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Andrei Arlovski signs with Golden Boy Promotions

Sources have informed that Andrei Arlovski has signed an agreement with Golden Boy Promotions.

Full details of the deal are not known at this time, but Arlovski had been rumored to enter the boxing world since early in 2008. Recently, trainer Freddie Roach confirmed that Arlovski was going to start boxing following the fight with Fedor Emelianenko. At the time, Roach stated that he wanted to Arlovski to challenge WBA heavyweight champion Nikolay Valuev.

News of the signing with Golden Boy signals that Arlovski’s entry into boxing is more than just rumor and is now expected to become reality.

Arlovski, a former UFC heavyweight champion, challenged Emelianenko for the WAMMA heavyweight title last month during Affliction M-1’sDay of Reckoning” event in Anaheim, Calif. After winning much of the first round, Arlovski was knocked out by a right cross delivered Fedor while attempting to finish the former PRIDE champion with a flying knee.

A native of Belarus, Arlovski is 14-6 in a pro MMA career that dates back to 1999. He holds notable wins in his career over Roman Zentsov, Ian Freeman, the late Justin Eilers, Paul Buentello, Tim Sylvia, former IFL light heavyweight champion Vladimir Matyushenko, Fabricio Werdum, Ben Rothwell, and former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson.

  • 45 Huddle says:

    GB was likely hoping that he would be Fedor, and then they could have the “Best MMA Fighter” competing for a boxing Title.

    Fedor in a way, saved the credibility of the sport.

  • dan says:

    no doubt he has great boxing. but if fedor knocked him out so could valuev and the klitchko’s. would love to see david haye v arlovski though!

  • john says:

    well atleast in boxing he couldn’t try to pull of a horribly timed flying knee.

  • Let’s not put Valuev and Vladimir in the same sentence. Arlovski’s biggest problem will be his chin and his lack of patience.

  • Noah says:

    Hey Dan, I can see what you’re saying about Arlovski’s chin, but the thing you have to remember is the size of the gloves. I’m no expert, but I’ll bet a person can take a much bigger punch in boxing without getting knocked out. Also, don’t forget that Klitchko (Wlad) was knocked out by Corey Sanders.

    Athleticism and quickness go a lot further in boxing, which Arlovski has plenty of. I guess we’ll see.

  • Joey says:

    boxing gloves are pretty hard and the force of the punch is going to be greater coming from a boxing stance, if you have a weak jaw and get caught on it its not going to matter what size the gloves are. You are going to get knocked out by a boxer. The only difference is with the bigger gloves you have to be slightly more accurate to hit the jaw cleanly. Hes in trouble, but the Klitchko’s jab jab jab a lot, they might not knock him out.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I have a feeling this will end badly for AA.

  • JohnnyRev says:

    Hey Joey what have you been smoking man ??? Boxing gloves are harder than mma gloves, are you kidding me ??? MMA gloves range from 4-5 ounces where as boxing is 10-12 ounces. Dude please think about something before you post it. There has been countless times that boxer have stated that the mma gloves are far more dangerous than boxing

  • jj says:

    Boxing gloves are designed moreso to protect the hands of the striker, not the face of the receiver. They don’t soften the blow as much as you would think. That having been said, keep in mind that you can actually block punches with boxing gloves too.

    “Recently, trainer Freddie Roach confirmed that Arlovski was going to start boxing following the fight with Fedor Emelianenko.”

    I think the quote above went more along the lines of Freddy Roach saying “After we knock Fedor out we will be challenging for the world title.” lol

    What an insult to every boxer trying to climb the ranks, not to mention that Roach would be a fool to throw Arlovski in the deep end when he has zero pro boxing fights, especially after what happened in his last fight.

    In the end we will find out if Dana was right or wrong for not allowing the UFC fighters like Anderson Silva and Arlovski to try their skills in other sports.

  • Ozzie says:

    Arlovski won’t be going into the deep end. Guys with no records getting title shots only happens in MMA. Even if GoldenBoy wanted it that way I don’t think they have that kind of pull with any of the sanctioning bodies. I’m sure AA will be brought up in similar fashion to most prospects these days .. a dozen fights against cans, then cherry pick his way to a title shot. If he gets at Valuev he could very well do something, that freak stinks and was almost decisioned by Oldyfield on his home turf.

    Also it is no insult to boxing because outside of the Klits heavyweight is a stank ass, boring division.

  • Bradical says:

    1st of all…boxing gloves are 16 oz. Second. . .Andrei needs to stay where he belongs, and that’s MMA. I admire crossing the road to boxing, but he’ll take a lot more head hits. In MMA not every hit is to the head & 12 rounds of punches to the face will test Andrei’s chin w/o a doubt. However, this will sadden me & I will see no more gr8 fights and ass whoopins that he can deliver in MMA that can’t be duplicated in boxing. Good luck Andrei! But plz stay in MMA

  • mu_shin says:

    bradical: assess your facts. Pros fight with gloves either 8 or 10 ounces, depending on the state regulations and level of competition. Olympic gloves are ten ounces. Yes, there are 16 ounce gloves, which you’ll see in toughman contests and low level amateur fights, but they’re usually used in sparring. Bigger heavier glove means slower punches, equals less force at impact, hence less chance of injury. (f=ma, force equals mass times acceleration. More mass means less acceleration, translating to less force)

    Arlovski has to deal with one incontrovertible fact. You can train hard, learn the skills of the sweet science, and improve strength and conditioning through hard work and dedication. You can get better at maintaining orientation with experience after absorbing a heavy shot, keeping your wits about you while continuing to defend yourself. What no fighter in any discipline can do through any act of will, is strengthen a weak chin. Once that neurological switch is thrown, it’s lights out, and a fighter susceptible to knockout becomes demonstrably more so after repeated concussions.

    Andre may have good skills in the standup, and may even make inroads against inferior competition in the boxing ring, but the first time he faces a strong heavyweight of even moderate skill, he’ll end up staring up into the lights above the ring, from the canvas. That is unless he falls as he did against Fedor, face down…


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