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Karo Parisyan to remain under temporary suspension

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer announced Tuesday that UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan will remain suspended until a formal hearing can be held in mid-March.

Parisyan was suspended following his bout at UFC 94 when his post fight urine test came back positive for pain killers Hyrdocodone, Oxycodone and Hydromorphone. The commission held a meeting yesterday afternoon in which Parisyan was present and came to the conclusion that they would be unable to conduct a full hearing at that time. NSAC determined that both sides would benefit from having more time to put their cases together.

Parisyan stated that he would welcome the opportunity to tell his side of the story when the hearing takes place sometime in March. Whatever punishment is deemed necessary would be recommended at that time. Parisyan told the commission that he was at fault and that he did not properly read the instructions they had given him. He has gone on record about his use of prescription drugs following what has been a difficult year in and out of the octagon.

Once the positive test came to light Parisyan told MMAWeekly that he had taken pain medication for a various assortment of injuries that he had sustained over the last three years. He was scheduled to fight Yoshiyuki Yoshida last August at UFC 88 but was forced to withdraw just one day before due to an injury to his sciatic nerve. He was also set to face then welterweight champion Matt Hughes in November of 2005 at UFC 56 for Hughes title but he tore is hamstring and was forced to withdraw from that bout as well.

What is at issue here is Parisyan’s failure to notify the commission of his use of painkillers before his fight at UFC 94. It was only at the post fight drug test that he told NSAC official Tony Lato that he had taken pain medication the night of the weigh-ins. Parisyan was quoted as saying he wasn’t even thinking about the pills and that he was only focused on his fight and about his bouts with anxiety that he had revealed late last year. He just wanted to get out there and fight and wasn’t focused on anything else including disclosing the medications that he had been taking.

Parisyan went on to say that once the fight was over his head was clear and after he had a chance to calm down he remembered to tell the officials about his prescriptions. He completely understand that is his fault. He further added that he planned on coming out and telling the whole truth to the commission in March and that he hoped it didn’t affect his upcoming fight with Josh Koshcheck at UFC 98.

  • king mah mah says:

    If he has a prescription for these meds, I really don’t see the big deal. It’s not like he was juicing or anything. Although if he did take the meds the night of the fight, then he wouldn’t feel as much pain as normal and that could be seen as an unfair advantage.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Rules are rules, but I don’t see how those meds would help him perform. I think they’re opiates, which usually depress the central nervous system. That would seem to hurt his performance, not enhance it.

  • Lord Faust says:

    “then he wouldn’t feel as much pain as normal and that could be seen as an unfair advantage.”

    I’d argue it’s a detriment to him. He could seriously injure himself and not know about it until well after the fact. Painkillers make you sluggish and kind of dissociated; maybe I am just reading to much into things but he sure seemed a little out to lunch in his last fight.

  • themyth says:

    let’s hope that he get’s suspended for life and he get’s “judo thrown” out of the UFC so we don’t have to see this overated boring fighter anymore – and please someone get him a mouth peice that did not come from the dollar store

  • wardog says:

    He is an idiot! Sorry this guy has more excuses than anyone in the UFC I think. Pain killers like this would lessen then pain perhaps during a fight, but if they were prescribed he should’ve notified the commission before hand (they ask questions like that). I do not know why Dana loves this guy, but I think he needs to go and get his head examined! And do it out of the UFC.

  • jay says:

    Hey themyth you’re a total idio lol! 1. lol every educating fan that knows something about MMA hopes that karo throws your sorry ass on your head and breaks your neck! 2. Lets hope MMA REJECTS like get educated before barking out of their ass Its karo that has been throwing people on their heads left and right back to their cages! lol 3. Dana knows talent when he sees one and karo is one of the most talented fighters in the UFC who the fuck does judo like him?? Who adopted judo in MMA without the gi??? Face it retards like some of you that never wore a glove in their lives can only bark behind their keyboard with all sorts of crap and nonesene!!And calling karo boring??? hahaha have you actually seen his fights his overall mmma resume?? Just 1 throw from him is 10 times exciting than watching any wrestler for 3 rounds lay and pray!! Facts speak louder… lol

  • jay says:

    lol haha Same with “wardog” you need a reality check… Dana loves karo YES karo is out spoken and straight forward he told them about the pain killers that he took for his TORN HAMSTRING lol.. that shit get’s you drowsy its not like he was on steroids like most of the fighters in the ufc! For example sherk STILL denied everything when he was busted for steroids!! Karo told them afterwards but still what kind of MORONS like the commisions don’t take other blood tests before the fights?? Its doesn’t make any fucking sense when he even had pescreption for one!! He’ll be back can’t wait for him to throw bitches on their heads again I was hoping he threw one of the commisions! LOL


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