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Derek Downey released by UFC after one fight

For talented kickboxer Derek Downey, his UFC debut will go down as a bittersweet memory.

After getting the short notice call to step in for Amir Sadollah against Nick Catone at this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 17, Downey has been released by the promotion after just one fight.

Sources close to Downey informed of the news on Monday night.

Downey got the call to the Octagon after compiling a three fight win streak that included a notable win over season five veteran of The Ultimate Fighter, Brandon Melendez.

The 28-year old middleweight was 10-3 heading into the bout and had compiled the majority of his wins due to his strong striking skills. However, Catone was able to use his standout wrestling skills to take Downey off his feet and was able to secure a keylock submission at 1:15 of round 2.

Downey joins Rich Clementi and Luigi Fioravanti as fighters dropped from the UFC roster following losses at UFN 17.

  • Dayzah says:

    Wow they are really going all out , the guy steps in and helps out on short notice then they fire you lol ..

    The fighters once had too worry about losing 3 in a row , now its 2 or even 1 for some .. Why even bring these guys into the cage at all? If you only need 1 fight too see if they suck , watch one of their you tubes .. If they are just cans then get better ones =(

  • getstonered says:

    @Dayzah – Totally agree.

    Can’t believe they’d drop Derek after taking a fight on two weeks notice.

    At least give him a chance with one fight under his belt against real UFC competition.

    Totally bogus.

  • benkordus says:

    luigi always looked out of shape to me..that doesnt mean i dont think he is a good fighter, im just saying he could have done more.

    clementi..that sucks, he always brings it.

    and now this guy? I always had a suspicion that they brought guys into lose. maybe im on to something eh?



  • GetItOn says:

    They bring guys in to see if they may be the next big thing. Sometimes they pick the right guys, sometimes they don’t.

  • ace328 says:

    Downey didn’t look very good in the clinch or on the ground. They probably told him to get more experience. I’m sure he will be signed again if he improves his weaknesses.

  • kidneybeans says:

    Ok, but don’t you think it would’ve been nice to let him have a fight in the UFC where he could have a real training camp? Seems to me he could’ve looked much better had he been given more time to prepare.

    I’m sure he was told when he signed that if he lost there was a good chance he wouldn’t be back so I don’t have a lot of sympathy for him but it’s still a little shady.

    I just think guys should at least be given a chance to show their true abilities before you cut them loose. They were only paying him $3000, surely they could afford that to give him a chance with a full training camp.


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