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WAMMA to Launch First-Ever Nationally Recognized Female Fighter Poll

The World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) announced Thursday that it will launch the first-ever nationally recognized rankings poll dedicate to female fighters.

The new female poll will tabulate top ten rankings in the 125, 135, and 145 pound weight classes.

WAMMA also conducts a monthly top ten rankings poll for male fighters that has been utilized to crown champions in the heavyweight and lightweight division. The association’s heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, successfully defended his title last month against former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski while Shinya Aoki won the then-vacant lightweight title in December against Eddie Alvarez during FEG’s Dynamite!!” event.

The male rankings is a media-only poll and will be conducted separately of the female poll, which will differ in that it will be an industry poll. As such fighters, managers, trainers, and promoters will be allowed to vote on a limited basis. According to a press release issued Thursday, fighters will be unable to vote for themselves nor will they be allowed to vote in the weight class in which they most recently competed in.

Additionally, WAMMA is claiming that pollsters will be subject to a vetting process in which their ballots are analyzed for any potential abnormalities that might exist due to a bias.

“We are sure that the decision to conduct an industry poll for our female rankings will raise some eyebrows,” began WAMMA Chief Operating Officer Michael Lynch. “However, after an exhaustive search, it was determined that while there are many knowledgeable experts on the field of female MMA, most of them have an industry affiliation. Much like the NFL allows its players to vote in its Pro Bowl selections, WAMMA has elected to follow a similar model. We’re going to allow the female fighting industry tell the world who its best fighters are.”

Serving as the chair for the new female poll is the founding owner and publisher of this web site, Sam Caplan contributing writer for Caplan also serves as the chair for WAMMA’s mens poll.

“WAMMA has billed itself as a fan and fighter-forward organization,” said Caplan. “There have been several calls to start a prominent women’s poll to help female fighters gain additional exposure. The decision to respond to those requests and start a monthly poll is proof that WAMMA is sincere in its statements about helping advance the growth of the sport.”

Jeff Osborne, promoter of the HOOKnSHOOT promotion and one of female MMA’s strongest advocates, along with Team Bison MMA trainer Mike Reilly, fighter-turned-writer Adam Baker of, and freelance MMA journalist Yael Grauer have already signed on as pollsters.

  • jj says:

    I hope this poll is geared more toward the Japanese female fighters. Out of all the female fights I’ve seen in North America there are only a handful of elite fighters…most of which have yet to be properly tested.

  • GetItOn says:

    properly tested? Please do tell what you mean and who you are talking about…..

  • mattman says:

    Who are they trying to fool with this move?

    This is a clear attempt to hope to get a women’s poll out there before the Carano vs. Santos fight can happen so that they can try and make that a WAMMA title fight.

    I think it was a bad business move for Affliction to ever allow WAMMA on board. Affliction should have created their own Affliction Heavyweight Championship Belt for Fedor to win. I mean you do a search on the internet right now for Fedor and almost every article refers to him now as the WAMMA Champion even though WAMMA means nothing and has no credibility.

    Affliction could be the name coming back in all those searches and being referenced all the time. All that would be helping their brand recognition. For a company that also has a clothing line by the same name they missed out on a good marketing strategy by doing that. Instead they are basically doing all the work and spending all their money promoting WAMMA and building the WAMMA brand while getting virtually nothing in return.

    I got hand it to WAMMA though creating a business model that forces other people to market their brand for them is genius.

    I wonder how Affliction will feel in the future after they have spent all that money promoting WAMMA and then WAMMA starts demanding sanctioning fees. I guess Affliction has to survive first but you can bet eventually WAMMA will start charging promotions sanctioning fees to have a WAMMA belt on the line just like sanctioning bodies do in boxing.

    I think these same guys that created this so-called sanctioning body called WAMMA tried to create the same thing in boxing and failed. Look it up though cause I could be wrong on that or better yet someone might ask them in an interview if they didn’t try this same thing in boxing and it failed.

    WAMMA says all this good stuff but in truth they are more interested in getting a piece of the money in MMA more so than what they can do to help the sport. Quit listening to their talking points and start looking at their actions. All their actions all point to one thing. They need to get those WAMMA belts on fighters so that they can sell the naming rights for them to make their money.

    Also WAMMA is supposed to be a fair and unbiased sanctioning body. I think that means they should be required to show full disclosure of all the financial aspects of the business to ensure that they are truly fair and unbiased. With the history of corruption for sanctioning bodies I think they need to be totally transparent to ensure to the MMA world that they are corruption free and releasing all their financial information would be a good start to that. I mean that is their mission and goal right to be fair and unbiased and corruption free. I’m sure if they mean that they would have no problem providing that information at all times to verify it.


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