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Jon Koppenhaver responds to recent arrest and comments about Barack Obama

A somewhat contrite and apologetic Jon Koppenhaver — better known as War Machine — has posted a new blog on his MySpace page following last weekend’s arrest in Las Vegas.

War Machine, who has lost jobs with both the UFC and Bellator Fighting Championships because of his outlandish behavior and outrageous comments, spoke about some of the things that have gotten him into hot water recently.

After posting a message stating his desire to see someone put a bullet into President Barack Obama, Koppenhaver responded to the backlash his comments caused.

“First, I need to admit that my comment regarding Obama was completely out of line,” Koppenhaver wrote. “In all sincerity I do not wish any harm done to the President and I realize that it was a very stupid thing to write so I am publicly apologizing to the President and to his supporters.”

Koppenhaver blamed his behavior on some bad advice given to him in the beginning of his career. He was told that being controversial would enhance his marketability as a fighter. While this has been true for such fighters as Tito Ortiz, you never heard Tito calling for the president to be shot.

As far as his comments regarding Disney and Bellator, Koppenhaver said he doesn’t blame them for his dismissal.

“You can’t imagine the frustration of training day after day, week after week, year after year, to do one thing: FIGHT,” said Koppenhaver. “I was really looking forward to showcasing my ability in that tournament. There’s no way for you to imagine the heart break I felt when I found out that I wasn’t going to be able to compete. Looking back now, I realize that if I ran an up and coming professional organization like Bellator, I wouldn’t want my event associated with a “wild card” posting crazy shit about the President either. I understand why they did what they did. I admit that. I’m still pissed that I can’t compete in the tournament, but there is no one I can be pissed at other than MYSELF.”

Last but not least, Koppenhaver explains the events surrounding his arrest at an alternative nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday night. He claimed he was not there as a patron but as an employee. According to Koppenhaver, what happened was a complete misunderstanding and he is confident that he will be exonerated when it’s all said and done.

He concluded his post by stating he has moved back to Vegas and begun training at Xtreme Couture.

“A month ago I moved back to Las Vegas to take advantage of the training partners and resources at Xtreme Couture and I have been training harder and with more intensity and discipline than at any point in my life,” he wrote. “I only have one real goal in my MMA career: to prove to myself and to the world that I am the best. I know that I can compete against the best in the world and I can beat them. All over the underground people are saying that my career is finished, that I’m self-destructing, and that I’m a “loose cannon.” What I have to say to those people is this: WATCH ME. I am one of the hardest working fighters in MMA today. Though I admit I’ve made a couple of dumb decisions, I want the world to know that I will prove every critic wrong. I’ll fight wherever I can, and I’ll prove that I belong at the very top. I thank my supporters for sticking by me, and I dare my haters to bet against me.”

It sounds as though someone has finally gotten into Koppenhaver’s ear and told him to cut the nonsense out if he has any plans on becoming gainfully employed in the near future.

Up until this latest blog, Koppenhaver claimed to be a free spirit and that no one could shut him up — not even the $250,000 prize being offered by Bellator to the winner of its welterweight tournament.

Is it too late for him? Only time will tell. I am all for second chances but seems to me he has already used his second chance up.

  • jj says:

    I doubt he’ll be fighting “the best in the world” seeing as the best only fight in credible organizations–any of which wouldn’t let this guy clean their toilets or polish their spit buckets after the reputation he’s made for himself.

    I couldn’t be happier that idiots like this get shunned from good MMA promotions.

    At least he realized his stupidity, here I was thinking that the next story on War Machine was going to be about him beating himself up while pouring sugar in his car’s gas tank.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Doesn’t matter whether he apologized. The Secret Service might still drop by for a chat about threats to the President. Dummy might even find himself on a “do not fly” list, or pulled out of every security check at airports for additional searches.

  • CMT says:

    I think this is what Was Machine (yes Was) is trying to say:

    I got arrested and I have no money. I have been booted by the top MMA organization and by an up and coming organization. I moved back to Las Vegas because I needed a place to stay. I am writing this apology because I need some money and fighting in the local shows won’t pay my legal fees. Please accept my attempt at a sincere apology, but not really. I did this because I need money and don’t want to have the feds breathing down my back. Please believe me, I need money.

    Was Machine – I was rooting for you on TUF. You let down a lot of fans and yourself. I don’t like to see anyone fail, so try again. I hope you get your head straight.

  • MrBFreak says:

    Thats the problem with War Machine, his advice wasnt bad, being controversal is good for a career but YOU HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH something before you start… I hope he never gets another chance to fight, good ridance…

  • the_ivory_fist says:

    steps for athlete to apologize sincerly:
    step one hire writer to write heartfelt appology
    step two, issue said apology
    step three sit back and bask in your pity

  • alkinsolgar says:

    lol yeah, this apology feels a little too cerebral for War Machine but I feel like his past outlandish behavior was just an act that got way out of control. I think there’s some truth to that persona of his but it was just so way over the top.

    The last paragraph of the article sums it up pretty good imo, is it simply too late for him? I think so. After everything said and done, act or not, I don’t wanna see him in the spotlight of a major organization anymore, not that I was very enthusiastic about seeing him there anyway:P

  • roidsnvaletudo says:

    Angry Mike is right on. With this administration I’m surprised he hasn’t had the SS on his ass. A better question is why such a fighter as “War Machine” is getting press at all. At this point bad press is good press for this guys dieing career

  • TerribleT says:

    So what who cares! Enough of this loser already! His 15 minutes is up and frankly it was 14:59.99 minutes longer than it should’ve been :-(

  • kidneybeans says:

    “I dare my haters to bet against me.”

    Challenge accepted: Anyone want to bet that this guy never has a meaningful match again?

  • ctownhood says:

    Hey War…if you ever fight again..I have $20 on whoever your opponent is. I should clarify, this does not include beating people up outside your gym…it has to be a sanctioned MMA fight.

  • sampson says:

    My 2 cents is that hes probably half trying to get outta hot water and half is that when your facing time it can put things in perspective and clear your head even if you are a loose cannon or whatever you want to call it.However i do not think anyone should be taking anything away from him as a fighter.HE EARNED THAT. Theres no easy way to become a successful pro fighter.Will he fight for the ufc again?Doubtful especially being that the ufc isnt hurting for good fighters in any weight class especially welter weight.Will a top notch organization take him right now prob not especially since he prob has some time to do.Could he work his way back in the spotlight to a certain extent and after awhile get with a good organization outside the ufc?I think yes.If he goes on a good winning streak, cleans up his act .All im saying is dont underestimate the heart of a warrior wich hes proven to have.Weather hes got issues outside the cage or not.He is a very talented fighter and is with a great gym with extreme couture.After some time goes by and if he continues to put wins and ko,s on his record he could be back on the map easy.People forget quick.When fighting outside the ufc itll be hard to get many shots at guys who will be in top 10 contension.I just want to makes a point that fighting outside the ufc and fighting guys who are top 20 in the worlds hardly makes you a nobody.It just meens your prob not asmuch of a celebrity.In closing it think odds are he wont have the same success he might have had if he hadnt had these problems but to say hes done as a fighter and he wont have success at all isnt accurate in my opinion.Not aslong as his heart is still in it


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