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Thompson vs. Bosse Main Event Causes Near Riot at Titans Fighting

Montreal, Quebec (Canada) – A riot nearly ensued at the inaugural Titans Fighting card Friday night at Mel’s Studio in Montreal, Quebec. The melee was narrowly avoided as controversy arose at the culmination of the heavyweight main event tilt between James Thompson and Steve Bosse. Thompson immediately went for a takedown and successfully dropped Bosse on his back. But this development caused widespread confusion in the live crowd.

Up until the weigh-ins held one day prior to the Feb. 6 card, modified kickboxing rules were in effect with no ground and pound permitted. The rules were changed to regular mixed martial arts rules, but the fighters had reportedly agreed to keep the action standing to respect one another’s preparation heading into the event.

Despite all the changes made to the card, fans were not informed, which caused mass confusion once the action spilled to the ground.

Every fight of the night remained standing with no attempt at ground and pound until the Thompson vs. Bosse featured bout.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Referee Yves Lavigne circled the two fighters on the ground and fans responded with heavy boos in support of hometown hero Bosse. Fans were under the assumption that the fight needed to be stood up.

Moments later, a plethora of cans and bottles came flying into the ring with the action being stopped immediately. One fan even threw his steel chair into the ring, which nearly hit both Lavigne and Thompson.

Bosse was irate at the development and attempted to throw a can at Thompson, but he missed. Both fighters were then separately escorted backstage.

The capacity crowd of approximately 1,200 expected the fight to be restarted several minutes later. But to their dismay, it was declared a no contest.

Additional police were called to the venue to ensure the fuming MMA fans would not continue to protest the decision outside.

To protect fighter safety amidst all the disappointed fans, all media was escorted from the building and post-fight reactions from Bosse, Thompson, Lavigne and promoter Stephane Patry were unattainable.

Initially called Strikebox, the promotion’s name was changed two days prior to the event due to trademark issues, possibly related to its similarity to California’s Strikeforce promotion.

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  • meatloaf says:

    Bosse ia an ex-hockey player so I’m sure it was a bunch of drunk hockey fans who went nuts.
    The crowd was also volatile when Bosse fought Wes Sims but since Sims sucks and Bosse won the place didn’t explode.

  • dpk says:

    MMA rules or kickboxing matches, don’t change it up.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Pissing drunk fans, “modified kickboxing rules”, and James Thompson as the headliner? Quebec must be a boring place. Even curling, table tennis, or re-runs of “Love Boat” would have been as interesting.


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