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Paul Kelly moving down to the UFC’s lightweight division

British fighter Paul Kelly, who was victorious over Troy Mandaloniz at last week’s UFC 95 event in England, has revealed to Setanta Sports that he now plans on dropping down to the UFC’s lightweight division.

Kelly who won a unanimous decision is known for being heavy handed but he feels as though his power will translate better if he fights at 155 pounds. The U.K. native has always had plans on making the move down to lightweight but wanted to wait until he signed a new contract with the UFC.

Kelly also wanted to end his run as a welterweight with a win but said that while the decision is up to the UFC regarding his move he feels as though it is the best decision for him. Fighting as a welterweight does not require him to cut any weight at this time and he doesn’t see any problems making the lightweight limit.

Kelly expressed that he felt his fight with Mandaloniz was exciting and felt that is he had lost his career with the UFC may have been in jeopardy. He calls fighting his lifestyle and he is only interested in putting on good fights.

He went on to say that he was able to win because of his heart and determination. Quinton Jackson, a teammate of Kelly’s the Wolfslair Academy, was in his corner shouting some very good advice. Kelly referred to Jackson as his “homeboy” and said that when he fights he feels as though his teammates are in the cage fighting with him.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    cool, im glad tellys is making the move down, hopefully paul taylor will follow suit, he could make the cut easily.

  • Jak says:

    This is great for Kelly, he wasn’t going to be big enough for the cardio machines in the WW division and his striking and fundamentals have improved exponentially. I could foresee some great matchups with guys like Griffin, Huerta, Fisher…


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