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Mayhem Miller set to come out of retirement on March 28 against Kala Kolohe

Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s retirement from MMA was short lived, as former ICON Sport promoter T. Jay Thompson has issued a press release that he will be starting a new Hawaiian-based MMA promotion to be known as Kingdom MMA.

Miller will be headlining Kingdom MMA’s inaugural show at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu on March 28 against former ICON Sport middleweight champion Kala “Kolohe” Hose.

“I have already been having dreams of fighting Mr. Miller,” Kolohe is quoted as saying in a press release. “He was a great champion. But he gained his fame from the Hawaiian fans and then turned his back on us. He better be ready for a war… Hawaiian style!”

Miller apparently didn’t take too kindly to the accusation by Hose.

“Did he really say that about me? Does he remember how I dismantled the other Hawaiian fighters when they put me down,” Miller asked rhetorically. “Maybe he should talk to Egan Inoue or Ron Jhun or Niko Vitale or Mark Moreno? He wants to make me out to be the bad guy? Fine. Bring it Kala.”

Miller, 21-6, is known as being one of the most charismatic fighters in the sport. He has been idle since losing to Ronald “Jacare” Souza during DREAM’s middlweight Grand Prix this past June. The 28-year old announced his retirement soon after but the revelation was met with great skepticism.

Hose, 7-2, last competed in August during ICON’s “Hard Times” event. Matched up against Rolando Dominique, Hose recorded a TKO victory at 1:05 of round 2.

Tickets for the March 28 event will go on-sale on February 21 at the Blaisdell Box office, and all other Ticketmaster locations. Prices will range from $15 to $150.

Bryan Levick contributed to this report.

  • goodguy says:

    Miller is great. I love his attitude towards fighting. I remember seeing him getting his ass handed too him in a fight and he was smiling the whole time. I knew that his retirement was a “boxing” retirement and not an “I’m through competing in this sport” retirement.

  • Rich S. says:



    I knew he’d come around!

    Not only is Mayhem back, but this is a great match-up too!

  • antone3x7 says:

    Cool bananas, I’m definitely going to this event! It’s been awhile since the last big MMA show in Hawaii. Any coverage you’d want me to help out on?


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