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Brown vs. Faber rematch could headline first-ever WEC PPV in June

A rematch between current World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight champion Mike Thomas Brown and Urijah Faber, the man he took the title from this past November at WEC 36, has appeared inevitable for quite some time.

However, according to Dana White, the inevitable could be on the verge of becoming official. During an exclusive interview with the UFC president, he not only expressed his confidence that the fight is going to happen, but hinted that it could headline the WEC’s first-ever pay-per-view.

“I’m very confident its going to happen,” White said in an exclusive comment to KHTK radio in Sacramento while on location in Germany, where he was working to promote UFC 99. “… I’m very, very confident it’s going to be on pay-per-view…  (And) I’m very, very, very confident it will happen in Sacramento.”

White indicated the potential PPV is likely to be price pointed at $39.95.

While Brown vs. Faber II has yet to be finalized, all signs point to a June date at the Arco Arena in Faber’s hometown of Sacramento, Calif., a story that this reporter first broke two months ago.

Several hurdles, such as Faber’s impending free agency, must be overcome before the matchup can become official. However, a contract resolution is expected soon, as Faber’s management will be in Columbus, Ohio this week for UFC 96.

Faber is managed by the same group that manages UFC light heavyweight Mark Munoz, who is slated to make his Octagon debut this Saturday vs. TUF 3 veteran Matt Hamill.

“We are in hopes that an agreement will come shortly,” Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. told KHTK. “We are working diligently on both sides to ensure an agreement that is beneficial to both parties.”

As soon as Faber’s new deal can be finalized, the path will then be clear for both he and Brown to sign bout agreements for the potential June title fight.

Faber will join me in studio tonight between 9-12 p.m. PT to address this story. You can listen locally in Sacramento on KHTK or online at

  • Angry Mike says:

    I’ll miss WEC’s free broadcasts, but ppv is necessary for WEC to flourish. It needs to generate more revenue, and that’s the obvious way to do it. It might improve the broadcasts, too. It can move past the two hour mark and avoid the network ads. And I really want to see the Faber/Brown re-match!

  • JOe K. says:

    I am happy this will be the case as of late the WEC has poorly paced their shows resulting in too many commercials and not enough fights.

    WEC 40
    48 minutes of pre-fight/post-fight stuff (including decisions that go to commercial breaks, next show hype and cage walkins/introductions)

    34 minutes of commercial breaks (From 8:32 to 9:32 there was 15 minutes of commercials and 12 minutes of hype, that means in 30 minutes we saw 3 minutes of fighting)

    They need to break the 2 hour mark in order to have an engag-able event. They also need to show more undercard fights because the lighter weights are already under-promoted as it is, so in order to build stars we have seen we really need to see them fight.

    Also, the fighters get paid $h!t so perhaps ppv will bump their pay grade significantly (they deserve it!).

    They used to be so good about getting enough fights in. I have no idea what happened.

  • obamasaidknockyouout says:

    I love the WEC, but they do not have enough talent to support ppv yet. In light of the economy, monthly UFC ppvs, and lack of depth in every division, this WEC venture into ppv will likely fail. They are moving in the right direction by bolstering the roster with new, very good fighters, but there is not enough stars yet. Outside of Urijah and Torres, most of the fighters are unknown to the casual fan.

    I am a hardcore mma fan and I would not buy a WEC ppv unless all the WEC champs were in against top competition. Just not the right time.

  • GetItOn says:

    Well one thing is for sure. I will help promote the PPV here locally and on Myspace. WEC is definitely the 2nd most exciting promotion to watch next to the UFC and certainly deserves to do well. Rarely is there a dull moment in the WEC.

  • wardog says:

    The WEC is great, but I doubt there would be a whole lot of PPV revenues generated. They need to take the organization on a tour to the northeast where their events would sell out easily (as we get no major MMA promotions here!). But the problem with the WEC is that they do not have a deep or well known roster. And they should just continue to promote it on cable, let it develop!.

  • paddiosf says:

    I dont see the WEC doing well for PPV, the timing isnt good and how will they stack the card, Faber/Brown isnt enough and not having Condit and the LHW its not enough for me and alot of people with tough enconomics going on in there lives to buy..Good Luck

  • Angry Mike says:

    The WEC will succeed with ppv if it’s priced correctly. If Zuffa assumes it can charge the same amount as a stacked UFC card, I don’t think it will go well. On the other hand, if Zuffa is willing to start with a lower number based on actual market research in order to preserve and build the WEC brand, I think ppv will work well. Using Faber/Brown as the main event is smart because that’s the fight that’s most likely to generate ppv buys. WEC will have to include other, comparable fights to generate enthusiasm. Another option would be to offer discounts on UFC and WEC ppv’s if purchased together as a package, although that might pose long term issues in the sense that fans might continue to expect or demand the discounts.

  • undrafted says:

    I’m realling falling for everything WEC lately but this has failure written all over it. The bulk of the loyal TV base are going to miss out on a relatively huge match. Maybe a small PPV buy number works for the WEC, we’ll see.

  • kidneybeans says:

    I won’t be paying for the WEC. I love the fights they put on and I’m very much a hardcore mma fan but the reality is I cannot spend anwhere near 100 dollars a month simply to watch mma. I don’t even have the money to buy all the ppv’s I want to see as it is. I work hard and have a pretty good job but I have other things that take priority; like food, and rent. My cable bill (which is bundled with my phone and internet) is $200 a month as it is, before any ppv’s.

    My advice to the WEC and Zuffa would be sign a better TV deal, get one of the networks on board. I know Dana is holding out for the right deal on that but why are we being punished for his failure to sign a decent broadcast deal. Hopefully people will take a stand on this one and quit letting Zuffa squeeze us all dry.

    Now you are all free to tell me why I’m an idiot and not a real fan.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t think you’re an idiot. Zuffa should pay attention to your points because they’re valid across the board. If the price for WEC ppv’s is too high, customers won’t buy, choosing to wait for UFC and other ppv’s. On the other hand, if the price is lower, say $25.00, more fans will go ahead and buy. If Zuffa has the right people on its staff, it should be able to calculate the amount that balances highest price with highest ppv buys. If they don’t have that capacity in house, they can hire an outside vendor to run the calculation for them. Maybe Zuffa’s already done all this, but I wonder. My gut tells me that $39.95 is too hight for WEC’s first ppv because of the poor economy, the fewer number of weight classes and fighters in the WEC and competition from its other brand, UFC. I guess we’ll see.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    $39.95 is outrageous! No foreplay, no kissing, Dana White just wants to @#$% us. The UFC pay per views are usually pretty stacked and I feel bad spending $45 bucks on that. They need to move the WEC to Spike and have fight nights, just like the UFC. I wouldn’t spend $40 on a WEC pay per view, I don’t care who’s fighting on it.

  • ultmma says:

    $39.95 when we are used to getting it for free on VS.? I don’t know.
    I personally won’t shell out for it.

    Plus if its in June that PPV is sandwiched between UFC 98, UFC 99 and UFC 100

    that’s a 135 dollars plus another 40 for the WEC

    I say bad move and too soon not enough WEC fighters with name recognition to carry a PPV in my opinion

  • aggmonster says:

    it is too much. To many ppv. they could easily put ufc and wec on one card


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