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Penn claims Florian tipped him off about GSP’s “greasing”; Florian issues denial

In his first extensive interview since his fourth round TKO loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94, current UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn claimed that he was tipped off about St. Pierre’s alleged propensity towards “greasing” before and during fights.

During his hour-plus radio show carried on his personal web site,, Penn named names and claimed that it was number one lightweight title contender Kenny Florian who had warned the Penn camp leading up the the much-anticipated fight vs. St. Pierre.

“It’s surprising (Kenny Florian is) going to train with GSP (because) Kenny is the one who tipped me off GSP was greasing,” claimed Penn.

In response to Penn’s accusation, Florian’s camp issued an almost immediate denial via the fighter’s official web site,

“The last time Kenny communicated with B.J. Penn was before he fought Joe Stevenson at UFC 91, where they exchanged pleasantries,” the statement reads. “Kenny is thrilled to hear that he will have the opportunity to test himself against the world’s number one 155lber, UFC lightweight champion, B.J. Penn.”

The latter part of the statement was in response to Penn’s revelation that he’s currently involved in negotiations regarding a title defense vs. Florian for his next match.

“I’m in the negotiations to defend the lightweight title that’s what I’ll do,” Penn began, eliminating any notion that he might be retiring. “We’re going to fight the number one contender Kenny Florian. He’s been to Hilo to train with me. I’m surprised to hear him say he wants to kill me (but) it’s business and we got to fight.”

While Penn is preparing for Florian, that didn’t stop him from continue to stump for a third fight with St. Pierre.

“I’ll take an immediate rematch with Georges,” he said. “It’s in Dana’s hands. He’s got a company to run and he’s not trying to lose money. Dana will stay out and let the commission do their investigation.”

During the interview, Penn also addressed reports that claimed he had “quit on his stool” against St. Pierre following the fourth round. According to Penn, it was his boxing coach who made the decision to stop the fight.

  • Bear says:

    My goodness this guy is got some serious head problems. He is going to get destroyed by Florian just for the sake of not being able to get GSP out of his head.

    I think Penn is the one that needs a sports psychologist. Lose more and more respect for Penn as a person the more he opens his mouth. Had about enough of this guy.

    Clearly cheering for Florian against Penn. I always liked BJ as a fighter but this is really REALLY tarnishing him.

  • MMASwami says:

    I don’t believe Penn when he says that Florian told him. He is just trying to get in Florian’s head as early as possible.

  • cere says:

    This is just getting sad. I believed him when his camp claimed Serra warned them that GSP might be greasing, since Serra had fought GSP (whether the claim is true or not). But for him to make this claim just makes him look like his is an idiot. Florian has not fought GSP or trained with him. So, how then would he know some secrets about GSP that other did not? Why would he know any more about this, other than speculation, than say Randy or Tito or anyone else? This just makes no sense. Even if Florian did send the email, which it doesn’t appear that he did, why would BJ take it as having any value considering Florian had no reason to know? This make BJ look really pathetic and I am generally a fan of his.

  • Ft. Dub says:

    Pathetic is the only word to describe this. Pathetic attitude also explains why Penn hasn’t gotten any better since the first GSP fight. When you always believe that the problem isn’t you, you never think you need to improve.

    What a waste of talent.

  • BigDave says:

    Is it me or have i been saying for months that Penn is a fucking crybaby. He is the worst type of person in this sport. A guy that is so arrogant that he cant accept the fact that there are better fighters out there then he is. As for the new claims about Kenflo they are not true. its obvious Penn is grasping at straws trying to find anyone that will support him. Now I know this wont happen but if Dana White knows whats good for the reputation of the UFC he will immedeatly strip Penn of the LW title and fire him, although it wounldnt happen cause BJ has danas balls in his mouth. So BJ have fun getting beat by KenFlo and then getting KTFO in the threepeat against GSP.

  • JeffR says:

    I have to disagree with all of you. This is classic BJ. He’s already hyping the next fight. I personally love what he’s doing from a PR standpoint. He’s willing to play the villain and wants to hype his fights for bigger paydays. He’s been doing it for years, and now, because he lost definitively, everyone wants to hate on him for it. If you liked him in the past, you should like him now….only real difference is that now he’s a bigger star, so he’s more scrutinized. Love him or hate, this is BJ.

  • mindone says:

    BJ has an ego to the point of insanity

    get over it dude. you were beaten

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Interesting point, JeffR, we have to have been deluding ourselves if we thought we were getting BJ without the ‘Barnum – Showman’ aspect.
    I wonder if the dealbreaker is that his record will obviously be negatively impacted by another fight with GSP. In a similar fashion, Randy Couture’s overall MMA record looks like it will be roughly paralleled by BJ’s when all is said and done, yet I (personally) find Couture a more likable guy to root for.
    Where I applaud Couture’s seeming willingness to fight anyone, he seems to come across as genuinely liking the strategy of the fight and the idea of the physicality of finding out if you’re better than the other guy.
    Penn’s “showmanship” just irritates me and seems to overshadow the “true” competitive nature (as I’m biased to see it) of other fighters.

    So much of the fight game is subjective – results and records notwithstanding. We like who we root for, we dislike who we “boo” for.

    Finally, I can’t see trying to dress up that pig of a fight BJ put on with GSP. BJ got beat down, even if he doesn’t know it or won’t see it, it’s not good for a guy’s health to take a beating like that.

  • Scorp7872 says:

    BJ is just scared because Florian is now training with GSP. He is trying to cause an argument so GSP won’t help Florian train, so transparent it’s funny. BJ you lost, face it GSP beat you……

  • Cathedron says:

    That’s a little bit of a low blow from BJ, but I can’t see anyone taking him seriously at this point. I can just see Florian and GSP shaking their heads and laughing about it while BJ sits there laughing maniacally to himself thinking his comment is causing all kinds of tension between the two. Clearly, he’s worried about Florian. And he should be. Florian has been showing some fantastic gameplans lately and his skills just keep improving. BJ doesn’t seem like he gameplans very well. If he isn’t at his best mentally (which could be tough after such a huge loss), Florian just might out-wit him and get his belt.

  • perfecto says:

    Penn needs to be medicated. Who the hell knows what his dumb ass is doing saying off the wall comments like that. But all this talk is what he wants to hang on a little while he can until he loses his belt to Florian and he is done. I know being a big mouth doesnt make you a star though.

    If Dana lets lets him fight GSP again he is dumb.

  • CMT says:

    Kenny is going to smash BJ. I am tired of hearing this guy complain. I used to have a lot respect for BJ, but now I have lost it. BJ’s time is over. He can go back to playing in the surf and hang with his lying bro.

  • s00nertp says:

    Interesting idea that BJ Penn is playing at being “the bad guy”. I generally like BJ, but this whole thing has only left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I also dont really like when fighters say they are going to “kill” another guy, something about that just doesnt sit well. Kick their butt & stuff like that, sure.

  • GetItOn says:

    Marketing at it’s best!

  • dualdiagnosis says:

    Funny thing is, BJ told the commission ahead of time that GSP might be greasing. Lo and behold, we got greasing in GSP’s corner, live and in color.

    Penn says other fighters talked about it, waddayaknow- Matt Hughes, Mayhem Miller, Sean Sherk and Matt Serra all seem to back that up.

    BJ says Kenny gave him a heads up- everyone jumps on BJ Penn.

    Go figure.

  • cere says:

    dualdiagnosis: Well, BJ’s camp certainly claims they told the commission before the fight, but the commission has not confirmed this. If BJ really had the concern prior to the fight, wouldn’t BJ have commented on it publicly before the fight? He had no problem alluding to possible steroid usage, so why the reluctance to mention the allegations of grease? Certainly, if he had mentioned it before the fight, there would have such close scrutiny by everyone, there would be almost not chance of it occurring. But, if there was no real concern before the fight, that would be the best reason not to mention it, in fact it would be the only reason, given than he had no problem discussing steroids and GSP before the fight.

    As far as the other fighters, yes, Hughes and Mayhem have said GSP felt greasy. I haven’t read anywhere that Serra has stated this, except that BJ says he did. BJ also says Florian told him this. Florian denies this, so yes, people will jump on BJ. Emails and texts are easy to save, so why wouldn’t BJ just post the text/email that he received?

  • dualdiagnosis says:


    From the letter sent from BJ’s lawyer-

    “Because of Mr. Penn’s prior experience and information provided to him before his participation in the Bout, a member of Mr. Penn’s team informed Commission members prior to the Bout of the possibility of GSP being ‘greased up’ during the Bout or engaging in activities that may cause him to be/become slippery during the Bout,” states the letter.
    While the letter does not say so directly, there is language in the next sentence and a subsequent paragraph that could suggest that Penn’s camp expected a greater degree of protection from NSAC.

    In a seperate news article before this letter was made public, Kizer stated that the commission was given a heads up before the fight. Even so, they were still stunned to see it happen between the 1st and 2nd rounds, nobody was able to get to GSP in time to wipe him off then, they were only able to start to attempt the wiping starting between the 2nd and 3rd round. GSP went into the second round against BJ greased.

    What happened in the second round? BJ on his back attempting high guard, slipping off and then taking shots to his thoracic cage.

    “While this discussion occurred, Mr. Penn and his team believed that the Commission would be on heightened alert to guard against such illegal activities and would take every precaution to ensure Mr. Penn’s safety and a fair and proper contest… Not withstanding these comments, it is clear that the Commission’s obligations to ensure and guard against such corruption and unfair advantage were severly compromised as people openly witnessed the improper application of an illegal substance over the neck, shoulders, and back of GSP the critical areas of Mr. Penn’s strategy to impose his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submission skills and techniques during the Bout.”

    The letter goes on to add that Penn voiced complaints while the bout was taking place.

    “Additionally, during the Bout, statements were made that GSP was ‘too slippery’ and that Mr. Penn could not grab or hold GSP because of ‘how slippery’ he was during the Bout.”

  • mu_shin says:

    “In a seperate news article before this letter was made public, Kizer stated that the commission was given a heads up before the fight.”

    I can not find any independent verification that this statement is true. I can’t find any mention of anyone outside BJ Penn’s camp talking about this issue anywhere before the fight. If there is a news article out there where Kizer makes the above statement, I can’t find it.

    dualdiagnosis? cere? where is the news article, and where and when did it appear?

  • cere says:

    dualdiagnosis and mu_shin:
    I have been searching for any such article that verifies that the commission did acknowledge being warned prior to the fight. I have not been able to find any such articles, other that ones that quote BJ’s team or their letter to the commission.

    I completely agree, that if GSP was greasing, it appears that he was not wiped down after round one, which might have given him an advantage in round 2, which is the round that Penn took a severe beating and was the only round where Penn tried to get his legs around GSP’s neck and shoulders.

    Like I said, I know Penn’s camp says they were warned pre-fight and passed this warning to the commission prefight, but have unable to find anywhere that the commission confirms this. Without that, I have no reason to believe that it is true. And if it is not true, it takes a lot of credence away from Penn’s claims. I certainly have not read anywhere that directly quotes Kizer or even paraphrases him as stating that the commission was given a pre-fight heads up.


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