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Dan Hardy not afraid of Rory Markham’s punching power

In a new interview with, UFC welterweight prospect Dan Hardy has responded to recent comments by Rory Markham that questions Hardy’s punching power.

The two are set to square off on Saturday at UFC 95 at the O2 Arena in London, England in a bout that is scheduled to open Spike TV’s telecast of the event in the United States.

“He’s disrespected my punching power and I’m not really scared of his,” Hardy remarked. “I think he’s underestimating how hard I can punch and I think he’s going to be surprised.”

Hardy also seems unconcerned as to whether Markham’s comments are merely an attempt to bait him into a standup battle.

“Yes, possibly,” Hardy responded when asked if he felt Markham’s comments to the press were a ruse. “But if that’s what he’s looking for then that’s exactly what he’s got.”

Hardy, who was successful in his UFC debut at UFC 89 against Akihiro Gono this past October, also apparently isn’t worried about Markham’s ground game.

“I haven’t really seen too much of his wrestling,” said the U.K. native. “He really hasn’t demonstrated much of it. In fact, from what I have seen, there’s nothing I am too concerned about. He’s very good on the ground at surviving. He takes guard back and he does have that triangle that he keeps throwing up. Whether that’s successful against somebody that has some decent sub(mission) defense, I’m not sure. But it’s certainly not something that’s going to concern me.”

The entire interview is now available at by clicking here.


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