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Kimbo Slice gains a fan in Strikeforce’s Scott Coker but loses one in Bas Rutten

Whether or not Kimbo Slice will be fighting for Strikeforce is not the only question on the former EliteXC fighter’s mind at this moment.

In an interview conducted with AOL’s MMA Fanhouse this past Monday, Bas Rutten revealed that Slice is no longer under his tutelage.

Rutten who was the only credible association that Slice had with true MMA fans said that he no longer would train Slice because of certain things that he had asked Slice to avoid. Rutten would not go into detail into what those issues were but he made it perfectly clear to Kimbo even before his last bout with EliteXC.

Rutten states that he talked to Slice about certain things that he did not like and Kimbo had made a promise that he would not repeat the same mistakes again. Rutten warned him that if he did he would be out and apparently Slice was unable to keep his word and has now lost what was once a huge supporter and great man to have in his corner.

Bas said that Kimbo showed great potential when he first started to train him and he saw a good future for the famed YouTube street brawler. Rutten went on to say that he has not spoken to Slice since his upset loss to Seth Petruzelli back in October of last year. Rutten said he put a lot of time and effort into training Kimbo and has a message for all of those who said he only did it for the money: he lost money training Kimbo.

With all the time he dedicated to getting Kimbo ready for his fights he was forced to turn down commentating jobs. He said he was paid $5,000 to train him and the training was done over several weeks with another trainer. He made it clear it was never about the money, so much so that he would not train him again even for a million dollars.

He still has contact with Kimbo’s manager who he said he had high regard for. Rutten stated that he wished he had a dedicated manager like that back when he was fighting. He claims that once something is broke he can’t go back to it and has closed the door on his relationship with Kimbo for good.

As far as Kimbo fighting for Strikeforce is concerned that door was left open by Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker who said that Kimbo’s contract was one of 42 that was purchased by his organization last week. Although there has not been any communication between Kimbo’s camp and Strikeforce management Kimbo’s manager “Icy” Mike Imber said they’d be willing to work something out.

Kimbo was paid a disclosed $500,000 (rumor has it that he received as much as $750,000) in his 14 second knockout loss to Petrezulli and would be forced to take a pretty severe pay cut if he wants to fight with Strikeforce. Strikeforce hasn’t gotten this far by spending hordes of many on any single fighter.

Coker said this about Kimbo in an interview on Sherdog Radio: “Picture a guy that has some street fighting capabilities that seems like he can punch pretty good, but put him in an MMA situation,” said Coker. “He’s not a journeyman fighter, he’s not a superstar in MMA –- he’s just learning. He got thrown into the spotlight at a high level where there’s a lot of pressure to perform, but he probably needed 10 to 12 fights under his belt before he took that leap.”

Coker put the fault on Kimbo’s downfall on the EliteXC executives who promoted him as the next big thing. He went on to say that Kimbo should not be blamed for being put in a ‘no win’ situation.

Ferguson had significant drawing power as he helped deliver some outstanding ratings when CBS made him the face of their Saturday Night Fights fight series. In fact, his fight with James Thompson which aired on May 31 drew nearly 7.3 million viewers to the network.

What happens with Kimbo next is probably up to him. If he decides that he can deal with a pay cut and being relegated to the preliminary portion of Strikeforce’s cards then there will certainly be a home for him. And if not, there’s always Japan.

  • Madmax says:

    Wonder what Kimbo did to get Bas so pissed. Must’ve crapped on him pretty good. We’ll probably hear his side soon. I dont think we’ll see him in SF. “”He’s A Starrr” and wont want to fight for what he’s really worth or on the undercard of a small show. The Downfall continues…………………………………………..

  • I can’t say for sure but I know Kimbo liked to smoke. Maybe Bas didn’t feel like he was fully committed to training when he was getting high and he had enough.

  • VENOM says:

    Good for Bas! There’s no need for him to train a fighter who’s not 100% commited to becoming a great fighter.

  • meatloaf says:

    Kimbo is better off with Coker as a friend than Rutten.
    Bas IMO was an overrated fighter and is an overrated trainer who’s more concerned with protecting his image as an mma legend and all around bad ass than actually being a serious mma trainer or even a serious mma commentator now.
    Bas turned his back on Mark Kerr when things went bad and now it seems he did the same with Kimbo.
    A little off topic, but what’s funny to me is how now the “newer mma fans” look at Ken Shamrock as a joke who needs to retire and thinks of Bas Rutten as a Bad Ass who was this great fighter and when the two fought Ken was clearly the better fighter and beat Bas twice. It’s interesting to see how a period of time has diminished Ken’s accomplishments because he kept fighting in his older years and in some ways by Bas not fighting it’s enhanced his legacy as a fighter.

  • Cathedron says:

    Bas is proof why you need to bow out a little early rather than keep pushing yourself past your prime.

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing Kimbo bumped down a few notches (for the good of MMA, of course). He’s an amature fighter who wasn’t ready to turn pro. If he wants to be a serious fighter, he needs to swallow his pride and listen to Coker (and go to a modern gym). Otherwise, freakshow time in Japan.

  • mu_shin says:

    meatloaf: your last comment is well founded. Newer fans only know Ken Shamrock has lost 8 of his last 10 fights, and didn’t see him in his heyday. I don’t think Ken has done himself or his legacy any favors by continuing to fight and lose, but I’ve recently read some of his comments, which show me Ken is cognizant of his place in the history of the sport, as well as his current status. He acknowledges he’s not the fighter he was, but asks why he should retire if he still enjoys fighting, and if fans are willing to pay to watch him fight. Good questions.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I still smell a Kimbo Slice vs. Hong Man Choi fight sometime this year.

  • CMT says:

    I am scouting talent for an up and coming MMA production company. We will be having tryouts later this summer. We are looking for new talent. There are only two requirements; you must have some background in fighting and you must bring a covered dish. I will supply the beer and meat. We will also have entertainment. We are currently trying to book Grammy nominee and You Tube sensation the singer of “Chocolate Rain”. By the way, this was a joke like Kimbo’s pro career.

  • BigDave says:

    Kimbo Fuckin Slice?

    First off the fake name is just fucking stupid i mean what the hell is a kimbo slice?
    Secondly the guy is a shit fighter with ABSOLUTELY no skill and as we saw not much of a chin. He is just a wanna be thug. Isnt he also 38 years old?

    So please lets not ever talk about this loser again.

  • kokondo says:

    “meatloaf ” – Bas is overrated? Really? You are entitled to your opinion. It’s clear to me that Bas is the more intelligent of he and Ken by hanging up the gloves, health, reputation and career-wise. Bas has a long future due to his credibility. Shamrock is destroying his creditibilty with “newer” fans with every loss.


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