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Dana White: “I don’t see any need for a rematch (between St. Pierre and Penn)”

While UFC President Dana White has voiced his feelings about the alleged infractions committed by the corner for Georges St. Pierre during his fourth round TKO victory over B.J. Penn at UFC 94, never has he been so vocal about his frustrations over the incident while appearing as a guest on “The MMAsh,” a nationally syndicated CBS Radio show hosted by “Carmichael Dave.”

White was asked whether he felt Penn’s complaints about allegations that St. Pierre’s corner applied Vaseline to his body were legitimate.

“I think it’s legit,” he responded. “I don’t think that B.J. will deny that he lost to GSP. But there’s nobody that watched that fight that can deny that the cornerman didn’t rub Vaseline on GSP.”

White sounded most frustrated by the fact that he felt there wasn’t even a need to commit such an act that would call St. Pierre’s dominance into question.

“What sucks about this is he didn’t need to do it! GSP was winning the fight,” White stated. “Even if you want to talk about the ground, GSP was winning the standup too… And the guy rubbed Vaseline on him.”

Loyal St. Pierre fans have come to his aid, claiming that the Vaseline issue is one that is moot since officials with the Nevada State Athletic Commission wiped him down after the first infraction was committed. White sees things a little differently.

“Let me tell you what,” he began, before continuing, “I’ve been in this business for a long time, man, and when you’re around the fight game and you bump into the cornermen or whoever, and you shake their hand and they got Vaseline on ’em… okay? They shake your hand and you’ got Vaseline on your hand and I’m like “[expletive]! The guy just got Vaseline all over my hand!

“It doesn’t come off your hand until you wash it with soap and water. You just don’t wipe Vaseline off with a towel… it doesn’t work that way. The stuff stays on you and you stay slippery and you stay greasy until you wash it off with soap.”

The UFC President also made it clear that he feels that what St. Pierre’s corner did was wrong and that it needs to be addressed.

“… The guy who is applying Vaseline to his face should not and cannot touch any other part of his body,” he said. “It’s illegal. It is absolutely illegal. And you see his cornerman rubs around his neck down onto chest, rubs his shoulders, then rubs his chest and back. That is 100 percent [expletive] illegal. Okay?

“In no way shape or form do I think Georges St. Pierre cheated or tried to do ‘this’ or  ‘that.’ But his cornerman absolutely, positively rubbed Vaseline on him and absolutely [expletive] knew he was doing it. So his cornerman needs to reprimanded and dealt with.”

Finally, White was asked by Carmichael Dave whether he felt the infractions were enough to warrant a third fight between the two.

“Like I said, my opinion of the fight is that this guy absolutely, positively rubbed Vaseline on him when he didn’t have to do it. He didn’t have to rub Vaseline on him; GSP was winning that fight. I don’t see any need for a rematch.”

  • Rich B says:

    Dana White, voice of reason. Wonders never cease.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I doubt BJ wants a re-match, either. He had no answer for GSP’s take downs and lost the stand up war decisively. White should have said that he doesn’t think a re-match is warranted, but that he’d be willing to listen to BJ if BJ thinks otherwise. That puts the burden on BJ to step up and lobby for a third fight if he thinks that vaseline was a factor. Imo, BJ doesn’t think that, and wouldn’t push for the third fight. End of controversy.

  • going4black says:

    “But there’s nobody that watched that fight that can deny that the cornerman didn’t rub Vaseline on GSP.”

    Wait… nobody can deny that he didn’t do it… so that would mean he didn’t do it, since we can’t deny that he didn’t do it? That’s a double negative is it not? Though I guess we understand what he meant…

    Nobody can deny that he did (rub vaseline) on GSP… Dana sure comes off as a rageaholic sometimes 😀

  • GetItOn says:

    BJ would fight GSP a third time guaranteed.

  • Cliff says:

    I was watching the fight between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbot ( Fight Network) and I noticed Bas Rutten rub Kimbos back after appling vasaline to his face. I would think Bas is a straight shooter and would not try to cheat, so I am going to say if HE can do that then I could see JSP having the same situation. I also like both fighters before anyone says I am just a BJ hater. I think he lost fair and square to JSP. It is just too bad that this has to hang on and take away from the fight it’s self. I think that there are many other people in the respective divisions that deserve a title shot and they should let them have a crack instead of matching these 2 up again.

  • aggmonster says:

    I lost a lot of respect for bj you lost you ran your mouth about gsp being a quitter with no heart. You threw in the towel and bj was dominated take your loss and move on. GO KENNY FLORIAN


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