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Nate Marquardt finds GSP greasing allegations ‘laughable’ recently had the chance to catch up with Greg Jackson-trained fighter and close friend to Georges St. Pierre, Nate Marquardt, to gather some of his feelings about this tornado of controversy surrounding the greasing scandal of UFC 94.

According to Marquardt, the whole thing has been blown drastically out of proportion and what it really boils down to is simple. Penn was beaten by the better fighter that night and his unwillingness to own up to it makes him look, in Marquardt’s eyes, weak.

“To me it’s completely ridiculous,” the former UFC middleweight title challenger said. “I think that it’s so ridiculous that it’s getting this much publicity.”

B.J. (Penn) is coming off as really, really weak the way he’s talking about this because it’s something that they caught, and they wiped his back. It was an honest mistake that one of the coaches made and they wiped his back off so that there was no grease on his back. For him to say that that’s the reason that he lost the fight, it’s just a really weak mindset.

“I used to really think a lot about B.J. but now he has definitely gone down in my head.”
Just days after the second meeting between St. Pierre and B.J. Penn, and just as the greasing controversy began to propel out of control, Jason “Mayhem” Miller went on the MMA Underground forums and posted a column that he had wrote many months prior to the scandal that was published by FIGHT! Magazine.

The timing and the content of the post makes it more than apparent that the mysterious slippery man that Miller had been referring to must have been none other than GSP in the pairs bout that took place at UFC 52 way back in 2005. The following is a portion of the article that was posted by Miller:

“This time an anonymous MEGA arena, in a mega city, in front of a mega crowd, in a mega show, for what was then mega money to me. The stakes are much higher this time, and I had done my best to prepare for this single fight, even going so far as to NOT have a wild sex party the night before the fight, so that I could improve my mental focus. After a rough first round, I met in the center for round 2 and somewhere got taken down. ‘No biggie, my guard is good, he won’t hurt me here, and maybe I can pull off the submission, get a Dumbass of the Night’ award or something. While locked in my tight guard, I noticed that for some reason I was have trouble keeping my opponent’s head down. I practiced shirtless with my great training partners, and never had this much trouble keeping a guy from punching me. Was this guy uber strong or something? No exactly. After a couple more stiff elbows to my grillpiece, I felt the familiar slick that I would get every day at kickboxing practice on my nose and eyes, only it was on my opponents neck, now up 2 rounds, Vaseline!

“Greasy bastard, I thought. Of course I yelled to the ref, ‘Hey! He is greased up!’ but much like anyone else watching me get pounded, he didn’t give a damn, and replied with ‘He’s ok!’ Followed by another smash to the face. Yeah, ok for HIM, but I’m taking a beating over here and can’t hold onto the bastard.

“Did I ever bitch about it afterward? Nope. Why? What’s the point? Would it put the toothpaste back in the tube? No. As far as everyone saw, I lost the fight, fair and square. Would it have made a difference if he wasn’t greased up? Maybe, but honestly probably not. He was the better man that night, plain and simple. He bent the rules, not broke them, and when you get away with it, it isn’t called cheating.”

Mayhem isn’t the only one claiming shenanigans against GSP and some of his coaching staff. Former welterweight champion Matt Hughes has tossed a little bit of gasoline into the flames as well recently with posts he put up on his blog just days after UFC 94:

“I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has mentioned it and, even in their first fight, I think B.J. said something. I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.”

Shortly after the previous post, Hughes made a second post responding to the reaction he had received from the first. In it, he doesn’t exactly take back any of what he had to say before. The bottom line, according to Hughes, is GSP felt greasy:

“I usually don’t do this, but I will this time. When I talk about a topic one week, it usually doesn’t get brought up again. I think a lot of people need to go back and reread last week’s blog, including GSP. At no point did I accuse Georges of putting grease on himself. All I said was that he felt slick. I’ve wrestled over a thousand matches, fought 50 opponents, all I’ve ever done in life is wrestle and compete with other people. With all that experience, do you think I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between sweat and something else?  Last week when I got to Florida, I was in the elevator with Robbie, I said ‘Robbie did you hear about GSP?’  He said, ‘No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I then said that B.J. accused him of being slippery, Robbie looked right up at me and said, ‘That’s what you said after Anaheim.’ Also, I’ve had several people close to me around my town who have come up to me and said the same thing. I’ve nothing against GSP, I even think he’s somewhat a likable guy. Some people are trying to say that I’m making this personal and that’s just not true at all. The reason I didn’t bring this up before was because I didn’t know there was anything to him being slick. With all the other guys coming out and saying the same thing, I just wanted to be true to myself, and to everybody else, and say that there could be some validity there. –matt”

Marquardt finds absolutely no validity in either fighter’s claims of foul play. According to him, the cheating allegations make it seem as if some of GSP’s previous opponents may be looking for an excuse, rather than admitting to being dominated by a superior athlete.

“That’s just funny,” laughed Marquardt. “It just makes them look really weak.”

“GSP, he beat both of those guys so bad. He just demolished those guys. All three of them, B.J., Matt Hughes and Mayhem. For them to come out now and say what they’re saying, it’s just really a low blow. It’s weak, it’s just laughable.

“They just all know that they could never be that good so they have to accuse him of cheating. It’s flattering in a way.”

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Nate point blank you need to STFU ! This is a issue that is documented and is on video. I doubt you would think it was ridiculous if someone was greased when you were pulling guard. Does it change the outcome of the fight ? We don’t know do we ?Weak ?? I dont think it’s weak when one of the top BJJ practitioners in the world has that element taken from him. This is the same as when a boxer has extra tape or plaster on his hands prior to putting the gloves on. This does not change the fact that he hit the opponent , he just hit him harder. The same with the grease, it doesnt stop someone from attempting moves it just makes it harder to defend. I would concentrate on Sonnen instead of brown-nosing GSP .

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Nate point blank you need to STFU ! This is a issue that is documented and is on video. I doubt you would think it was ridiculous if someone was greased when you were pulling guard. Does it change the outcome of the fight ? We don’t know do we ?Weak ?? I dont think it’s weak when one of the top BJJ practitioners in the world has that element taken from him. This is the same as when a boxer has extra tape or plaster on his hands prior to putting the gloves on. This does not change the fact that he hit the opponent , he just hit him harder. The same with the grease, it doesnt stop someone from attempting moves it just makes it harder to defend. I would concentrate on Wilson instead of brown-nosing GSP .

  • AK47 says:

    It initially seemed this was an isolated incident where a misunderstanding led to a (corrected) mistake. With the other fighters coming forward saying they experienced the same thing, you have to start believing there is something to these allegations. Sure, it doesn’t seem like it would affect the outcome of the fight much, but if that were the case why would he bother to do it? From where I see it, this puts a bit of a tarnish on GSP’s career to date.

  • fightfan says:

    Ego, ego, ego………In a world with highly skilled combat athletes, those with ego’s telling them that they are top notch and cant be beat, and if so beat, the results should be as close to going the other way, if anything. Therefore, their ego allows them to not being able to handle the fact that they got humiliated, severely outclassed, and thrown around like an amateur and given a beating they have NEVER taken in their ENTIRE career.

    So, how can they make themselves feel less humiliated??? By making remarks and slandering the opponent that beat them senseless. And doing this, years after the fact.

    The UFC has endless tapes and footage of GSP fights…..therefore the athletic commission has the same access to. SO if there really was any kind of evidnece that GSP needs some kind advantage in order to put a clinic on every top notch fight er he has faced in the past 5 years…..IT WILL HAVE, AND/OR become avaliable.

    Get over it. The large list of fighters overwhelmed by GSP and growing all are uniting together, WELL AFTER their fights, and coming out making these horseshit accusations, simply hoping that in numbers that can save some kind of face for teh beatings they took.

    People, losers that GSP has demolished in the past jsu something to make themselves feel better. If they ass beating they took at the time was because they thought GSP had some kind of advatange woudl of came out after EACH and EVERY fight……BUt did it, NO. ONLY after years and more and more peopel fall victim to the superiority thta is GSP.

  • the_ivory_fist says:

    hey im a canadian and a big gsp fan but how can you ignore the fact that FOUR guy that have fought him have come out SO FAR. u cant blindly just disregard them. buuuut the commision doent seem like they are going to take a win away so it doesnt really matter. all i have to say is where theres smoke, theres vasaline

  • cere says:

    One has to wonder why not one fighter has made these allegations public prior to fighting GSP. Especially those that fought him more than once and especially a guy like BJ who has no problems directly accusing or alluding misdeeds of his opponents prior to a fight. Penn made comments about GSP and steroid prior to UFC 94. If he was really concerned and really thought GSP was greased in their first fight and really had been told by Serra and Florian to watch grease, why the hell did he not state this publicly BEFORE the fight? At the very least he could have mentioned it to his many media contacts and asked not to be named. Just putting the accusation out in public BEFORE the fight would have been all it would take to guarantee it didn’t happen. But he didn’t make it public. Only after he was publicly beaten to the point not not now being able to remember rounds 3 and 4, did he make any mention of it.

    Having said all of that, the fact that multiple fighters are now claiming the same thing about GSP is troubling. Of course Florian denies it, and rightfully so, since he has never fought or trained with GSP and so would not be in a position to ‘warn’ Penn anymore than Randy Couture would warn Penn. If Penn really did warn the commission before the fight, that says much more than most of the rest of what he is spewing. Strange that the commission has not acknowledged being warned pre-fight.

  • Dr. Sardonicus says:

    So far, no proof of continual use of grease by GSP’s corner. The rules have changed and now only neutral cutmen can apply vaseline only to the face of a fighter if necessary. Cornermen are no longer allowed to handle vaseline.

    Hopefully, there will now be increased vigilance for any infraction of the new rule. If GSP’s performances continue to be stellar, he will outrun this current flap. But if there is a sudden change in the quality of his grappling, accusations from losing opponents will have to be taken more seriously.

  • forthehateofthegame says:

    Matt Hughes landed a submission on Hughes in the first fight. Was GSP greasy then?
    The 2nd fight GSP out struck him and almost KO’d him with a kick. Once again, was grease a factor?
    The 3rd fight was a complete destruction, Hughes offered no offense whatsoever. A folding chair wouldn’t have helped Hughes in that fight. Once again, grease=non factor.
    If GSp found some miracle way to sweat out vaseline , then all the power to him. How on earth could a guy continue to get away with this in front of numerous different regulators?
    I’ve had enough of this non issue.

  • kidneybeans says:

    Accusations and allegations. If someone has some real evidence other than “he felt slippery” maybe I can understand this debate but no one does. Maybe he’s just naturally slippery. Maybe he drinks baby oil and bacon grease so when he sweats that’s what comes out. And if that’s the case I will have to give him credit for some serious dedication to the sport. And maybe he bends the rules by greasing up before a fight, but none of us really know do we?

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Jason Miller, I just didn’t know what it was. Looks like I have a reason now.

    And for all those fighters bitching about GSP after getting destoyed by him I will give you the same advice Rick Storey gave Jake Ellenberger after dominating him, “get better.”

  • AK47 says:

    Cheating is cheating, it doesn’t matter if it helps you or hurts you. If you got caught in school cheating off another person’s paper that turned out to be wrong, you’d still be punished, it doesn’t matter that it didn’t help you.

    And really, does Matt Hughes have anything to gain by making this statement now? Does Mayhem? There’s no reason for them to lie about it.

  • BigDave says:

    Ok lets look at the sources these alligations are coming from. Matt Hughes who is notorious for being a dick. BJ Penn who does nothing but complain that everything is a conspearacy against him. These guys both got destroyed by GSP twice and are bitter about it. Hughes never brought it up before because it never happened. in the penn fight the commishion noticed the possable infraction and wiped him down.

  • cere says:

    “And really, does Matt Hughes have anything to gain by making this statement now? Does Mayhem? There’s no reason for them to lie about it.”

    Yes there is. The same reason Penn has…saving face. I am not saying they are lying. But there absolutely is reason for them to suddenly be making these statements. Once one person says it publicly, it is easier for others to get on board.

  • BobbyD says:

    To me BJ is making an excuse. If you guys recall the grease problem was between the 1st and 2nd round. So “if” he was greased up it was in the second round only. They caught the problem really fast and the corrected it for the final 2 rounds. Also, he had no “grease” in the first and BJ lost the first round too.

    If you really think about It, it actually helped BJ a lot more since they used towels to dry GSP up for the final 2 rounds. Why couldn’t BJ do anything then? According to BJ, if GSP was dry he could have done more. Well GSP was dry because the Nevada commission got towels to dry GPS up to make sure GSP was dry for the last 2 rounds. It should have help BJ alot. From what I recall BJ got his ass handed to him in the final 2 rounds when GSP why totally dry from any so called Grease including any Sweat.

    BJ is just making excuses. He making it sound like GSP was greasy the whole fight. If GSP was greasy it was only in the 2 and it was very very minimal. Not enough to make an excuse about. Yes I do agree that what GSP’s corner did was wrong and the corner man should be suspended or fined.

    One last thing. According to BJ, Kenny Florian text his camp and told him about GSP greasing up. If this was true why didn’t BJ’s camp say anything to the Nevada Commission? They could have warned them about the allegations and they could have kept an eye on GSP and his corner thru out the fight. It doesn’t make sense that they knew before hand (supposedly) but they didn’t say anything.

    Mosley’s (the boxer) camp said something about Margaritos (boxer) wrapping before the fight. Why didn’t BJ’s camp say anything? To me sounds like a lot of excuses from BJ because of an ASS kicking he got.

  • AK47 says:

    “Once one person says it publicly, it is easier for others to get on board.”

    I think this also supports the view that they are not lying. They were all afraid of the GSP faithful coming out and blindly bashing them for complaining about this in a loss (and for good reason, because that’s exactly what happened). What Keith Kizer did managed to lend credence to the accusations, and that’s probably the only reason they are coming out now.

  • cere says:

    Absolutely. Like I said, I am not saying they are lying. What I am saying, is that whether they are lying or not, it is easier for them to say it, once others have said it.

    I am a fan of BJ and believe he is fully justified to make a big deal about this, Especially if he was warned before hand. What I find odd is two things:
    1) Why not publicly mention it before the fight. This would add the pre-fight controversy he loves [i]and[/i] almost certainly prevent it from actually happening. Would he have mentioned it if he won the fight?
    2) When he says Florian warned him pre-fight, why wouldn’t he mention this when he first made the accusations. Instead, he mentions on Serra, who took a severe beating at the hands of GSP. Why not lend more credence by using Florian to back him up, right off the bat? Why does he not simply release a copy of the email/text from Kenny that he says his team received?

  • cere says:


    I agree with most of what you posted. But, as you say, if there was any grease on GSP it was in the second round. This was where Penn took a massive beating and he actually says it was so bad he does not even remember rounds 3 and 4. I watched the fight again recently. The 2nd round was where GSP first got BJ on the ground and BJ tried to use rubber guard to get a triangle on GSP’s shoulders/neck. I don’t think there was enough vaseline to make a difference, but if there was, this was the round that it would have most affected the fight.

    And BJ does claim his team mentioned the concern to the NSAC before the fight. The NSCA has not confirmed this at all. I find it odd that BJ did not, instead or in addition, make the allegations he had heard public. He had no qualms about mentioning GSP and steroids before the fight, so why not mention the allegations of grease?

  • Goomba says:

    I think it’s worth noting that Florian accused Huerta, a Greg Jackson fighter, of feeling slippery during the fight. And that was before all the GSP allegations.

  • mu_shin says:

    Interesting arguments, but most of what I’m reading is supposition, hearsay, and speculation fueled by hyperbole, fan bias, and professional jealousy.

    I’ve read too many posts concerning this “greasing issue”, and as far as I can determine, the officials at ringside, responding to concerns from BJ’s corner and witnesses to these events, entered the ring and wiped GSP down following the second, and every subsequent round.

    What I have not read or heard is any credible evidence that anything truly untoward occurred in the ring that night that might have affected the outcome of the fight. Witnesses reported seeing one of GSP’s cornermen touching his chest and back after applying Vaseline to his face. I watched the fight, I’m assuming all the guys commenting on this post watched it, and hundreds of thousands of other people watched it, and I know I didn’t see anyone rubbing gobs of Vaseline on St. Pierre’s body. Any one out there really going to seriously suggest that the negligible amount of Vaseline that might have been remaining on the cornerman’s fingers could have affected Penn’s ability to secure GSP in his guard to such an extent that the ultimate outcome of the fight was critically impacted? Granted, if a guy was coated in baby oil, it would obviously impede a grappling attack, a la a greased pig, but did any of you see that? I know I didn’t.

    What I saw was BJ Penn get overpowered, overwhelmed, and outmaneuvered in every aspect of the MMA game, from the opening seconds of the match until BJ declined to return to the cage for the fifth round. Beyond that, all this after-the-fact character assassination, all of the allegations of past infractions, all the heretofore unreported, unsubstantiated accusations by previous opponents, all of it adds up to nothing.

  • ZeeCanuck says:

    I love how people are forgetting that it was wiped off not to mention after it was wiped off the commission officer and the ref both said he was okay to fight. I think this is a load of crap and when people get their ass kicked this bad they need some kind of an excuse. Not to mention all the trash talking Penn did he must of been embarrassed, especially since he was going to “kill” gsp haha. Same with all the other fighters who are saying he was slippery, bunch of losers who can’t take a loss, no one likes to lose. GSP come out from his dressing room sweating. Of course he’s going to be slippery. I love penn but all this crap really makes him look like a little bitch.

    As for the warnings Penn got. If he really did I think he would of said something since he ran his mouth about everything BUT grease.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Considering that it’s only GSPs opponents — all of whom got absolutely out-classed — and none of his ex-training partners, the complaints should be taken with a grain of salt the size of a Ford pickup truck. If the complainants could be any more biased, we’d be in fantasy land. GSP has passed every drug test; was OK’ed by the commission to resume his fight with BJ; so far the facts — and governing bodies — are on GSP’s side. All those taking potshots at him have is hearsay and, in some cases, tertiary comments with no tangible proof.

    Basically the only thing people are saying is “I couldn’t hold onto him”. Well, damn, let’s just close the case right there; no way in Hell could solid technique and performance possibly make a difference. It had to be grease! Sure thing, and the dog ate your homework.

    This whole situation is a mix of sour grapes and a few wounded egos looking to group hug their way back into some confidence at someone else’s expense. Every fighter who comes out and attaches their name to this nonsense has lost a lot of respect from me. The proof’s not in the pudding, it’s in the tasting — gimme some proof to sink my teeth into, or STFU and get back in the gym and prove you’re the better man.

    Excuses are for children.

  • CMT says:

    Amen Lord Faust, Amen.


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