Shamrock, additional MMA matchups will consist of former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson taking on one-time UFC heavyweight title challenger Jeff Monson while former WEC light heavyweight champion Doug “The Rhino” Marshall is set to face off with former UFC and EliteXC veteran Seth Petruzelli.

  • Jak says:

    The rest of this card looks okay, why ruin it with Shamrock? Add any other decent HW and let’s see what Lashley can actually do.

    I guess we can all hope for an injury moments before the fight.

  • KTru says:

    I foresee Shamrock cutting himself and Seth comes to the rescue again……..

    However this time, the huge black guy beats Seth….

  • GetItOn says:

    I don’t see how this is “ruined” with Shamrock. The guy can fight. He’s old but do not count him out.

  • elpiojo14 says:

    Shamrock is a popular. Lashley is well known to non MMA fans. People will pay to see Shamrock get destroyed by a WWE guy.

  • Jak says:

    Don’t count Ken Shamrock out? He’s out weighed by like 40 pounds and not a tubby 300 pound guy who’s never fought, but a collegiate wrestler who took less than a minute to dispatch of his first opponent.

    He’s 1-5 since ’05, his only win coming over a guy who looked like he’d never fought. Why should i not count out Ken Shamrock? Because he won some fights 10 years ago?

    Is there anything to support Ken Shamrock doing anything relevant lately to be able to win this fight?

  • Cathedron says:

    Aw, geez… I guess Lashley doesn’t want to take the Lesnar route and face real competition with his second fight. Whatever. I guess it’s not so bad. At this stage in his pro MMA career, Lashley really shouldn’t be facing top talent.

    Rest of the card looks really good. I may have to buy this if my cable company offers it.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    What a step back for both fighters. If Lashley wins… so what. If he loses, what a disappointment and embarrasment for him. He loses to a washed up has been. No disrespect to Ken Shamrock, but it’s the truth. This actually looks like a decent card, minus this fight.

  • RU486 says:

    After Lashley destroys Shamrock ala Tito 1, 2, &3, how long will it be before he’s called into the UFC for a Lesnar Lashley standoff? And when it happens (which it will) who wins that fight? I’d pay top dollar to see that fight in person, and most of America would too. Lashley is just like Brock in all aspects except for one – he has a better tan!

  • mu_shin says:

    Been watching the posts about Bobby Lashley the last few months, and read a few articles about him. While his first fight ended in under a minute, he looked pretty tough. He is another heavyweight in the Brock Lesnar mode, and I don’t just mean because of the WWE connection. He was a legit wrestler, looks to have similar physical potential as Lesnar, and has trained with some good camps in trying to learn this new sport.

    I remember arguing that Shamrock should consider his actions carefully before the Kimbo fiasco, and because of the posts surrounding that scenario, I’m of the opinion that Ken is a competent adult, he’s an experienced pro fighter, an MMA pioneer, and if he wants to get into the ring with a montster like Bobby Lashley, then he has that right.

    I think Lashley will in all liklihood smash Shamrock into next week, coming in at 265 to Shamrock’s 210-220, and will further marginalize a Hall of Fame career that has seen better days. Ken might have a shred of a prayer on the ground, as Mir did against Brock in the first fight, but it’s been a long time since Shamrock was in the kind of shape it would take to overcome a fighter like Lashley. Honestly, I wish Shamrock well, but think this could/should be his swan song.


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