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Clay Guida wants a fight with Sean Sherk

Coming off his decision victory over Nate Diaz at UFC 94, Clay Guida is looking forward to getting back into the Octagon. He already knows the guy he would like to fight next. Guida hopes his next opponent is former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk.

“Sherk is a monster,” Guida said. “Let’s see if he can stop my takedowns.”

Since losing the lightweight title to B.J. Penn, Sherk rebounded with a victory over Tyson Griffin. Sherk is next slated to square off with Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 on May 23.

A win over Sherk would certainly help Guida move up the UFC lightweight rankings. Even though Sherk had his share of problems outside of the Octagon, Guida is still a fan of the former champ.

“Sean’s always someone that I’ve looked up to in his performances,” Guida said. “What happens out of the cage is his business.”

For Guida to get the fight with Sherk, he would likely have to win one more match-up. If both Sherk and Guida are successful in their next matches, a fight between the two skilled wrestlers is very possible.

  • Voridor says:

    If Sherk wins against Edgar, he will probably fight the winner of Penn/Florian. Unless the UFC throws a wrench into the mix and screws Sherk and gives Diego a title shot with a win against Stevenson. I think Guida would probably be matched against Diego before Sherk.

  • monsoon says:

    That might really be what they call “boring”…

  • Munchy says:

    I love the carpenter but I am not sure if he is ready for Sherk yet, as boring as I think Sherk is, he is one of the top lightweights in the division, I wonder if both their wrestling skills would essientally negate one anothers and this would turn into a stand up battle.

    I hope the carpenter continues his success becasue he is fun to watch and an all around character, If someone is llistening make a Clay Guida T shirt , it would remind me of the ultimate warriors tshirt back in my WWF days

  • Smokes says:

    Guida is absolutely out of his mind to be calling Sherk out. He had an unimpressive performance against the smaller Nate Diaz, what makes him think he could control a monster like Sherk let alone try to finish him. Sherk has looked amazing since coming back and I don’t think anyone could argue it. His stand up in his fight against Penn looked really crisp and fast and although he lost I was still very impressed with him in that fight. His fight against Tyson was even better and pretty exciting imo. After Sherk beats down Edgar he should get the fight who he asked for, they should give him Diego.

  • persian_prince says:

    Haha, now everybody wants a piece of cry baby aka. “quitter” bj penn. I don’t believe he will ever be the same fighter again, gsp devoured his soul. you just wait and see 😉

  • Austin says:

    persian_prince, get back on your rug, and fly the fuck out of here. He lost. GSP won. Now get back to masturbating to your GSP nipple tweak poster.
    GSP shouldn’t have fans like you, but unfortunately he does. You make us all look bad.

  • M B says:

    Clay is my favorite fighter in the UFC. His cardio is the best in the UFC, and his takedowns are awesome as well. But, he needs to work on his stand-up a little bit more. Either way, send the man some more fights and quick!

  • kingtcb says:

    Seriously drop the Penn vs Pierre fight already like Austin said get the fuck over it. This is about clay and sherk if I read the title correctly. Anyway I think a fight between clay and Edgar would be much better of a match up then either one of them vs sherk. I’m a huge Edgar fan and trained with him back in his rhino days but I don’t think he or clay is ready for sherk but I will be rooting for that upset

  • Jordan says:

    i dont see that bein a good match up for guida…….sherk would stop his takedowns and kill guida standing

  • persian_prince says:

    chill out austin, i used to be a bj fan too, before his recent behavior that is! nevertheless my comment had nothing to do with this article, my bad. i had several articles and blogs open and posted on the wrong forum. any mod feel free to remove it as it does not related to this article 😀

  • Josh says:

    persian… when you say you used to be a bj fan, what turned you off ? The giving part ?

  • Jay K. says:

    The fight with Diaz really removed the shine off of Guida’s game. With 2:30 left in the third round Guida humps Diaz’s leg and I knew the round was essentially over. While having done nothing but his leg humping routine the entire fight Guida would come out the winner of this one. Guida lost me as a fan with his lack of or non existing stand up skills.

    I realize Xtreme Couture or Greg Jackson require serious money to join, but can’t somebody pony up funds to send the Carpenter to either of these camps?

    Seriously, if he ever evolves into a standup fighter, he’ll have me back as a fan of his.

    Jay K.

  • Tattool says:

    [0um o/;stgdvr juye th,ijluio.klhg;bum rvg;serho;rvgsero;ho;gr

    Oh sorry…I fell asleep on my keyboard while picturing this match-up.

  • HexRei says:

    Three rounds of hugging and lay n pray- woohoo.

  • JDamico23 says:

    duh dum dum…a zinger from josh

  • john says:

    i tired of this lay and pray lay and pray is when u lay there and dont try 2 improve ur position sherk never lays there doing nothing he is always trying 2 get 2 side control or mount so whoever says he lays and prays needs 2 watch his fights again cause he is always doing work

  • Echolocating says:

    “Sherk is a monster,” Guida said. “Let’s see if he can stop my takedowns.”

    Everybody seems to think Guida is exciting to watch, but I haven’t seen anything other than takedowns in his arsenal (along with awesome cardio). It’s like once he takes someone down, he gets confused and moves around so much that he let’s his opponent get up only to attempt another takedown again. This isn’t jazzercising. I want to see Guida go for the kill.

    I like Guida, but his fights are starting to get very predictable… and eventually predictability leads to boredom.


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